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ID 512

Brad Greenwald

CEO of TidBitts. Partner (Hilltop Venture Partners). Active angel. Founder - EFP. Teach entrepreneurship Exec MBA. (Time Warner, Bain). Crown Fellow.

ID 635804

Levisay Investment, LLC


Levisay Investments LLC is an investment partnership operated by John Levisay, Gerald Levisay and Peter Levisay.

ID 243562

Chris Onan


Co-Founder and Managing Director at Galvanize; Board Observer at Tendril and Thought Equity Motion; previously at Appian Ventures, Wolf Ventures, LEK Consulting

ID 83328

Aaron Bowlds


Angel investor. Corp Dev lead and GC at PE-backed rollup of advertising and media companies.  Experienced in M&A, public/private securities and venture capital.

ID 111422

Josh Scott


Founder and COO at Craftsy. Former eBay and Bain.

ID 178673

Luke Beatty


President, AOL. Former Managing Director, TechStars. Former VP at Yahoo. Founder of Associated Content. Bug slinger. Efforting father. Coloradoan.

ID 98726

Dan DeGolier


Boulder/Denver CFO specializing in helping Software & Technology and other rapidly growing companies manage their business

ID 500

Mike Lewis


Currently co-founder of @kapost. Former @qloud co-founder which grew to 25MM users and acquired by @buzzmedia. Worked at @aol. CS degree from @dartmouth-college.

ID 45796

Daniel Newman


Inventor. Founder and CEO of @roximity. Creator of amazing products for mobile devices/people

ID 114412

Kirk Holland


@access-venture-partners, Venture Capital, VC, Boulder, Colorado, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Digital Media, SAAS, sports junkie.

ID 113357

Geoff Ward


Early employee @agencyport. @NotreDame alum. Software engineer, product manager.

ID 89086

Dave Carlson


CEO & Co-Founder @shopventory. Invests in early stage SaaS & Mobile. Founded @eonbusiness (accelerator), @eoncapital (vc), Go Toast (acquired), All Aboard Toys (acquired), @eonmedia (acquired).

ID 75341

Jim Deters


Founder / CEO at Galvanize

ID 35345

Krista Paul

Founder @usingmiles. Strong Marketing, PR & Social background. Summa Cum Laude, Univ. of CO Leed's School of Business. @techstars 2008, mentor Founder's Institute

ID 3973

Ben Welch-bolen


CEO/Founder at World Wide Web Hosting. Life long entrepreneur and learning to love management. 120+ remote team running 24/7 around the world.

ID 106252

Ari Newman


Investor @ Techstars / BTV in Boulder, CO. Formerly founder/CEO of Filtrbox (sold to Jive) + 15 years of experience as startup exec/founder.

ID 40547

Nick Wyman


Director @galvanize-ventures-1 and Angel Investor. Ex - @foundry-group Special Projects, @techstars Associate & @BoulderBeta Producer.

ID 411440

Mark Seaton


ID 213578

Serik Kaldykulov


Value investor

ID 256458

Patrick Hidalgo


Financial services industry veteran looking to create a team, join a team and/or invest in start ups.

ID 182

Bart Lorang


Entrepeneur, Tech Nerd; CEO and Co-Founder of @fullcontact. Passionate about solving the world's contact information problem and helping entrepreneurs.

ID 425271

Ron Sachs


Private Investor.

ID 94697

Justin Nelson


Entrepreneur, Technology Executive

ID 77258

Casey Berman


Managing Director of Camber Creek, a corporate venture fund. President of Ops for Real Estate Portfolio.

ID 57172

Joey Alfano

Co-founder and CPO @gospotcheck. Undergrad @bucknell-university, International MBA @university-of-denver. Background in global IT consulting, ERP and big data.

ID 82909

Bradley Brown


Founder @intelivideo, @the-ultimate-software-consultants-tusc • Worked at @oracle-corporation, @equifax-inc • Studied at @illinois-state-university

ID 40869

Mark Salsberry

Founder @jetjaw (1M+ consumer engagements) • Worked @VerizonWireless (P&L: $9.8M; Sales Mgmt: $26M) • Innovating consumer feedback w/ mobile & social • Driven.

ID 408900

Frank Miller


Serial entrepreneur. Two previous startups were acquired. I dig the hardware/software interface and HTML5

ID 86138

Justin Anthony


CEO/Co-Founder at @brightnest

ID 40950

James Gardner

CTO @kindara. Veteran web developer on third startup. Degrees in Media Arts, Computer Science and Writing. US Army veteran who served in Afghanistan.

ID 121090

Andrew Fischer

Founder @choozle • Worked at @iac, @passenger • Studied at University of California, Los Angeles, @vanderbilt-university

ID 121907

Tim Wolters

Tech entrepreneur, reader, thinker, doer. Started 4 successful companies with multiple exits (WebMethods, Oracle).

