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ID 121090

Andrew Fischer

Founder @choozle • Worked at @iac, @passenger • Studied at University of California, Los Angeles, @vanderbilt-university

ID 86138

Justin Anthony


CEO/Co-Founder at @brightnest

ID 182

Bart Lorang


Entrepeneur, Tech Nerd; CEO and Co-Founder of @fullcontact. Passionate about solving the world's contact information problem and helping entrepreneurs.

ID 57172

Joey Alfano

Co-founder and CPO @gospotcheck. Undergrad @bucknell-university, International MBA @university-of-denver. Background in global IT consulting, ERP and big data.

ID 52680

Owen Silver

Founder PrevoTV • Sales, marketing, AltaVista, Zip2, LivingSocial, custom software • Duke MBA

ID 2654

Dave Elchoness

Sr. Digital Product Exec at Digital First Media / Mobile, Social, Revenue, New Ventures. Former entrepreneur, attorney.

ID 512

Brad Greenwald

CEO of TidBitts. Partner (Hilltop Venture Partners). Active angel. Founder - EFP. Teach entrepreneurship Exec MBA. (Time Warner, Bain). Crown Fellow.

ID 98726

Dan DeGolier


Boulder/Denver CFO specializing in helping Software & Technology and other rapidly growing companies manage their business

ID 64785

Mike McNeill

Extensive experience establishing, financing and growing highly successful startups in diverse industries. Successful in forming and exiting business ventures.

ID 38018

Scott Yates

Founder at @blogmutt. Previously founded MyTrafficNews (sold to and one other that had a positive return. Journalist before that.

ID 178673

Luke Beatty


President, AOL. Former Managing Director, TechStars. Former VP at Yahoo. Founder of Associated Content. Bug slinger. Efforting father. Coloradoan.

ID 40950

James Gardner

CTO @kindara. Veteran web developer on third startup. Degrees in Media Arts, Computer Science and Writing. US Army veteran who served in Afghanistan.

ID 121907

Tim Wolters

Tech entrepreneur, reader, thinker, doer. Started 4 successful companies with multiple exits (WebMethods, Oracle).

ID 28727

Tim Segraves

Co-Founder @revaluate, Previously founded and @weatherhop • Worked at @sendgrid, @active-network-1 • Studied at University of Kansas

ID 111422

Josh Scott


Founder and COO at Craftsy. Former eBay and Bain.

ID 128999

Dan Lynn


Co-Founder of @fullcontact. Strong technical background. Solved integration problems for several Fortune 500 companies.

ID 89086

Dave Carlson


CEO & Co-Founder @shopventory. Invests in early stage SaaS & Mobile. Founded @eonbusiness (accelerator), @eoncapital (vc), Go Toast (acquired), All Aboard Toys (acquired), @eonmedia (acquired).

ID 3973

Ben Welch-bolen


CEO/Founder at World Wide Web Hosting. Life long entrepreneur and learning to love management. 120+ remote team running 24/7 around the world.

ID 35345

Krista Paul

Founder @usingmiles. Strong Marketing, PR & Social background. Summa Cum Laude, Univ. of CO Leed's School of Business. @techstars 2008, mentor Founder's Institute

ID 103683

Gabriella Krista Morgan

CMO & Co-Founder at @p2binvestor

ID 500

Mike Lewis


Currently co-founder of @kapost. Former @qloud co-founder which grew to 25MM users and acquired by @buzzmedia. Worked at @aol. CS degree from @dartmouth-college.

ID 27256

Jorge Tellez

Ruby / Ruby on Rails Developer.

ID 85192

Kaspars Dancis

Product Manager @fullcontact. Previously co-founder/CEO @cobook, CTO @conseros-software

ID 182750

Darren Kelly


ID 45798

Dave DeMink


Current: RVP, Sales - North America at @ringcentral. 12 years SMB Sales/Marketing experience - Loudcloud, WebEx, SuccessFactors, @ringcentral

ID 77448

John Minnihan

Co-founder of @modernrepo Highly technical, deep devops experience. I've designed + implemented systems that manage over 2 billion LOC.

ID 144176

Brandon Molina

CEO Swing by Swing • Managed R&D @legalzoom-com • Digital media @Polaris Ventures • Varsity football @harvard-university College • MBA @harvard-university Business School

ID 147903

Josh Ashton

Director of People

ID 63857

Barry Owen

CTO/Co-Founder at @iguidepro, CTO at ReadyPortal. CTO/CTO/Founder at RedDog Software. VPE Lightspeed, VPE Wego Systems. Engineering Director Adobe

ID 183937

Tory Reiss

With an extensive background in entrepreneurship, Tory Reiss recently completed his B.A. in Psychology and International Studies at Northwestern University

ID 61146

Brady Becker

Founder at @forkly. Previously Co-Founded @brightkite (acquired in 2009); Studied at Carnegie Mellon, MA from University of Colorado.

