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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Denver.

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ID 620069

Justin Ko

Worked at @combat2career-c2c

ID 77558

Richard Price

Founder ClickBridge • Worked at @charles-schwab, @crispin-porter-bogusky • Studied at @california-state-university-east-bay, @academy-of-art-university

ID 482802

Adam Bouck

Full-stack developer in specializing in Angular.JS with Ruby on Rails or Node.JS on the back end. Business acumen and an entrepreneurial mindset.

ID 694899

Aaron Fisher-Katz

ID 126206

Owen Sims

ID 115160

Chris Roth

Experienced generalist software engineer with product management skills.

ID 562526

Hunter Meyer

Software Engineer, Co-Founder @jr-devjobs

ID 42567

Matt Ruocco

Full stack technology enthusiast

ID 381108

Austin Riendeau

Software Engineer

ID 78051

Charley Hine

ID 462874

Charlie Hulcher

Hackathon Hacker, Web Development, UMD Electrical Eng. Undergrad

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