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ID 40906

Frederic Jean

Worked at @sun-microsystems, @bounce-io • Studied at @ambassador-university * I make the mail flow @bounce-io.

ID 48084

Matthew Harris

Founder @patheer • Studied at @boston-university • Big Data Enthusiast

ID 408900

Frank Miller


Serial entrepreneur. Two previous startups were acquired. I dig the hardware/software interface and HTML5

ID 227424

Danny Pier

Husband, dog lover, mountain adventurer, beer drinker, developer. Making mobile awesomeness at @roximity. 2011 HackStar in @techstars Boulder. Pants.

ID 129911

Chris Ennis


Starter / Builder

ID 126206

Owen Sims

ID 28727

Tim Segraves

Co-Founder @revaluate, Previously founded and @weatherhop • Worked at @sendgrid, @active-network-1 • Studied at University of Kansas

ID 138124

Tristan Burch

Founder 1Record, Lead platform engineer at Mobiplug Networks. Previously helped build and Farecast (acquired by Microsoft - now Bing Travel).

ID 85192

Kaspars Dancis

Product Manager @fullcontact. Previously co-founder/CEO @cobook, CTO @conseros-software

ID 63857

Barry Owen

CTO/Co-Founder at @iguidepro, CTO at ReadyPortal. CTO/CTO/Founder at RedDog Software. VPE Lightspeed, VPE Wego Systems. Engineering Director Adobe

ID 29034

Brandon West

Full stack developer. Experienced hacker with product focused skills including design and UI experience. Honing my hustle skills as dev evangelist for SendGrid.

ID 77448

John Minnihan

Co-founder of @modernrepo Highly technical, deep devops experience. I've designed + implemented systems that manage over 2 billion LOC.

ID 61152

Martin May


Founder at @forkly, Founder at @brightkite (acquired). @techstars 2007. BusinessWeek Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs (2009). BS CompSci, University of Aberdeen

ID 212168

Steven Kapturowski

Software engineer and data scientist originally educated in aerospace engineering and theoretical astrophsics. I solve hard problems.

ID 118416

Curtis Floth

Web & Front End Developer with UX & Design Experience. I help companies design and build engaging and effective interactions for web and mobile.

ID 173266

Christopher Klein

Founder @rachio @slinggit • Worked at @intellireal • Studied at @ohio-state-university, @university-of-denver

ID 279251

Greg Knaddison

Worked at @card-com-1-1, @card-com • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 218377

Darrell Banks

Founder Kapsl • Worked at @openlogic, @markit-on-demand • Studied at @seminole-state-college-of-florida

ID 533838

Jeremy Schendel

Data Analyst, Mathematician

ID 27256

Jorge Tellez

Ruby / Ruby on Rails Developer.

ID 128999

Dan Lynn


Co-Founder of @fullcontact. Strong technical background. Solved integration problems for several Fortune 500 companies.

ID 295997

David East

Code junkie and web development addict.

ID 267403

Jaxon Repp

Streaming media expert, skillset ranges from senior developer to CEO, sales, and building it if I have to.

ID 452961

Justin Gitlin

Co-founder of @ello & @mode-set. Award-winning creative coder, game/mobile/UI developer, multimedia artist and musician. Holds a double major from DU.

ID 98643

Daniel Glauser

Software architect/developer specializing in Machine Learning, big data and modern languages like Clojure. I make great ideas work.

ID 232583

Travis Harrington

Mom & Pop ISP's -> Enterprise systems -> Government Contractor -> Startups

ID 85866

John Feustel

Dev Lead at @brightnest.

ID 241556

Christian B.

Founder @briefcase • Worked at @tubemogul, @adknowledge, @lightbridge-inc-2 @electronic-arts  @pandora Avid poker player & loving Dad

ID 143795

Dave Smith

Worked at @basho-technologies, @jabber, @ping-identity-corporation • Studied at University of West Florida

ID 617199

Nicholas Krut

I'm a software engineer, innovator and entrepreneur. I love creating new things and finding new and creative ways to solve the world's problems.

ID 212502

Brennan Gilbert

Design Director at @gospotcheck, BFA from @colorado-state-university-1. Strong web & design background, focus on UI Design.

ID 69122

aaron hendrick

Founder and CEO of @flowh. Past: Senior/Lead dev at events company, lead dev/art director at media company, and dev at 2 other startups. Studied CS and Design.