ID 250819

Taylor L Merritt


CFO of Merritt Equipment Co. Started investing at age 6. Wide range of operating and investment experience. OPM Program at HBS.

ID 78051

Charley Hine

ID 38781

Rachael Qualls


CEO of Venture360 and Founder of the Angel Capital Group. Entrepreneur and Investor.

ID 28727

Tim Segraves

Co-Founder @revaluate, Previously founded and @weatherhop • Worked at @sendgrid, @active-network-1 • Studied at University of Kansas

ID 98743

Bob Ogdon


CEO of @swiftpage. Founder of four companies in gaming, CD_ROM Multimedia, Web Conferencing and Email Marketing. Entrepreneur of the Year for Colorado in 2011

ID 2654

Dave Elchoness

Sr. Digital Product Exec at Digital First Media / Mobile, Social, Revenue, New Ventures. Former entrepreneur, attorney.

ID 11408

Mike Stemple

Founder of Bonsai Networks & Inspirer. Previously founder at SkinIt (sold to GWE Inc.), Original Wraps (sold to 3M), Odojo (sold to Safety Web), Mosoro, & more.

ID 38018

Scott Yates

Founder at @blogmutt. Previously founded MyTrafficNews (sold to and one other that had a positive return. Journalist before that.

ID 128999

Dan Lynn


Co-Founder of @fullcontact. Strong technical background. Solved integration problems for several Fortune 500 companies.

ID 8298

Tom Higley


Advisor to @card-gnome.

ID 19603

Scott Epstein


Veteran internet marketing exec (@google, Excite, Plaxo, @spinner).

ID 208931

Derek Johnson

People Manager, Recruiting

ID 82639

Joseph Zell


General Partner

ID 35900

Perry Evans


Founder & CEO at @closely, Inc. Previously, President at, Chairman and Co-founder at @jabber, Inc., and CEO and Founder at @local-matters, Inc.

ID 182816

Chad McDaniel


CoFounder of Southern Sun Angel Capital, BaseCamp Capital, and Yes Communities. Certified Public Accountant - Inactive Drummer Snowboarder

ID 103683

Gabriella Krista Morgan

CMO & Co-Founder at @p2binvestor

ID 239946

Jeffrey Stowell


President of @RSIIC. Founder of Community Systems Group and @LawFolio. Studied @KUNews and @KULawSchool.

ID 77448

John Minnihan

Co-founder of @modernrepo Highly technical, deep devops experience. I've designed + implemented systems that manage over 2 billion LOC.

ID 29242

Paul Allen


Business developer. Sales and marketing and startup coach.

ID 187236

Josh Paterson


Josh is the founder iSource Capital and has been responsible for over $100 million in equity transactions in a wide variety of business and real estate deals.

ID 112520

David Geras


ID 64785

Mike McNeill

Extensive experience establishing, financing and growing highly successful startups in diverse industries. Successful in forming and exiting business ventures.

ID 100370

Tony Shouse


ID 63857

Barry Owen

CTO/Co-Founder at @iguidepro, CTO at ReadyPortal. CTO/CTO/Founder at RedDog Software. VPE Lightspeed, VPE Wego Systems. Engineering Director Adobe

ID 52680

Owen Silver

Founder PrevoTV • Sales, marketing, AltaVista, Zip2, LivingSocial, custom software • Duke MBA

ID 227424

Danny Pier

Husband, dog lover, mountain adventurer, beer drinker, developer. Making mobile awesomeness at @roximity. 2011 HackStar in @techstars Boulder. Pants.

ID 66175

Mark Lynn


President @dstld Co-Founder of @club-w , Founder of @playcoed-com (Sold to

ID 34261

John Siladie

Founder and CTO of @expensebot, formerly founder of @60mo. Full stack web dev who loves Javascript and great usability.

ID 31915

Jon Kelly


CEO of @this-or-that & Founder's Co-op LP, former President of @surehits, co-founder of @ecoverage

ID 376190

Paul Neilson


Co-Founded femtoScale, Founded Adaptive Instruments now part of Schneider Electric

ID 125988

Bri Baird

Startups to Yahoo!; Mobile Gaming, Electric Vehicle and Media product launches; Branding; Digital Marketing; Email; Social Media; Events 5-200K+ppl; BA Business

ID 76960

Andrew Glover


VP Engineering @ @flextrip. Product-oriented tech guy. Co-founded two prior startups with Alex Kremer.

ID 533838

Jeremy Schendel

Data Analyst, Mathematician

ID 118416

Curtis Floth

Web & Front End Developer with UX & Design Experience. I help companies design and build engaging and effective interactions for web and mobile.