ID 214153

Alex Henry

CDO of BriteHub. 14 years experience as an entrepreneur, designer, and front-end developer. Founded designer studio cypher13 and VP of Product for Tommaso bikes. CU Boulder BA 2003.

ID 86392

Chris Murphy

Founder Zoomforth, @engagesf • Worked at @total-impact-advisors • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 173266

Christopher Klein

Founder @rachio @slinggit • Worked at @intellireal • Studied at @ohio-state-university, @university-of-denver

ID 138124

Tristan Burch

Founder 1Record, Lead platform engineer at Mobiplug Networks. Previously helped build and Farecast (acquired by Microsoft - now Bing Travel).

ID 68287

Michael Sitarzewski

Co-founder, CEO at @epicplayground Co-founder, former CTO at, and founder of 8 startups since 1994, including two exits.

ID 117340

Bubba Page

Founder @quotadeck Crowdsourcing Introductions, a @techstars Boulder 2014 company & Founder @launch-leads-technology-people-sales @Inc contributor

ID 61152

Martin May


Founder at @forkly, Founder at @brightkite (acquired). @techstars 2007. BusinessWeek Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs (2009). BS CompSci, University of Aberdeen

ID 126206

Owen Sims

ID 66175

Mark Lynn


President @dstld Co-Founder of @club-w , Founder of @playcoed-com (Sold to

ID 72726

Paul Arterburn

Co-founder / Head of Product @brandfolder (@techstars Boulder 2013)

ID 48084

Matthew Harris

Founder @patheer • Studied at @boston-university • Big Data Enthusiast

ID 276138

John Goldschmidt

Founder @riffdish • Worked at @citigroup, @dealogic • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 295127

Timothy J. Henry

Chicago Native. Young Entrepreneur. Tech Enthusiast. First hire @logistical-labs-1 Worked @mantra @fooda @lightbank

ID 40921

Tony Blank

Former Googler. Lead developer at @local-motors. CIO of @jetjaw, a mobile reputation management start-up located in Denver.

ID 68522

Jessica Lybeck

Founder @dabble

ID 143251

Bo Brustkern


Former Silicon Valley VC. Founder of Arcstone Partners (valuation and investment research). Passionate about entrepreneurship. Anderson/UCLA '01, @dartmouth-college '95.

ID 74513

Sarah Fazendin

CEO of Founded & sold Travel Marketing Worldwide. Entire career in the trenches with boutique hotels, building online hotel rez platform to help them.

ID 37405

Brian Parks, CFA

Co-Founder & CEO at @brandfolder • Worked at @green-manning-bunch, @nextgreatplace • Studied at @southern-methodist-university

ID 69656

Kevin Geddes


Start up Advisor | Creator of Amazing Teams | Entrepreneur | CEO | MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program Grad

ID 115160

Chris Roth

Experienced generalist software engineer with product management skills.

ID 113429

Tim Skaggs

@cannabuild & @brewerbox. Ex-Dev at @kloudless.

ID 53129

Dave Milliken


Current: CEO of @grofolio. Past: Marketing for Inc. 500 @smashburger, Fortune 500 @millercoors, and @zagat-survey (acquired by @google)

ID 95538

Marcus Birney

Marcus is an adjunct marketing professor, has experience in ops management ($4m P&L), consulting and directing within corporate and entrepreneurial businesses.

ID 426040

Christopher Bridges

Co-Founder @vessix Multiple startups in complicated industries (Aviation, Payments & Finance). Born & Raised in Denver, Colorado.

ID 120845

Carm Huntress

Strategic leader with over 15 years experience in early stage start-up companies. Specializing in developing solutions for big data problems.

ID 142977

Marty Messer


Worked at @red-hat, @hyperic, @springsource • Studied at @north-carolina-state-university

ID 93873

Jose Mallabo

Entrepreneur. CEO and Co-Founder at @tweetalicious. Formerly with @linkedin, @ebay and @gsi-commerce. Board member of @ifoster-org.

ID 518846

James Conti

Creative with passions for entrepreneurship & ecommerce. Looking for the “next big thing” Involved in altcoin mining, mobile app dev. & social media marketing.

ID 218377

Darrell Banks

Founder Kapsl • Worked at @openlogic, @markit-on-demand • Studied at @seminole-state-college-of-florida

ID 42259

Dina Chaiffetz

Marketing Director @brightnest

ID 85866

John Feustel

Dev Lead at @brightnest.

ID 15700

Joshua Hays

Founded @bidzuku & @klydo. 13+ years in marketing/creative roles. OC(D) entrepreneur w/love for technology.

ID 132357

Chris McConnell

Founder and Editor at, a site that curates cool and useful tech including startups, gadgets, services and more.

ID 35793

Dan Daugherty


Advisor to @card-gnome.

