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ID 785053

Peter Orrick

Accomplished in aligning biz needs w/ improved processes and in providing valuable biz insight through adv. business and data analysis. Big 4, Fortune 50.

ID 862947

David Allbrook

ID 767302

Owen Lamb

Geo Data, Python, ETL, Analytics

ID 748144

Adam Profitt

ID 346909

Sabrinna Soldavini

Recent Economics Graduate and Data Analyst

ID 212168

Steven Kapturowski

Software engineer and data scientist originally educated in aerospace engineering and theoretical astrophsics. I solve hard problems.

ID 380171

Edward Svirsky

Very experienced Software Engineer. Skilled in many different languages and techs. Projects ranging from Web Dev to Machine Learning. Very Entrepreneurial.

ID 686897

Lexie Christiansen

Recent graduate of the Daniels College of Business with a major in International Business. Work experience in project management and financial data analysis.

ID 384038

Blake Arensdorf

Data Scientist. Analytics @ Datalogix.

ID 533838

Jeremy Schendel

Data Analyst, Mathematician

ID 98643

Daniel Glauser

Software architect/developer specializing in Machine Learning, big data and modern languages like Clojure. I make great ideas work.

ID 656256

Alexander Iliev

ID 699454

Yizhe Xu

Data analyst, R user, Economics and business background

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