ID 73702

Leonardo De La Rocha

Design Director - @yahoo Media Publishing

ID 416865

Rob Melick

Successful technology sales, research, and operations professional. Worked for 3 startups and went through buy out process with EMC: Isilon

ID 147886

Brian Wallace


ID 199464

Devin Reams

Works at @github, previously @crowd-favorite

ID 217421

Layla Soileau

User Experience Designer

ID 667845

Brice Leconte


Founder of iUnit, investor in Veenome, EIR at UMD

ID 85271

Ryan Angilly

CEO of @ramen. Worked with 30+ startups. Programmer since age 8. ECE BS & MS WPI.

ID 48084

Matthew Harris

Founder @patheer • Studied at @boston-university • Big Data Enthusiast

ID 516854

Dylan Taylor


Early stage angel investor in NewSpace, Ag, Energy, Nano and Biotech.

ID 556567

Colin Stewart


COO of Atmospheir. Worked at DaVita, Citi, Goldman Sachs, and UnitedHealthcare. Studied at Princeton (AB, '04), Columbia (MPH, '07), and Dartmouth (MBA, '11).

ID 86392

Chris Murphy

Founder Zoomforth, @engagesf • Worked at @total-impact-advisors • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 678611

Basil Sabbah


Basil is an entrepreneur in the engineering, banking and e-commerce space. Started Solera Bank, Sabbro and Vulcan. Degrees in Physics and Anthro from U of Cali.

ID 345601

Michael Silverman


President of Silverback Holdings. Director of venture works at Red Idea Partners in Boulder. Early stage investor in a variety of sectors.

ID 45798

Dave DeMink


Current: RVP, Sales - North America at @ringcentral. 12 years SMB Sales/Marketing experience - Loudcloud, WebEx, SuccessFactors, @ringcentral

ID 420776

Tim Moynihan


Co-founder rentbits ~ Founding team iWT (i was there) ~ Early AWS direct sales leader @google

ID 29034

Brandon West

Full stack developer. Experienced hacker with product focused skills including design and UI experience. Honing my hustle skills as dev evangelist for SendGrid.

ID 6693

Kelly Quann Bianucci


Managing Principal at Discover Capital LLC, a search fund.

ID 138124

Tristan Burch

Founder 1Record, Lead platform engineer at Mobiplug Networks. Previously helped build and Farecast (acquired by Microsoft - now Bing Travel).

ID 252243

Davey Randa

Founder of SkyHomes. Previous experience in Consulting and with SCVNGR, LevelUp, BuyWithMe. Strong Business Background (Babson MBA, International Consulting)

ID 202870

Erin Gray

Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 Sales Team

ID 472970

Lesley Yarbrough

Jill of all trades. Experienced and passionate senior community manager that loves startups, making people happy, and building things people love.

ID 329820

Michael Rizzuto

ID 147903

Josh Ashton

Director of People

ID 33155

Tom Ahlborg


Founder of @granite-loan-management. Investor in @galvanize-ventures-1, @splick-it, @plink, @st. Renatus, LLC, @first-american-state-bank.

ID 111090

Kevin Price


Owner, AccuCode

ID 225050

Joshua Tilton

New Hampshire native transplanted to Denver. Product Designer at SendGrid. Email rules. Black Belt UI Judo = maximum efficiency, minimum effort.

ID 183937

Tory Reiss

With an extensive background in entrepreneurship, Tory Reiss recently completed his B.A. in Psychology and International Studies at Northwestern University

ID 117340

Bubba Page

Founder @quotadeck Crowdsourcing Introductions, a @techstars Boulder 2014 company & Founder @launch-leads-technology-people-sales @Inc contributor

ID 182750

Darren Kelly


ID 212168

Steven Kapturowski

Software engineer and data scientist originally educated in aerospace engineering and theoretical astrophsics. I solve hard problems.

ID 431551

Joe Alfano


Founded Connection Companies and sold to CDI,Founded AimHire and currently Managing Member

ID 134520

Robert Brooks IV

Account Executive @StackOverflow Founder @btb-technologies-llc • Worked at @apple

ID 99964

Dave Berlin


Principal at BIG LLC

ID 296689

Drew Frey

Marketing Manager at @pivotdesk. Former Vail Resorts employee that helped build their social media and EpicMix program.

ID 144176

Brandon Molina

CEO Swing by Swing • Managed R&D @legalzoom-com • Digital media @Polaris Ventures • Varsity football @harvard-university College • MBA @harvard-university Business School

ID 126206

Owen Sims

ID 106562

Kelly Taylor

Founder @pivotdesk • Product Management, MBA, Software Engineering

ID 186333

Peter Adams


Founder @biz-girls, @omniportraits • Worked at @rockies-venture-club, @design-workshop • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @regis-university

ID 68287

Michael Sitarzewski

Co-founder, CEO at @epicplayground Co-founder, former CTO at, and founder of 8 startups since 1994, including two exits.