ID 106805

Justin Sanger

Founder @locallaunch, @supportlocal • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 80440

David Asseoff

Co-Founder/CEO:@plink Founder/CEO-Adperio: Inc. 5000 Co. last 5 years. Manage top brands in gaming and performance channel.50 emp, nearly $50mm in 2011 revenue

ID 8270

Jason McGowin

Brand/Consumer Product Launcher. Led several brands from conception to national distribution. @stanford-university MBA, @intuit, Horizon Organic, Silk.

ID 54422

Roger Toennis

Former Rocket Scientist. Currently Exploring the Mobile/Social Supernova, Making Jump 2 Hyperspace as CEO of @rockit-media. Father, Futurist, Homebrewer, Human.

ID 134099

Frank Traylor

Tech/turnaround CEO - Lifeloc,VisionTEK, govAscend. Cloud, mobile, SaaS, government expertise. Cornell EE, Denver MBA

ID 14626

Joshua Dorkin

Founder & CEO of; Entrepreneur

ID 294954

Bryan Kimbell

CMO at Brandfolder, Techstars '13 Alum, strong strategic branding and marketing experience, business developer, U of Denver Masters in Sports Management & VBL.

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 434408

Joshua Mollohan

Founder @my-fitoption-inc • Worked at @bally-total-fitness, @lifetime-fitness • Studied at @calvary-bible-college-theological-seminary

ID 298162

Alex Gorelik

Social impact entrepreneur • Founder • @founders-space alum • Founder @rcr8 • Former VP @digital-first-media and startup veteran @iggli @kenan-systems

ID 45493

Bill DAlessandro


Founder @elements-brands, a portfolio of 4 CPG brands. Focused on growing consumer products brands, particularly via e-commerce.

ID 48824

Lowell Miller

Executive, Entrepreneur, Educator. Co-Founder/CEO of @ecubed-marketing. Co-Founder/CFO of Adjunct Faculty at Daniels College of Business as DU.

ID 35805

Sharif Youssef

Founder/CEO of @igivefirst. Lead multi-million dollar tech solutions from ideation to @launch for @ibm, FDC, @experian & @acxiom. Founder Institute Grad.

ID 331674

Lizelle van Vuuren

Entrepreneur, innovator, full-stack & growth marketer who loves to launch ideas and grow startups. Founder/ CEO of @effectivelyco @WomenWhoStartup @StartupPlusD

ID 116872

Oleg Rutman

Founder and CEO of @total-health-card-1, Inc

ID 236386

Elena Mikhaylova (Елена Михайлова)

Founder @crowdfund-productions, @crosspack

ID 14662

Jason Seiden

Co-founder & CEO of @brand-amper, a social media training company with a scalable, 1:1 training model. Background in both training & web technologies.

ID 83479

Shahir Ahmed

10 years innovation and direct sales in telecom technologies with a focus on user experience and mobile.

ID 60641

Ashley E. Kingsley

Digital Marketing Director at Closely, Inc. Launched Daily Deals for Moms 2010-2012 (Sold) Marketing/Social Media Consultant 2005-2010

ID 8912

Ryan Sullivan

Founder of Teegwen. @microsoft Program Manager and Developer.

ID 275756

Emily Motayed

Co-founder of @havenly. Business and ops background: worked at @american-express, @huron-consulting-group. MBA: @wharton-school, Undergrad: @vanderbilt-university

ID 361578

Lee Gallagher

CEO Arts & Analytics • Worked @ibm Author Precision Marketing Driving Revenue Through Relevance -Motto," In god we trust, everyone else brings data" - edwards.

ID 98643

Daniel Glauser

Software architect/developer specializing in Machine Learning, big data and modern languages like Clojure. I make great ideas work.

ID 173067

Dan Burcaw


Founder @PushIO • Founder @DoubleEncore • Worked at @apple • Studied at @CU

ID 271433

Johnny Sengelmann

Founder and managing partner of Graduate of Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.

ID 118429

Judah Musick

Founder @user10 • Studied at @university-of-hawaii-manoa, @saint-louis-university

ID 107377

Levi Cook

Founder, CTO at @supportlocal.

ID 241556

Christian B.

Founder @briefcase • Worked at @tubemogul, @adknowledge, @lightbridge-inc-2 @electronic-arts  @pandora Avid poker player & loving Dad

ID 364481

Jeremy Dowdall

Builder of things; connector of things. I like to cut metal, but mostly I write software... mostly. Still working on my reverse penhold backhand.

ID 78270

Daniel Garcia

Founder at

ID 85804

Adam Rentschler

Co-founder and CEO at Valid Evaluation

ID 107378

Cory LaNou

Instructor at @gschool, Former CIO of @supportlocal. Former CIO of @locallaunch - sold to RH Donnelley in 2006. @google best product award. 200,000 units sold.