ID 493073

Sawyer Waugh

UPenn CS & Engineering Entrepreneurship

ID 120845

Carm Huntress

Strategic leader with over 15 years experience in early stage start-up companies. Specializing in developing solutions for big data problems.

ID 33168

Alejandro Vasquez

Software Engineer. I need challenges

ID 382582

Jay Zeschin

Co-founder and director at Mode Set. Agile-focused lead engineer and technical architect for early-stage companies and major brands. Northwestern alum.

ID 211829

Kārlis Lauva

Worked at @cobook

ID 487132

Michael Rose

Sr. Platform Engineer, BigData/Hadoop/Storm bit-herder, building distributed & scalable systems on the JVM for @fullcontact Coffee addict & beer aficionado.

ID 113429

Tim Skaggs

@cannabuild & @brewerbox. Ex-Dev at @kloudless.

ID 440701


Full stack developer at @gospotcheck

ID 258372

Will Hitchcock

Lover of interface design and development, partner at Camp Four Creative in Boulder, CO. Cofounder of Worked at GroupTie and Rosetta.

ID 107377

Levi Cook

Founder, CTO at @supportlocal.

ID 97597

Dave Hecker

Pres. Sagewing LLC. Experienced tech lead, focused on agile/rapid development for startups.

ID 69969

Cid Dennis

Team member of @dealpepper.

ID 510798

Daniel Nevius

Co-Founder of Pushtribe • Worked at @boston-consulting-group, White House OMB, @harvard-university University • Studied at @harvard-university, @university-of-cambridge

ID 287844

Jon Lind

Generalist with passion for mobile and web; have top-to-bottom built high volume customer-facing sites and infrastructure for several startups.

ID 364481

Jeremy Dowdall

Builder of things; connector of things. I like to cut metal, but mostly I write software... mostly. Still working on my reverse penhold backhand.

ID 286797

Brian Claridge

Dad. Husband. Gamer. Coder.

ID 467319

Jerrod Bunce

CEO of btcQuick - Developer & Bitcoin enthusiast

ID 170699

Lance Ennen

ID 433369

Alex McClary

Technology @outdoors-io • Former @vail-resorts • @colorado-state-university-1

ID 26119

Kevin Survance

CEO at Eleos, CTO of Technology Development, @american-express. Massive-scale systems, top-grade recruiting, and product strategy.

ID 60957

Jeff Schell

Founder, @michigan-rural-healthcare-preservation & PURPLE Book Healthcare Attorney, IL & MI Northwestern: MA Medical Informatics, BS Engineering/Economics

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 3623

Justin Smestad

ID 188636

Andrew Z Allen

Sick and tired of building simple CRUD apps that claim to be the next big thing. TechStars Boulder 2011 alum.

ID 117585

Jordan Perr

EE/CS Student. Currently working on 1st funded startup. Speak all programming languages fluently.

ID 108407

Phil Maher


ID 107378

Cory LaNou

Instructor at @gschool, Former CIO of @supportlocal. Former CIO of @locallaunch - sold to RH Donnelley in 2006. @google best product award. 200,000 units sold.

ID 105340

John Stark


ID 44695

Devin Powell

UI/UX Developer, Founder @fandio, IUB SoIC Graduate

ID 336916

Darrell Brogdon

Entrepreneurial software engineer, web and mobile developer, helped build and Second Life.

ID 250543

Antonio Perrone

Worked at @c9-inc, @oracle-corporation, @phase-forward • Studied at @bentley-university

ID 81034

Betsy Kimak

Webby Award Nom. Interactive Producer - Executive Digital Strategist - Creative Technologist. Associate Member, IADAS; Digital Chair, Art Directors Club Denver.

ID 488635

Emily Sayrs

Recent grad from CU Boulder; Aspiring Web Developer; Working for Grooveshark, and Serve.

ID 521291

Frank Conry

Experienced Applications Developer with Business and Math Background.