ID 279251

Greg Knaddison

Worked at @card-com-1-1, @card-com • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 40906

Frederic Jean

Worked at @sun-microsystems, @bounce-io • Studied at @ambassador-university * I make the mail flow @bounce-io.

ID 173266

Christopher Klein

Founder @rachio @slinggit • Worked at @intellireal • Studied at @ohio-state-university, @university-of-denver

ID 505800

Barry Gager


Employed 30+ yrs (but no longer) in Oil & Gas and still invested directly in same, but diversifying into real estate, and crowdfunded loans and startups for both income and capital gains.

ID 391633

Derik Linch

Sales at SpireMedia, work with startups, had a failed startup in college and a few ideas fizzle out. Looking to earn my stripes in the entrepreneur ecosystem.

ID 72726

Paul Arterburn

Co-founder / Head of Product @brandfolder (@techstars Boulder 2013)

ID 599171

J Keegan Gaeng

ID 163073

Timmy Wozniak

Founder @fresh-jets • 10 Years of Travel Experience • Studied at @university-of-denver

ID 155515

Austin Gayer


Mobile Entrepreneur • Founder & President of @roximity • Worked at @level-3, @ciber • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 61146

Brady Becker

Founder at @forkly. Previously Co-Founded @brightkite (acquired in 2009); Studied at Carnegie Mellon, MA from University of Colorado.

ID 117088

Brian Hulme

Visual Designer at Deloitte Digital (Denver)

ID 61152

Martin May


Founder at @forkly, Founder at @brightkite (acquired). @techstars 2007. BusinessWeek Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs (2009). BS CompSci, University of Aberdeen

ID 27256

Jorge Tellez

Ruby / Ruby on Rails Developer.

ID 171308

Jan Brodeur

Director, Financial Systems @ EverFi in Washington, DC. Worked at Map Network, NAVTEQ, SmartBrief. Moving to Denver,CO in October and looking for something new.

ID 129911

Chris Ennis


Starter / Builder

ID 714996

Ryan Hunter

COO of Mocavo, Inc. which was recently acquired in the largest TechStars acquisition to date. Four years as a Wall St analyst preceded by 13 years in Tech.

ID 214153

Alex Henry

CDO of BriteHub. 14 years experience as an entrepreneur, designer, and front-end developer. Founded designer studio cypher13 and VP of Product for Tommaso bikes. CU Boulder BA 2003.

ID 37405

Brian Parks, CFA

Co-Founder & CEO at @brandfolder • Worked at @green-manning-bunch, @nextgreatplace • Studied at @southern-methodist-university

ID 42905

Aaron K. White

Experience Designer, Pixel Pusher, Developer & Podcast Co-Host... Hanging my Hat in Colorful Colorado!

ID 295127

Timothy J. Henry

Chicago Native. Young Entrepreneur. Tech Enthusiast. First hire @logistical-labs-1 Worked @mantra @fooda @lightbank

ID 40921

Tony Blank

Former Googler. Lead developer at @local-motors. CIO of @jetjaw, a mobile reputation management start-up located in Denver.

ID 802267

Michael Dupree Jr


Crypto-currency evangelist and arbitrage.

ID 93225

Tyler Hartung

Founder @the-unreasonable-institute • Worked at @renewable-choice-energy

ID 49355

Derek Scruggs


Co-founder of StatsMix, partner in SurveyGizmo, co-founder of Enthusiast Group.

ID 85192

Kaspars Dancis

Product Manager @fullcontact. Previously co-founder/CEO @cobook, CTO @conseros-software

ID 74513

Sarah Fazendin

CEO of Founded & sold Travel Marketing Worldwide. Entire career in the trenches with boutique hotels, building online hotel rez platform to help them.

ID 391611

Phil Norton

HR/Staffing Consultant with Management experience. Expert in client facing and account management skills.

ID 115160

Chris Roth

Experienced generalist software engineer with product management skills.

ID 95538

Marcus Birney

Marcus is an adjunct marketing professor, has experience in ops management ($4m P&L), consulting and directing within corporate and entrepreneurial businesses.

ID 166077

Kipp Chambers

Marketing at @fullcontact • Formerly at @shopzilla, @pricegrabber, @surveygizmo • Skydiving world record holder • Likes craft beer, food, and kickass campaigns

ID 218377

Darrell Banks

Founder Kapsl • Worked at @openlogic, @markit-on-demand • Studied at @seminole-state-college-of-florida

ID 100638

Todd Mackay

Strategic Investments and Corporate Development, Mergers and Acquisitions

ID 68522

Jessica Lybeck

Founder @dabble

ID 540552

Stephan Reckie


A resilient, pragmatic, energetic, self-motivated, service-oriented, field experienced executive.