ID 44695

Devin Powell

UI/UX Developer, Founder @fandio, IUB SoIC Graduate

ID 124250

Marcus J Mollmann

Founder @capdominus. Delivered 135% IRR + 4x multiple as CRE Investor. Private equity @Archstone @transwestern. I-Banking Merrill Lynch. Served in White House

ID 77796

Josh Jacobson

Co-Founder & CEO @viktorian-guitars Director @3d-printing-channel-1 Board Member @Associationof3DPrinting

ID 209485

Robert Auston

Experiences are the most important things in life • Founder @outdoors-io • @accenture, @exclusive-resorts, @vail-resorts • @university-of-michigan • Run & Bike

ID 163060

Anthony V. Montoya

Entrepreneur, builder of businesses and master networker

ID 61400

Jason August

@bindo mentor, Previous founding Build-A-Bear employee and @gourmet-real-estate CEO-new construction sales/marketing. Comp Sci degree from +

ID 3623

Justin Smestad

ID 68622

Timothy Nats

Team member of ExpertBeacon.

ID 221894

Joel Hilliard

Founder Kakoona • Worked at @humanoid-wakeboards-inc • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 510798

Daniel Nevius

Co-Founder of Pushtribe • Worked at @boston-consulting-group, White House OMB, @harvard-university University • Studied at @harvard-university, @university-of-cambridge

ID 29019

Matt Reisman

Advisor @chui-intelligent-doorbell • Founder @rachio • Studied at @CU • connected devices, cleantech, consumer products

ID 122393

Scott Crane

Marketing, branding and partnerships guy with long track record in music, events, partnerships and biz dev. Turning ADD into a business model for 20+years.

ID 117585

Jordan Perr

EE/CS Student. Currently working on 1st funded startup. Speak all programming languages fluently.

ID 66947

Rob Levy

President & Board Member @pat-s-backcountry-beverages. Former private equity and consulting professional. MBA from Tuck (@dartmouth-college), AB from Harvard.

ID 462029

JB Holston

ID 26119

Kevin Survance

CEO at Eleos, CTO of Technology Development, @american-express. Massive-scale systems, top-grade recruiting, and product strategy.

ID 170699

Lance Ennen

ID 11353

Manny Ladis


ID 52646

Meg Hanceford Meyer

Prez/Co-Founder of @CoolTreats4Dogs. Former RealityTV Producer. Go-Getter. MA New Media, @emerson-college College

ID 214428

Chris Hoffner

Founder Homeline • Worked at @United States Olympic Committee, @img • Studied at @quincy

ID 205739

Nicholas Ripple

Engineer turned entrepreneur. Founder and creator of Jason's House • Empowering Home Buyers. Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 130364

Benjamin Blackmer

Non-Technical @kontextual. Co-Founder @are-you-a-human. Michigan Ross MBA. NYU 3x Major: Jazz Piano, Econ, French. Amateur Bourbon Drinker.

ID 447714

Erik Wolf

Founder of ORBTR, marketing automation for WordPress, author of 2 books, small business marketing expert.

ID 59909

Ryan Finsrud Howell

Attorney at RUBICON Law. Represent entrepreneurs, angels, & venture firms. Previously GC for a venture firm and several venture-backed startups. JD/MBA.

ID 109371

Adam Hevenor

Founder Impact Driven • Worked at @causelabs-1, @markit, @crispin-porter-bogusky • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 60957

Jeff Schell

Founder, @michigan-rural-healthcare-preservation & PURPLE Book Healthcare Attorney, IL & MI Northwestern: MA Medical Informatics, BS Engineering/Economics

ID 48786

Alex Vintu

Co-Founder & Dir of Marketing and Business Dev at @grabio | Strong business and consulting background (Ernst&Young, Deloitte).

ID 87201

Evan Walden

Founder @rework-jobs. Studied at @university-of-vermont. Background in Sales at Dow Chemical.

ID 305892

Naveen Valeti


Founded and managing VRN JOBS LLC, a technology & management consulting firm based in Portland Oregon. I bring around 9 years of tech & mgmt consulting experience.

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 66097

Kevin Fredrick

ID 69218

Greg Hertzke

Minimalist mentality with an obsession for the startup life, baseball, random adventures & working on big problems. Always learning how to create a better way.

ID 70516

Venkat Devraj

CEO at SelectHub. Previously, co-founder of Stratavia (acquired by Hewlett-Packard) and CEO at ExtraQuest. Author, Speaker, 2 patents in IT Automation.

ID 69969

Cid Dennis

Team member of @dealpepper.

ID 512170

Qn. Everlena Brown

Media Mogul behind #QEBLLC @QEBVLogTV #PublishingQEB #QEBStudios & #QEBFoundation. NEWS TIPS #4045329232

ID 467319

Jerrod Bunce

CEO of btcQuick - Developer & Bitcoin enthusiast

ID 373553

Mark Eagle


Experienced Software Entrepreneur/Executive who has helped grow enterprise and B-C SaaS companies. Founder Courtney Eagle Asscociates, merged into Mini-Pak (Inc 20 company), grew to $160M (via organic growth and M and A activity) twice being NYSE traded

ID 268501

Ryan Whittle


Entrepreneur, Sales, Investor, Hustle

ID 6985

Benton Barney

Created VAR, integration & Group Sales SBU at Epocrates. Led VAR, content/web licensing and decision support tool partnerships for Thomson Healthcare.

