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ID 657049

Jon VonSeggen

Dot Bomb survivor. Founder of Yoyokid Creative. Marketing director at First Link. VP Marketing CannaSys.

ID 258372

Will Hitchcock

Lover of interface design and development, partner at Camp Four Creative in Boulder, CO. Cofounder of Worked at GroupTie and Rosetta.

ID 617199

Nicholas Krut

I'm a software engineer, innovator and entrepreneur. I love creating new things and finding new and creative ways to solve the world's problems.

ID 34261

John Siladie

Founder and CTO of @expensebot, formerly founder of @60mo. Full stack web dev who loves Javascript and great usability.

ID 40950

James Gardner

CTO @kindara. Veteran web developer on third startup. Degrees in Media Arts, Computer Science and Writing. US Army veteran who served in Afghanistan.

ID 763346

Arun Balakrishnan

ID 188636

Andrew Z Allen

Sick and tired of building simple CRUD apps that claim to be the next big thing. TechStars Boulder 2011 alum.

ID 347867

Lee Acker

Full Stack JavaScript Web Developer Apprentice @refactoru . Proficient in adventures and imagination. Renaissance woman and 110% nerd.

ID 160514

Aiko Cheslin

ID 253424

Peter Johnson

Founder of CEI d/b/a, the leading travel/tour/transportation technology provider serving the hypergrowth legal cannabis consumer market.

ID 409789

Brandon Schatz

Founder, Inc • Worked at @u-s-army • Studied at @missouri-state-university

ID 42905

Aaron K. White

Experience Designer, Pixel Pusher, Developer & Podcast Co-Host... Hanging my Hat in Colorful Colorado!

ID 246121

Erik Van Lankvelt

Works at @supportlocal • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 506821

Nathan Kluth

Backbone.js developer looking to continue growth of full-stack ability.

ID 521851

Marc W

Manhattan based open source software developer and hired gun for PHP/Python on the web with a multidimensional skill set to allow my employers to succeed.

ID 196976

Chase Courington

Web developer. Techstars Boulder 2013 Hackstar. Formerly TurboTax Health (Intuit). Formerly founding memeber, UI/UX Development for Slinggit.

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