ID 182566

Tim Godzich


Former co-founder of Definity Health, created first consumer-driven healthcare plan and co-founder of Liazon, pioneer in private health insurance exchanges.

ID 117386

Drew Lawrence

Director of API Sales at @fullcontact. Tech junkie. Lover of adrenaline, skiing, snowmobiling, camping, & college basketball.

ID 142977

Marty Messer


Worked at @red-hat, @hyperic, @springsource • Studied at @north-carolina-state-university

ID 518846

James Conti

Creative with passions for entrepreneurship & ecommerce. Looking for the “next big thing” Involved in altcoin mining, mobile app dev. & social media marketing.

ID 165183

Chris Glode


Worked at @accenture, @mapmyfitness • Studied at @ColoradoCollege

ID 229946

Alex Gibson


Civil Engineering PhD from UIUC - worked 10 years in the industry and developing smart technology for construction materials testing

ID 246163

Chris J. Snook


Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, & Venture Catalyst...Co-Founder-Managing Partner at, Hired-Gun and Angel/Founder at Parallel6,

ID 542743

James Williamson

Product Manager for the FullContact API @fullcontactapi

ID 238459

Norton Bittencourt


ID 440701


Full stack developer at @gospotcheck

ID 494297

Marla Brizel

Agile Project Manager at Morningstar. Experienced in building Scrum teams, managing API, front-end, and back-end software projects. Northwestern 2009.

ID 84173

Bill Cullen

ID 309948

Mimi Zheng

Marketer at @binpress (@500startups batch 6) Formerly @scriptrock & @rockies-venture-club

ID 211829

Kārlis Lauva

Worked at @cobook

ID 276138

John Goldschmidt

Founder @riffdish • Worked at @citigroup, @dealogic • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 346823

Nalin Vahil

Sales Representative at Signpost. Strong Economics background (Economics major at Occidental College) with almost 1 year of sales experience

ID 212502

Brennan Gilbert

Design Director at @gospotcheck, BFA from @colorado-state-university-1. Strong web & design background, focus on UI Design.

ID 42259

Dina Chaiffetz

Marketing Director @brightnest

ID 499510

Michael Maynes

Worked at @fullcontact, @alteryx • Studied at @pepperdine-university

ID 143251

Bo Brustkern


Former Silicon Valley VC. Founder of Arcstone Partners (valuation and investment research). Passionate about entrepreneurship. Anderson/UCLA '01, @dartmouth-college '95.

ID 505085

Gary S. Stone


Outsourced CFO and investor to early stage companies.

ID 415662

Thomas Balderston


Investor | @theconsig | Customer's are our LP's | @Notredame Fan

ID 85866

John Feustel

Dev Lead at @brightnest.

ID 460102

Nichole Montoya

Founder and CEO at Cheddar Up • Worked at @kpmg, @accenture • Studied at @drake-university. Experienced brand builder and marketer.

ID 129707

Gary Gaessler


Cloud Elements VP Sales/Marketing. We build cloud applications 50% faster. Sales leader early stage software ventures. Founders Institute mentor. Extreme skier.

ID 128159

Jon Dodge

Founder @ballers-bridge-1 Champion of UX and UI design. Previous tech consultant for Fortune 100 clients all over the world.

ID 69656

Kevin Geddes


Start up Advisor | Creator of Amazing Teams | Entrepreneur | CEO | MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program Grad

ID 561586

Brett Jurgens

Co-Founder & CEO of Notion ( @techstars Boulder 2014). 1st employee at @urgentrx. Private Placements at @piper-jaffray .

ID 598533

Chelsea Hird

Outstanding Customer Service Experience, Sales Experience and Proven Skills at Customer Retention

ID 851147

David Somers


Early employee at Cornerstone OnDemand where I helped build the company into a 3B+ public company. Expertise in SaaS Enterprise Software space.

ID 487132

Michael Rose

Sr. Platform Engineer, BigData/Hadoop/Storm bit-herder, building distributed & scalable systems on the JVM for @fullcontact Coffee addict & beer aficionado.

ID 45942

Walker Fenton


long time entrepreneur.

ID 431667

Gavin Matthews

Content, sales, and marketing lead interested in finding a new, innovative role!

ID 120845

Carm Huntress

Strategic leader with over 15 years experience in early stage start-up companies. Specializing in developing solutions for big data problems.

ID 382582

Jay Zeschin

Co-founder and director at Mode Set. Agile-focused lead engineer and technical architect for early-stage companies and major brands. Northwestern alum.

ID 113429

Tim Skaggs

@cannabuild & @brewerbox. Ex-Dev at @kloudless.

ID 452961

Justin Gitlin

Co-founder of @ello & @mode-set. Award-winning creative coder, game/mobile/UI developer, multimedia artist and musician. Holds a double major from DU.