ID 504738

Chris Chastain

Founder @mentorpal • Worked at @lockheed-martin, @fountainhead-capital-management-llc • Studied at @stanford-university, @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 173907

Kyle Sleeper

Project manager at Milsal McCaull | Winner AT&T and GM Connected Car Hackathon | Former producer TEDxSF

ID 463843

Kalvin Brann

Exploring new business models, launched 2 products from concept to market.

ID 259305

Michele Noonan Ross

Founder @greenstone-labs. Cannabinoid Health Pioneer & PhD Neuroscientist.

ID 106636

Michael L Simpson

CEO, @pairin, Inc.: Intrapreneur at @novell - Mktg and Strategy for emerging markets. CMO at SalesLogix (sold to Sage). Certified Int'l executive coach/adviser.

ID 47622

Eric Johnson

Co-Founder/Pres @monubuy. 3rd software startup, my shot at running. Strong business/sales background, tech aptitude (Alps MR HD group) Memorial exp Matthews

ID 194258

Ryan Whitnah

Ruby on Rails Developer @pivotdesk • Technical co-founder @savorly

ID 97597

Dave Hecker

Pres. Sagewing LLC. Experienced tech lead, focused on agile/rapid development for startups.

ID 210397

Joshua Ross

Founder & VP Business Development Addaero. Founder up2speed computer solutions (succesful sale 2011) MBA/IT & Adjunct profressor University of Denver

ID 184429

Megan Haines

Founder @karmies-deleted • Studied at @colorado-state-university

ID 267716

Michelle Warner

Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 160093

Ben Washburn

Works at @freebeecards • Studied at @iowa-state-university. Investor Relations & Business Development for company. Sell shares of stock through private placement capital.

ID 136946

Jason Bills

Founder & CMO @tract, • Account Director at @mood-media, Founder & CEO @together-poductions • Studied at @colorado-school-of-mines, @art-institute-of-colorado

ID 460244

Zev Jankovic

CEO at Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc. (OTC: IGPK), Founder of Skywalker Accelerator (acquired by IGPK in 2014), studied @university of Texas at Dallas #CPA

ID 449123

Sam Stonberg

Founder of CrowdBrief • ex-iBanker • MBA in Finance + Int'l Management • Masters in Law + Diplomacy • Strong business and int'l affairs background

ID 44861

Jakub Antkiewicz

Founder @chicagohour, @denverhour (Networking and Happy Hours entreprenerurs) Along with @internsy for internships (@chicagointern @interndenver-internla)

ID 44937

Guy Shalev

Founder, Agency Evolve. Partner, Influence Technologies. Consultant @ibm. Specialize in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

ID 326085

Ryan B Smith

Founder of ConferenceEdge (technical founder) & eoMedia Group. Serial Entrepreneur with strong technical, strategic & startup background.

ID 118967

Alex Kehr

Marketing & Growth Hacker. I currently work at @name-com-1.

ID 395374

Jason Schleweis

Founder @chooszing-2 • Worked at @exclusive-resorts • Studied at @central-michigan-university

ID 106988

Eric Quick

Founder & CEO Froovie Organics. Foodservice Veteran focused on changing the food supply. Fortune 50 & Startup Leadership Experience

ID 219623

Eric Redden

Founder umYum • Worked at @bnp-paribas • Studied at @depaul-university, CFA Charter 2010

ID 194276

Otto Schmitz

Worked at @aol, @mapquest, @Examiner • Studied at @university-of-northern-iowa

ID 105340

John Stark


ID 70530

Todd Glassman

Managing Partner of @exelis-capital and serial entrepreneur

ID 151070

Mark Ferguson

Founding engineer of @amplitude-software (with Tim Carlin). Founded and sold two tech-related businesses

ID 339515

Tyler Elick

Co-Founder @spreadsheets-1, @gami-st, @dactylcam

ID 187662

Brian Davis

Co-Founder of Milq and Honey, @friendect, @bamboo-detroit, @furbr What's your 500yearplan

ID 103705

Adam Bialek

CTO - SurgeryLink, previously built technology team at iTriage - one of the world's most popular mobile medical apps.

ID 253424

Peter Johnson

Founder of CEI d/b/a, the leading travel/tour/transportation technology provider serving the hypergrowth legal cannabis consumer market.

ID 134510

Rory O'Rourke

Product, product, product. CEO and Co-founder of A Great! First Date

ID 381213

Zain Master

Founder PetPaws • Worked at @envysion, @motorola-mobility-inc • Studied at @purdue-university, @university-of-houston

ID 126154

Scott Galvin

ID 89514

Jeromy Sonne

Sales at WorkMob. Strong background in sales. Writer. Builder.

ID 86965

Matt Nathan

Guiding new ventures to meaningful innovation and sustainable social impact. Strategy, branding, cause integration. Yale MBA. Rockefeller Fellow at @harvard-university.