ID 194258

Ryan Whitnah

Ruby on Rails Developer @pivotdesk • Technical co-founder @savorly

ID 151070

Mark Ferguson

Founding engineer of @amplitude-software (with Tim Carlin). Founded and sold two tech-related businesses

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/ on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 42567

Matt Ruocco

Full stack technology enthusiast

ID 237355

Robyn Hansen

Based in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Orange Collar Media (OCM) is a certified Gold Magento Solution Partner. What does that mean? It means that OCM has a track record of exceeding expectations and meeting deadlines in its eCommerce and website development

ID 394559

Robert Tarrall

DevOps Engineer, worked at SendGrid

ID 153930

Dylan Fitzgerald

NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE - Builder; tinkerer; generalist, from electronics design up to web apps and everything in between. 10% of lifetime in rural West Africa.

ID 134609

Cheryl Hornbaker

25 years of software development; strong database as well as UI and middle tier

ID 97123

Scott Jensen

Systems Architect and Business Development; behind-the-scenes wizard making it all work.

ID 328419


Entrepreneur with coding and algorithm skills. Looking for funded start ups.

ID 103705

Adam Bialek

CTO - SurgeryLink, previously built technology team at iTriage - one of the world's most popular mobile medical apps.

ID 635309

Todd Branchflower

Asst Prof of Computer Engineering @united-states-air-force-academy. Studied @stanford-university. Embedded systems, web dev, computing generalist.

ID 190392

Peter Mills

Founder @my-dealer-service • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-wilmington

ID 671013

Roy McFarland

Full Stack Web Developer, Lawyer, Co-Founder @ Brightacre Law

ID 90525

Rob Lund

I absolutely love programming. I enjoy Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and PHP. Wide range of experience. Startups to Enterprise.

ID 559686

Shayan Dhanani

Developer, Engineer, Travel Enthusiast.

ID 160514

Aiko Cheslin

ID 326085

Ryan B Smith

Founder of ConferenceEdge (technical founder) & eoMedia Group. Serial Entrepreneur with strong technical, strategic & startup background.

ID 342911

Steven Magelowitz

CU Boulder Grad, consulting at Google, alumni of gSchool, garnering experience in TDD, Pair Programming and Ruby on Rails. Currently a Software Engineer at IBM.

ID 46052

Nick Lamb

Co-Founder @jotstory • Web Developer at Revel Software • BS Computer Science @university-of-colorado-boulder Boulder

ID 616489

Joshua Rubin

Passionate engineer with deep experience developing and leading projects for scalable web-apps, APIs, databases, back-end and client side libraries.

ID 169852

Brian Temple

Building apps people love.

ID 747636

Mike Barinek

VP Eng, Pivotal Labs Boulder, Denver, Chicago. System Architect, Gnip. Success building great teams and products.

ID 551271

A. Grant Sherrick

Experienced software engineer. Currently working in C++/Java and developing Django/Jquery/Node.JS/Objective C for fun.

ID 217448


I enjoy solving new and interesting problems. Currently working at a marketing/ad start up in NYC.

ID 343210

Paul Konkel

20 years leading tech, data, and process initiatives at start-up to global scale: CIO-ServiceSource and ESM Solutions, Director-Experian, Founder-Truelogic

ID 204907

Michael Lockwitz

developer, hackathoner, caffinator, organizer, entrepreneur

ID 462874

Charlie Hulcher

Hackathon Hacker, Web Development, UMD Electrical Eng. Undergrad

ID 89226

JP Barela

Health actuary focusing on regulatory issues, wellness and diseases management, and technology

ID 483011

Cyndi Naumann

Software QA Engineer for 18 years, including Startup companies from their inception, web applications, mobile apps, medical software, medical devices

ID 858304

brad scharmann

Full stack developer, recent grad from gSchool at Galvanize. Lover of all things technology and eternal learner.

ID 763184

Savannah Worth

Creative Writer and Programmer at gSchool Denver!

ID 380171

Edward Svirsky

Very experienced Software Engineer. Skilled in many different languages and techs. Projects ranging from Web Dev to Machine Learning. Very Entrepreneurial.

ID 431943

Andy Nguyen

Currently attending gSchool Boulder, expected completion is March. Junior Graduate from Davinci Coders

ID 721488

Ian Douglas

Sr Web Architect/Engineer at SendGrid, API developer, scalability architect, startup mentor. Python/GoLang are my favorites. Ruby hacker. Google fanboy.

ID 200223

Christopher Blair Preston

With more than 20 years of experience, Chris Preston offers software development, design, and architecture services on a consultancy basis.

ID 458474

Nicole Baumgart

I.T. Manager Mac OS X Expert 6 YRS Exp. I get tech / I get people

ID 134763

Gagan Annamreddy

Technology Enthusiast.