ID 413059

Andrew Wichern


Attorney • Founder @IterateStudio • Northwestern (law), UT, Austin, Texas A&M• Worked at @opsware, @crossworlds • Strong business and technology background

ID 33168

Alejandro Vasquez

Software Engineer. I need challenges

ID 53129

Dave Milliken


Current: CEO of @grofolio. Past: Marketing for Inc. 500 @smashburger, Fortune 500 @millercoors, and @zagat-survey (acquired by @google)

ID 295997

David East

Code junkie and web development addict.

ID 232583

Travis Harrington

Mom & Pop ISP's -> Enterprise systems -> Government Contractor -> Startups

ID 238148

Jack Pottle


Varied 30+ year business career including COO and CEO roles in the cable television and telecommunications industries. Most recently Managing Director of mid-stage private equity fund.

ID 526728

Lori Pidick


Marketing and Fundraising Executive; MBA Georgetown University, BA Brown University

ID 236386

Elena Mikhaylova (Елена Михайлова)

Founder @crowdfund-productions, @crosspack

ID 857989

Parker Rothhammer

ID 522795

Colleen Kazemi

Cross-Channel and Digital marketing expert and startup consultant with experience in Email, SMS, Content Development, Go-to-market and startup fundraising.

ID 93873

Jose Mallabo

Entrepreneur. CEO and Co-Founder at @tweetalicious. Formerly with @linkedin, @ebay and @gsi-commerce. Board member of @ifoster-org.

ID 258372

Will Hitchcock

Lover of interface design and development, partner at Camp Four Creative in Boulder, CO. Cofounder of Worked at GroupTie and Rosetta.

ID 586357

Ruby Lu



ID 68125

Jonathan Dobbertin

Founder @callgrader, @cityvoice, and @bluematch. @dreamit-ventures alum. Beer lover, beard grower, bean counter.

ID 73409

Kevin McInerney

Founder & CEO at @active-junky

ID 540067

Ben Rifkin


Venture Manager @RSIIC, @park-city-angels. Past: President @denver-cutthroats, SVP Mkt/Ops @consumer-capital-partners , Pub @bonnier-corporation

ID 426872

Tom Perkins

Co-Founder @vessix Co- Founded Phoenix Fuel, Phoenix grew to 500mm in sales. EVP XJet - FBO based in Denver w/ operations in Dubai. 25 yrs in aviation industry

ID 133279

Nick Slogget

Principal at GreaterThan. Gladly helping companies with design for quite some time now.

ID 143795

Dave Smith

Worked at @basho-technologies, @jabber, @ping-identity-corporation • Studied at University of West Florida

ID 426040

Christopher Bridges

Co-Founder @vessix Multiple startups in complicated industries (Aviation, Payments & Finance). Born & Raised in Denver, Colorado.

ID 48824

Lowell Miller

Executive, Entrepreneur, Educator. Co-Founder/CEO of @ecubed-marketing. Co-Founder/CFO of Adjunct Faculty at Daniels College of Business as DU.

ID 363433

Aaron Helm

JD/MBA from Tulane, have assisted a variety of startups, worked at a biotech incubator, managed an angel investment group

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 723375

David M. Stern

ID 122440

Ryan Pollock


Director at Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association

ID 460394

Michael Klinker

VP of Sales at RxREVU. Previously Director of Health Systems at McKesson, and Regional Sales Manager at Gulf South Medical.

ID 54422

Roger Toennis

Former Rocket Scientist. Currently Exploring the Mobile/Social Supernova, Making Jump 2 Hyperspace as CEO of @rockit-media. Father, Futurist, Homebrewer, Human.

ID 274868

Lee Mayer


Founder @havenly • Worked at @bain-company, @canon @bankrate • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @columbia-university

ID 15700

Joshua Hays

Founded @bidzuku & @klydo. 13+ years in marketing/creative roles. OC(D) entrepreneur w/love for technology.

ID 131639

Remington Robertson

Product guru; design enthusiast; gentleman scoundrel. Founded two former startups with just under 1M in private angel investment.

ID 227226

David Prinster


Executive with 20+ years IT industry experience in Business Development, Marketing, Strategy, and Partnerships.

ID 559279

Jeff Giarraputo


Co-Founder of ad agency Factory Design Labs. Co-founder of Beatport, the largest music store for DJ's in the world. Investor/director/advisor in several others.

ID 42034

AJ Dye


Corporate investor @ Delta Electronics Capital. Previously w/SJF Ventures.

ID 14626

Joshua Dorkin

Founder & CEO of; Entrepreneur

ID 106805

Justin Sanger

Founder @locallaunch, @supportlocal • Studied at @depaul-university

ID 668946

Rok Kopp

VP Sales @top-hat-monocle-1 • Sales Manager at @groupon • Studied at @university-of-notre-dame

ID 233949

Mark Dameron

C-Level in 6 start-ups including CMO @equitylock, EVP - Saudi Home Loans in Saudi Arabia, President - H&R Block Mortgage, Six Sigma Certified Green Belt - GE

ID 57268

Jon Rossi

CEO of My Dealer Service, Dealership background, StartupWeekend Organizer/Facilitator, Social Connector, Community Builder.