ID 259547

Taylor Hubbard

Founder @ubtane. Studied at UT Austin. Petroleum Engineer.

ID 53901

Chris Morley

Co-founder and CEO of Biofeedz. Clinical psychologist and entrepreneur, biofeedback expert, and inventor of the HealthGlove.

ID 186313

Steve Kurtz

Founder and CEO of egoBoom • Strong business and tech background • VP @foodservicewarehouse. • UI Lead @ebags, • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 154984

Jason August

ID 419077

Odell Isaac

Founder @stellar-air, @caduceux • Worked at @quovadx, @western-aviators • Studied at @saint-louis-university, @missouri-state-university

ID 463943

Jonathan Schultz

Worked at @embrace-pet-insurance, @pnc-financial-services-group • Studied at @case-western-reserve-university, @colgate-university

ID 373965

Jacob Zax

Founder @edify-technologies  • I do user testing and handle all operational details as CEO. Started as a student @washington-university-in-saint-louis. 

ID 57900

Jeff Porter

Founded, @innpulse-net. Broad background in product strategy, development technology, finance in both large and small (startup) environments

ID 451005

Nick Lepetsos

Founder Philanthropy Ventures dba EqualityCard™;23-year banking career; unapologetic free-market capitalist/entrepreneur; Boot-strapping ninja

ID 190630

Kenichiro Arai

Founder, CEO of LXSN & Garagehub. Strength in UI/UX designing. Studied at @sophia-university University. @university-of-washington-1 scholarship receiver.

ID 130593

Bryan Hackett

ID 204907

Michael Lockwitz

developer, hackathoner, caffinator, organizer, entrepreneur

ID 12314

Nicole T. Porter

Founded @tippybob-1. @university-of-maryland-college-park BA & @towson-university Univ MS. Strong pharmaceutical sales & marketing background.

ID 237013

Matt Whipps

IT / Business Consultant & Entrepreneur. I have broad knowledge and deep understanding of various technologies and fields.

ID 442637

Dawn Cheairs

Founder @dohje-inc • Studied at @colorado-school-of-mines

ID 140751

Colin Shepherd

CFO at @siva-therapeutics. COO at PhylloTech. Founder at AimsBio. PhD in Genetics (2007) + MBA (2008). Winemaker with experience in NZ, France, and CA.

ID 409688

A. J. Diederich

Stage manager for Warner Bros. Productions, Videographer for, Broadband network design and engineer, Medical/recreational support certified.

ID 176517

Nolan Houston

Founder and Business Developer at Mobius Creations. Worked at Zayo Broadband and Kiewit Building Group.

ID 225700

Arif Gangji


Husband, Father, Entrepreneur. Started my first company in High School....on #8 now.

ID 169852

Brian Temple

Building apps people love.

ID 219292

Jon Shapiro

Founder @bizantu, @ideas-by-nature @creative-instructional-designs Worked @competesoft

ID 531252

Rhys Lindmark

Founder/iOS Developer @edify-technologies. Teacher (Breakthrough Collaborative, China, India, Nepal). Creator (music, visual thought, art). Leader.

ID 342369

Amanda K. Larrinaga

CEO of Modern Entrepreneur. 1st startup before I was 20. Seen in HuffingPost, Forbes Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

ID 158983

Janis Kupferer

Founder SocialJane • MBA - University of Florida. 20+ yrs Marketing at MCI, @bellsouth, @level-3 • Founded first women's friendship networking site.

ID 116881

Samantha Sandt

Vice President of National Transactions for Nexus Retail

ID 289819

Ryan McNair

Founder and CEO of Next Generation Jobs. Business and sales backround with over 8 years of experience in recruiting, staffing, hiring and human resources.

ID 151636

Lili Tenney

Founder @liki-faire • Studied at University of Colorado, Boulder

ID 107362

Andrew Roberts

Sales Manager at @uqm-technologies

ID 116105


Co-Founder and Partner at SympIT

ID 299375

Eric Hubbell

Founder and CEO at Myhub. Former Marketing Director at KBS Golf Shafts. Studied Business / Marketing undergrad @ UVM. Well-traveled. Active. Love the outdoors.

ID 283181

Chris Andrews, Product Evangelist

Founder of illustrative design "Solid Modeling for the Rapid Prototyping Industry" 3D solid models created from: Drawings, 2D CAD Data, 3D Wireframe IGES/DXF files

ID 299657

Hamid Bundu

Entrepreneurship | Innovation| Mobile Technology| Social| Software| Cultures

ID 205642


International business consulting, global network, expert in strategic transformation. Putting my broad experience, education and network together to support small and mid sized businesses that want to create a better world.

ID 266226

Amy Baglan

CEO & Founder @meetmindful and @yogadates. Previous founding member/VP at @ez-texting, acquired in '12. Conscious entrepreneur.

ID 117071

Wil Moore III

Full-Stack Developer w/ Back-End, Devops, and Front-End chops. Good eye for aesthetics. Successfully lead teams; happy to follow for the greater good as well.