ID 463487

Tim White

Current master's candidate at DU for Information and Communications Technology, focus on Mobile Application Development

ID 252618

Ryan Hill

Systems analyst and full-stack application developer.

ID 634959

Balaji Bachu Nataraju

Indiana University Bloomington, CS graduate looking for software development jobs; Worked at Atos Origin, CG Visions

ID 169688

[email protected]


ID 79626

Andrew Murray

Weather geek, web designer, photographer, traveler and avid outdoorsy person currently working for @findOpenSnow and paying rent in Boulder, Colorado.

ID 426950

Subodh Gupta

Studied at @columbia-college, 16 years experience enterprise level software development, Developed web & iPad applications that are payment industry focused.

ID 311916

Katie Macias

Aspiring developer looking to make an impact by having full stack exposure at a startup. Previously worked as a software engineer during college.

ID 117071

Wil Moore III

Full-Stack Developer w/ Back-End, Devops, and Front-End chops. Good eye for aesthetics. Successfully lead teams; happy to follow for the greater good as well.

ID 650840

Jeff Brunson

Rails Developer • Worked at @jpmorgan-chase, @wells-fargo • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 318519

Jason Pierce

I create tools and build automated solutions so clients can collect, transform, model, and visualize critical data. In my 15 years of experience, I have worked with 120 clients from startups to Fortune 100.

ID 470789

Connor Pearson

Computer Science student at the University of Denver

ID 322181

Adam Clarke

Rails and Javascript developer

ID 330129

Scott Clark

William and Mary CS, taught myself Ruby on Rails, built my blog using Jekyll, and currently learning as much as I can about RoR and the full stack.

ID 246121

Erik Van Lankvelt

Works at @supportlocal • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 521851

Marc W

Manhattan based open source software developer and hired gun for PHP/Python on the web with a multidimensional skill set to allow my employers to succeed.

ID 763135

Ashley Clarke

Full stack dev, gSchool student, beer drinker, dog lover, Denver native

ID 32242

Eric Fowler

Founder Indexed I/O & @hot-lunch-online Experienced web application developer with an emphasis in UX, Java, PHP, C++, Javascript and CSS.

ID 626623

Eric Kenney

Engineer turned web developer. Built test automation scripts on the GPS program at Raytheon. Ruby on Rails and JavaScript aficionado.

ID 596731

Matt Self

Software Engineer and Architect with over 15 years experience building large scale software intensive systems using a wide variety of languages and technologies

ID 579455

Ian Price

UNC Chapel Hill Economics major, Computer Science and History minors - Interested in software development and its role in entrepreneurship.

ID 290602

Philip Woo

Developer; Rails plus a whole lot of Javascript

ID 490929

Trevor Smith

Software Developer and Idea Man

ID 407898

Josh Patsey

Founder @brick-n-ivy • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 763013

Layne McNish

Graduating Student at gSchool, Full Stack Web Developer, and Musician.

ID 406390

AP Burnes

Creator of maps. Open data and visualization enthusiast.

ID 215998

Luke Holmboe

Front End Dev'er, Ad-Ops Manager, UI/UX'er, 15 year Startuper, Aspiring Angel Investor.

ID 787594

Adam Legg

Former Professional Poker Player and Travel enthusiast transitioning into Web Development.

ID 199739

Brent Yoder

ID 495630

Travis Gershon

Founder @cirrusidea-llc, @paradigm Motion, LLC, Worked at Skydex Technologies, @sierra-nevada-corp MEng & BS ME @university-of-colorado-denver

ID 154707

Carlos Henrique Cano

Worked at one of largest private university in Brazil and now working as researcher in US (mainly with python and R programming)

ID 327828

Shane Rogers

gSchool Graduate, RoR, Backbone, iOS developer with UI/UX prototyping experience

ID 215601

Mark Torluemke

ID 579061

Eric Heilig

Leader in Proposing Innovative Solutions Based on Client’s Business & Technology Goals

ID 599070

Joshil Singh

Colorado School of Mines CS bachelors

ID 113852

Chris Crosby

Director of Strategic Development Sports and Entertainment

ID 262879


Early-stage R&D in renewable energy. Led modeling analysis group at Abengoa Solar including technical lead on energy storage and power cycle projects.