ID 787888

Jay Swoboda

Became CEO of Dabble (July 2014), Founded Mission to Zero (2013), Founded EcoUrban (2006), Founded Bootstraps Design (2003), Founded Whats Up Magazine (2002)

ID 80440

David Asseoff

Co-Founder/CEO:@plink Founder/CEO-Adperio: Inc. 5000 Co. last 5 years. Manage top brands in gaming and performance channel.50 emp, nearly $50mm in 2011 revenue

ID 45493

Bill DAlessandro


Founder @elements-brands, a portfolio of 4 CPG brands. Focused on growing consumer products brands, particularly via e-commerce.

ID 15262

John Keane


Invest in early stage cleantech companies (King Hill Capital). Former executive at @keane, Inc. Founded @arcstream-solutions.

ID 8270

Jason McGowin

Brand/Consumer Product Launcher. Led several brands from conception to national distribution. @stanford-university MBA, @intuit, Horizon Organic, Silk.

ID 298162

Alex Gorelik

Social impact entrepreneur • Founder • @founders-space alum • Founder @rcr8 • Former VP @digital-first-media and startup veteran @iggli @kenan-systems

ID 14662

Jason Seiden

Co-founder & CEO of @brand-amper, a social media training company with a scalable, 1:1 training model. Background in both training & web technologies.

ID 307349

Jim Mansfield


Founder\CEO of two companies well connected globally and proven innovator

ID 35805

Sharif Youssef

Founder/CEO of @igivefirst. Lead multi-million dollar tech solutions from ideation to @launch for @ibm, FDC, @experian & @acxiom. Founder Institute Grad.

ID 132357

Chris McConnell

Founder and Editor at, a site that curates cool and useful tech including startups, gadgets, services and more.

ID 134099

Frank Traylor

Tech/turnaround CEO - Lifeloc,VisionTEK, govAscend. Cloud, mobile, SaaS, government expertise. Cornell EE, Denver MBA

ID 151130

Peter Edwards

Co-Founder of Successful Venture Capital Firm + Business Attorney

ID 67594

Jonathan Bell

ID 267403

Jaxon Repp

Streaming media expert, skillset ranges from senior developer to CEO, sales, and building it if I have to.

ID 89479

Morgan Davies

Head of Strategy and Business Development at Mashape. Founded @equityloop-com (sold in 2003) and @gamedaypoker-com. MBA @regis-university - 2009.

ID 35793

Dan Daugherty


Advisor to @card-gnome.

ID 649362

Lauren Heineck

Community @feastly • Champion @university-of-california-los-angeles • Worked Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia @iac • Interned @nbc • Volunteered WWOOF

ID 116872

Oleg Rutman

Founder and CEO of @total-health-card-1, Inc

ID 294954

Bryan Kimbell

CMO at Brandfolder, Techstars '13 Alum, strong strategic branding and marketing experience, business developer, U of Denver Masters in Sports Management & VBL.

ID 434408

Joshua Mollohan

Founder @my-fitoption-inc • Worked at @bally-total-fitness, @lifetime-fitness • Studied at @calvary-bible-college-theological-seminary

ID 69122

aaron hendrick

Founder and CEO of @flowh. Past: Senior/Lead dev at events company, lead dev/art director at media company, and dev at 2 other startups. Studied CS and Design.

ID 93397

Peter Vogel

Co-founder at @plink (@facebook Credits loyalty program), 12 years + executive level experience in online sales and marketing. Past Co-founder of @memolink-com.

ID 331674

Lizelle van Vuuren

Entrepreneur, innovator, full-stack & growth marketer who loves to launch ideas and grow startups. Founder/ CEO of @effectivelyco @WomenWhoStartup @StartupPlusD

ID 196976

Chase Courington

Web developer. Techstars Boulder 2013 Hackstar. Formerly TurboTax Health (Intuit). Formerly founding memeber, UI/UX Development for Slinggit.

ID 261161

Bill Vesce

Master's in Brand Strategy, Cum Laude. Internet and Healthcare Technology sales

ID 210527

Jerrod Bailey


Grew telecom/software start-up Virtela to $80M. Sold to NTT in 2013 for $520M. Business Development operator by trade, now leading the practice at Tallwave, a Commercializor for digital ventures. Launched Tallwave LLC "Commercializor" in 2009. Launch

ID 442589

Mike Stone

Founder Root & Field • Worked at @club-w, strong web and graphic design background.