ID 88769

Kenny Edwards

Experienced senior financial executive of software technology companies -- CenterStone Technologies,, @24-7-media, Atlantes.

ID 770049

Anthony Naranja

10 Year Captain for US Fly Fishing Team 14 Year Dentist

ID 203991

C. Vincent Plummer

Co-Founder @bedloo • 10+ yrs in the Music Industry & Education • Content Operations / Marketing / Social Strategy / UX • Studied Music/Spanish @MetroState

ID 363447

Eric White

I help organizations thrive as they quickly scale and navigate business expansion.

ID 207102

Richard Lopez

Founder AmsterDenver • Server Ops @ibm, SAP Support @amgen • Studied Visual Communications at Metro State. Strong Communications, Technical & Sales skills

ID 101001

Lori Fenstermaker

Founder of Scavado- a recruitment innovation tool developed for recruiters to uncover the best prospective employees. 18 year recruiting veteran.

ID 228863

Jonathan Salfeld

With extensive experience in the operational management and planning spheres, Jonathan Salfeld serves as founder and Chief Consultant of Greenplain Consulting.

ID 146651

James Abeler III


Founder @firecore, Co-Founder @winome • Studied at @azusa-pacific-university

ID 145898

Channing Morris

Product Manager + Blogger

ID 64857

Ellen Daehnick

Owner at @helliemae-s-salt-caramels

ID 235008

Collin Stewart

Founder Pocument • Worked at @homeadvisor, @epicor • Studied at @metropolitan-state-college-of-denver

ID 440378

Timothy Testa

Tim is a former professional Certified Flight Instructor, comedian, Emmy-nominated producer of all-ages entertainment, inventor, and plane crash survivor.

ID 32242

Eric Fowler

Founder Indexed I/O & @hot-lunch-online Experienced web application developer with an emphasis in UX, Java, PHP, C++, Javascript and CSS.

ID 70833

Josh Sowin

VP of Product Design & Marketing at @selecthub. I'm a serial entrepreneur who makes things happen.

ID 153621

Wesley Schauble

Chief Creative Director @ Kakoona. MFA Film, American University.

ID 151764

Michael Schaefer

Michael has over 20 years of marketing experience and served as the senior marketing executive for two growth stage companies reached over $30M annual revenue

ID 314496

Erik Lindstrom

Founder and Creative Director of Schwoggle.

ID 495630

Travis Gershon

Founder @cirrusidea-llc, @paradigm Motion, LLC, Worked at Skydex Technologies, @sierra-nevada-corp MEng & BS ME @university-of-colorado-denver

ID 106509

Brad Zotti

CEO of @myforce with more than 15 years of business experience; ten years evaluating and managing investments at a hedge fund and a private equity firm.

ID 65215

James Boe

CEO and founder of Easy Insight, strong developer background with sales and business development experience picked up on the job since starting Easy Insight.

ID 59565

Matt Bell


Managing Director

ID 113852

Chris Crosby

Director of Strategic Development Sports and Entertainment

ID 485583

Andrew Morrow

Founder @fittif-intl

ID 45434

John Cronin

CEO @ The Hub Companies. Local & national media entrepreneur - driving force for sustainable revenue - have created LBS revenue capabilities for local media.

ID 359573

Jenny Daniel

ID 170338

Larkin Garbee

Founder of 804RVA, the 1st technology coworking space in Richmond, VA. Strong business, bootstrapping & entrepreneurial skills. Business degree from VCU, 2005.

ID 46304

Ellen Cline

Co-Founder of @robot-recruit

ID 475491

Anthony D. Walker, MBA

BA, International Business/MBA. Sixteen years IT sales/marketing experience, which includes Enterprise and SMB IT solutions.

ID 370839

Jeff Bowles


Founder and CEO of Extreme Renovation. Enjoy trailblazing the path less traveled. Logical, passionate, and innovative. Love the journey and enjoy the rewards.

ID 39626

David Vanderport

Owner, eTrial Communications. Founder of Brief-Lynx hyperlinking application. Cloud computing for law firms and their clients.

ID 19991

Kyle Weiss

Co-Founder of insideGOOD | @microsoft and Agile certified | Technical by nature.

ID 429293

Sean Bryant

Worked at @inzopa-meet-people-vs-banks • Studied at @university-of-iowa

ID 215998

Luke Holmboe

Front End Dev'er, Ad-Ops Manager, UI/UX'er, 15 year Startuper, Aspiring Angel Investor.

ID 128513

Jennifer Carati

Entrepreneur, Database, Developer, Data Analyst, Front-end Developer.

ID 355967

Daniel Wilson

Founder + Creative at Optimistic Design Company

ID 76672

Joe Sawicki

Highly competitive business background in both small business operations and sales; Currently work at KIOSK Information Systems

ID 52651


Co-Founder & VP Sales/Distribution @CoolTreats4Dogs. Worked six years as Sales Rep in natural food distribution. BA Communications U of Florida, 2005.