ID 253372

Grant Davis

Multi-talented developer with a background in design and animation. Worked for Fortune 500 companies such as The North Face, Oakley, Audi and Motorola.

ID 734115

Mark Mulrooney

Talented embedded software engineer with six years of experience in multiple industries including telecommunication, marine, auto and consulting.

ID 187897


Founder @affordablewebsitesdenver-com • Worked at @palm-beach-state-college-1, @whitney-information-network • Studied at @old-dominion-university

ID 704101

Daniel Barry

Full Microsoft stack engineer

ID 636311

Brian Hartz

Full Stack Javascript, Angular to Node. GIS background

ID 629426

Thi D. Mai

BS graduate of George Mason University; Programmer; Web Developer; Problem Solver; Seeking career in the IT field.

ID 276407

Kyle Dunn

Experienced computer systems and electric power systems professional.

ID 19991

Kyle Weiss

Co-Founder of insideGOOD | @microsoft and Agile certified | Technical by nature.

ID 143418

Shawn Kercher

Worked at @comcast, @recondo-technology and @local-matters

ID 145457

Stephen Niedzielski

Android dev @ MapQuest, gamer, embedded programmer, & GNU / Linux CLI lover. Engineer @ Nintendo, Qualcomm, Samsung, VendScreen, & Newisys. BSCE alum @ DigiPen.

ID 287352

Levi Watts

BS in Computer Information Systems from DeVry Westminster

ID 860852

James Harman

ID 384038

Blake Arensdorf

Data Scientist. Analytics @ Datalogix.

ID 612302

Ryan Roemmich

I've spent my career as a full-stack developer (since before the term existed!). I feel that my strength lies in back-end systems and services.

ID 346501

Matt Versteeg


ID 424400

Micah Davidson

Full stack, solid UX, strong mathematics and analytics. Built

ID 227119

Eric Foster

BFA Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. Have designed websites, logos, and user interfaces for companies of all sizes and needs, from small to internationally established.

ID 35595

Bobby Blackstock

Full-stack Web Developer & CPA

ID 269882

Jay Clark

ID 485583

Andrew Morrow

Founder @fittif-intl

ID 496187

Romeeka Gayhart

Student of Jumpstart Lab - Web Developer - General Enthusiast

ID 482802

Adam Bouck

Full-stack developer in specializing in Angular.JS with Ruby on Rails or Node.JS on the back end. Business acumen and an entrepreneurial mindset.

ID 506821

Nathan Kluth

Backbone.js developer looking to continue growth of full-stack ability.

ID 161764

Alex Vanston

Founder @mr-v-dot-web-development • Worked at @envysion, @fantasyalarm-llc • Studied at @hillsdale-college

ID 587950

Lee Cole

PhD Physics/Dartmouth. From code and product to R&D management

ID 454863

Austin Stoltzfus

Front-end and UI Guru, recent grad, freelanced at a startup during senior year, agile development experience, and back-end development experience

ID 485533

Bryana Knight

D.C. native, gSchool student, missing Mallorca

ID 278363

Nick Veith

Co-Founder Pocument

ID 726747

Rachel Taylor

I'm very new to programming, just trying to get started!

ID 840608

Hilary Denton

Graduate of the Turing School

ID 761582

Graham McBain

Expert entrepreneur, junior engineer.

ID 69725

Evan Carlson

Creator of @cncpts. Worked at startups to companies like American Express & Volkswagen. Semi-professional athlete, foodie & truly defining the term a generalist.

ID 836273

Peter Jin

Full Stack LAMP Engineer

ID 229379

Nicholas Veith

Founder @pocument, Pocument • Worked at @homeadvisor • Studied at @the-king-s-college

ID 747620

Anirudh Menon

University of Colorado, Boulder MS Interdisciplinary Telecom, interested in the networking field, will have done N/W engg and python by the time of internship

ID 47538

Craig Sirkin


Network Engineer, Architect and Technical Manager specializing in solving complex problems with simple design at Level 3 and for customers of Juniper Networks.

ID 781093

Nagarjunareddy Ilavala

Doing cs in uc denver, worked in wipro under project shell, we Developed user interface ‘GRIS’ using Visual Studio 2010 as IDE, C# Language and SQL as a backend

ID 825560

Mike Reetz

Collaboration technologist and business leader seeking a new opportunity and challenge

ID 587565

Scott Vitale

Full stack developer and co-founder of Happiest when I'm getting things done and learning new technologies, frameworks, and patterns.