ID 357872

Blair Rollenhagen

Information Technology Leader | Business Owner | Entreprenuer | Investor

ID 251873

Mark Testa, DC, MHA, MCS-P

Co-Founder Patient Approved, seasoned chiropractor with advanced accomplishments, a masters in health administration and an entrepreneurial spirit. Have built numerous, successful healthcare practices; business development and new markets.

ID 229379

Nicholas Veith

Founder @pocument, Pocument • Worked at @homeadvisor • Studied at @the-king-s-college

ID 449799

Susan Lassiter-Lyons



ID 451137

Benjamin Head

Founder Shatter Buggy, Inc. • Worked at @jetblue-airways, @world-airways • Studied at @university-of-southern-indiana, @vincennes-university

ID 36277

Matt Anderson

Co-Founder and CTO, Coldwater Software, LLC. Software Architect and Developer for @microsoft Corporation.

ID 400209

Nichola Dotson

Founder Your Smartphone Repair Corp. First Manager position at 19 yrs of age. Former Business Analyst at Sprint Communications.

ID 203179

Darrin Zeer

Founder @connected-yoga

ID 27429

Jaylan D Phillips

Business Development Manager, Sales and Marketing Support for an industry leading HVAC equipment distributor.

ID 433606

Mike Kobneck

Novum Concepts Ltd. was created by a group of paramedics who sought out to change EMS. By using first hand experience we make products that save lives.

ID 659786

Michael Dixon Jr

Serial Entrepreneur - Dreamer - Creator of Creative Things

ID 69725

Evan Carlson

Creator of @cncpts. Worked at startups to companies like American Express & Volkswagen. Semi-professional athlete, foodie & truly defining the term a generalist.

ID 221689

Usman Sattar

Physician / Entrepreneur. Interested in #mHealth #HealthIT #DigitalHealth #IoT #BigData #Innovation #Startups

ID 187790

Brandon Clapp

ID 396954

Kyle D. Henderson

Principal of :: Advisory Board Member of,,,

ID 208499

Gareth Dismore


Founder SearchSpring, SalesGust. Previously built marketing, CRM & E-Commerce apps for HSBC, Assurant, AT&T and Reliant Energy.

ID 152902

Jimmy Iles

Studied at @kutztown-university-of-pennsylvania, Director of Artist Relations @ Beat-Play & Music Without Labels, LLC

ID 31616

David Whitten

35+ years experience in ICT industry. Executive positions in marketing and strategic development. Senior VP and GM research at @gartner. Several advisory boards.

ID 163309

Martin Tindall


Part of Kronos International Invesments, Kronos invests, incubates and consults with companies in the fields of real estate, renewables, beverages and tech.

ID 31304

Jacob Wulff

Team member of @chompie.

ID 66966

Laura Leighton

Founder at ZoomerangKidz, Inc. an innovative, creative mobile application series that empowers children 5-10. Creator of similar school program.

ID 70111

Lauren Cook

Vice President of Client Strategy at JESS3. Former CEO & Founder of Swarm Collective. Vice President & Co-Founder of @projectspark-foundation.

ID 69992

vangyi chongtoua

Founder @yestogoodlife-com, @csp-group, @countonme-us

ID 298228

Allen Wolff


Co-Founder @plumdiggity @paysimple. $40M in invested capital during his tenure at @spacevest. Early investor @crowdrise @roozt-1 @paysimple .

ID 67014

A J Cohen

IMBUE Strategy-Founder: Strategic Marketing at CO Green Gears / Pro Auto Care

ID 111436


Mathematician, iOS developer

ID 35380

Michael Usrey

ID 33678

Julia Rossi

Corporate O/S sales for a decade working in prof services, currently consuting for a PEO. It is my time to step into my passion for business by owning my own.

ID 103918

T Derek Schouten

Founded @peakvibe, LLC

ID 89136

John Hudson


Experienced banker, advisor, and angel investor. Strong financial and tech background (Merrill Lynch, Sun, Symbol, @preservation-capital).

ID 134234

Dan Brazier

CEO, COO, Managing Director, Investor

ID 173159

Kenneth D. Heller

In the year after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Kenneth D. Heller appeared in numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

ID 34442

Tom Jeffries

Co-founder and Executive Vice President of @apartment-data-xchange

ID 49894

Brad Paz

CEO of MyCompanyAccess.

ID 49704

John Murray

Online Strategy, DevOps, Architecture and Technology Leadership. Certified Scrum Master.

ID 144302

Lin Merage

CEO, @solne-collections-online-eco-green-department-store

ID 38633

Ben Johnson

ID 50982

Sylvia Pankiewicz

Marketing Manager at @freightcenter-com, Business Development Specialist, SEO, SEM, Social Media Expert, managed multi-million marketing budgets and accounts

ID 36905

Jodie Barr

Founder, began began marketing management for cloud services when they were in their infancy at QCS - one of the original ASPs.

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