ID 182556

Jon Maynard

Worked at @hewlett-packard • Studied at @eastern-kentucky-university

ID 861538

Jeff Rollins

Electrical engineer who programs for a living. Helped verify multiple ASIC designs.

ID 830142

Ian Knox

Full Stack Developer, graduated from Galvanize's gSchool

ID 108267

Mark Cade

Senior Solution Architect at @softwareag . Author of Java EE Architect Certification. MBA from Regis University.

ID 671566

Cullen Jett

Web Developer

ID 49495

Jason Wicker

Chief Technical Officer at @sneezebox and UX Application Architect at @ip-commerce, Inc. Blogger, Born-Leader, Social Media Expert, Super Architect and Innovator.

ID 748144

Adam Profitt

ID 479496

Maggie Farley Certified

ID 401324

James M Bean

On fire extraordinary customer liaison. Executive technologist

ID 395877

Matt Stopa

Author of The Rapid Rubyist - #277 for Rails Core Commits - Rails Organization Team Member -

ID 394380

Navid Ahmadi

ID 602209

Brandon Jernigan

Full Stack Developer that has primarily worked with Ruby on Rails for the past 3 years.

ID 597729

Christopher Stimmel

Woking pun nub

ID 543632

Doug McCready

A passionate IT Leader, I'm skilled at aligning Technology Assets to Business Strategies & leading Initiatives that deliver predictable, high quality outcomes.

ID 878109

frank montana


ID 524836

Alexander Lyubomirov

Very capable and fast learner , will be your boost to success.

ID 401551

Doug Looms


ID 517240

Zalman Silber

Neurological Surgery Residency Program approved Neurosurgeon with 6 years experience.

ID 511794

FullContact/AngelList API developer account

ID 582749

Nguyen Dinh Nguyen

Aspiring "Engipreneur". Computer engineering student at University of Denver. Strong creativity backed with a sharp analytical mind.

ID 596892

bryon bren

ID 877789

Clinton Jenkins


ID 390813

Michelle Grover

ID 371460

Stacy Decker

Creative and thoughtful development engineer that leverages the subconscious to solve complex problems.

ID 464688

Patrick King

Open Source Software aficionado; versed in Virtualization, Embedded Linux design; Full stack experience

ID 428767

Jordan Angelos

Worked or top developer

ID 605742

Dave Broudy

ID 889351

Alex McRitchie

Gschool, Full Stack web development; specialized in Javascript, Rails, HTML, and CSS

ID 108159

Eric Eide

CTO that can code like a banshee

ID 176966

Vasily Vasinov

ID 77450

Gerred Dillon

ID 197771

Jessica Rusin

Experienced Technology Leader and Software Engineer

ID 200251

C. A. Beninati

Owner of web and mobile development and consulting for some of the largest school districts, energy drink and museums in the US.

ID 62307

Patrick Ancillotti

Director of Operations Engineering, Fixer, Cloud Guy, ex-Racker (@rackspace).

ID 92215

Jason Bernal

CMO and CFO of I Am Smart Technology, Inc

ID 126122

Christopher Hayen

Web, backend, and iOS Developer.

ID 49704

John Murray

Online Strategy, DevOps, Architecture and Technology Leadership. Certified Scrum Master.

ID 90622

Nathan Joynt

SEO Manager and Internet Marketing Strategist

ID 91986

Jim Ray

Rails developer, lead developer on conversion, co-founder of

ID 111436


Mathematician, iOS developer

ID 300456

Eric Miller

UI Dev at BarkleyREI.

ID 91143

David Van Duzer

Software Systems Engineer with diverse ISP background; Bachelor of Philosophy; All Around Swell Guy

ID 208499

Gareth Dismore


Founder SearchSpring, SalesGust. Previously built marketing, CRM & E-Commerce apps for HSBC, Assurant, AT&T and Reliant Energy.

ID 99234

Kellen Wise

Accounting Manager at Greenough Consulting Group. Help startups build finance/accounting/HR/biz development departments from scratch. QuickBooks Pro.

ID 350348

Lee Gonzales

ID 254019

Luke Dennis

Javascript Samurai, Interface Obsessive, Primary Architect of mobile app and backend API.

ID 95666

Christof Stork

Research Fellow at Hallibuton

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