ID 209485

Robert Auston

Experiences are the most important things in life • Founder @outdoors-io • @accenture, @exclusive-resorts, @vail-resorts • @university-of-michigan • Run & Bike

ID 78270

Daniel Garcia

Founder at

ID 98643

Daniel Glauser

Software architect/developer specializing in Machine Learning, big data and modern languages like Clojure. I make great ideas work.

ID 83479

Shahir Ahmed

10 years innovation and direct sales in telecom technologies with a focus on user experience and mobile.

ID 776392

Kerry Gallagher

ID 241556

Christian B.

Founder @briefcase • Worked at @tubemogul, @adknowledge, @lightbridge-inc-2 @electronic-arts  @pandora Avid poker player & loving Dad

ID 617199

Nicholas Krut

I'm a software engineer, innovator and entrepreneur. I love creating new things and finding new and creative ways to solve the world's problems.

ID 643695

Steven Baker

Luckiest dude ever, CEO @ Brandfolder and burrito purist. My mission in life is to create the source of truth for all Digital Brand Assets. Come with me.

ID 140385

Andrew MErinoff


ID 71084

Brian Rosner

Chief Architect at @eldarion. Built and maintain Gondor, a Django hosting platform. Django and Pinax core developer.

ID 674185

Rob Cross


Business development at Trulia and eBay.

ID 275756

Emily Motayed

Co-founder of @havenly. Business and ops background: worked at @american-express, @huron-consulting-group. MBA: @wharton-school, Undergrad: @vanderbilt-university

ID 139633

Bryant Hayward


(North West Quadrant- Ventures)

ID 124250

Marcus J Mollmann

Founder @capdominus. Delivered 135% IRR + 4x multiple as CRE Investor. Private equity @Archstone @transwestern. I-Banking Merrill Lynch. Served in White House

ID 493073

Sawyer Waugh

UPenn CS & Engineering Entrepreneurship

ID 168474

Thor Culverhouse


Founder @willbehired • Worked at @ibm, @hp • Studied at @university-of-portland, @washington-state-university

ID 8912

Ryan Sullivan

Founder of Teegwen. @microsoft Program Manager and Developer.

ID 85804

Adam Rentschler

Co-founder and CEO at Valid Evaluation

ID 163060

Anthony V. Montoya

Entrepreneur, builder of businesses and master networker

ID 127003

Scott Miller

Co-Founder at Coefficient. Former VP of Monetization @ Grooveshark

ID 283641

Kuba Kostecki

Enterprise Tech. Founder @globeshifts @compassionatefare others. Studied at @fordham-university & @warsaw-school-of-economics @built-in-colorado-2 @denver

ID 447409

Brandon Dumler


Angel investor in technology and healthcare related startups (SoLuminaire Daylighting Systems, TetheRx, Curvebeam, GioGate, MoNimbus)

ID 364481

Jeremy Dowdall

Builder of things; connector of things. I like to cut metal, but mostly I write software... mostly. Still working on my reverse penhold backhand.

ID 547575

Alex Shortle

Founder @mountain-west-capital-partners • Worked at @cheddar-up, @periculum-capital-company • Studied at @kelley-school-of-business-indiana-university

ID 118429

Judah Musick

Founder @user10 • Studied at @university-of-hawaii-manoa, @saint-louis-university

ID 381108

Austin Riendeau

Software Engineer

ID 60641

Ashley E. Kingsley

Digital Marketing Director at Closely, Inc. Launched Daily Deals for Moms 2010-2012 (Sold) Marketing/Social Media Consultant 2005-2010

ID 154876

Christian Dwyer

ID 167084

Trygve Jensen

CEO/Founder @engodo - First business at 13 years old - Former options day trader turned Adtech CEO - "Ask all from yourself"

ID 44695

Devin Powell

UI/UX Developer, Founder @fandio, IUB SoIC Graduate

ID 173067

Dan Burcaw


Founder @PushIO • Founder @DoubleEncore • Worked at @apple • Studied at @CU

ID 5729

Keith Pieper

Profitably managed ad agency team of 19 for Microsoft; started industry first trading desk Cadreon; patented software algorithm inventor.

ID 107377

Levi Cook

Founder, CTO at @supportlocal.

ID 361578

Lee Gallagher

CEO Arts & Analytics • Worked @ibm Author Precision Marketing Driving Revenue Through Relevance -Motto," In god we trust, everyone else brings data" - edwards.

ID 271433

Johnny Sengelmann

Founder and managing partner of Graduate of Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.

ID 77796

Josh Jacobson

Co-Founder & CEO @viktorian-guitars Director @3d-printing-channel-1 Board Member @Associationof3DPrinting

ID 596774

Mike Hansen

Designer - I help companies and startups design user experiences for web and mobile. Notable companies include @tesla-motors @nike @coca-cola @apple & Indiegogo

ID 134489

Matt Filios

President of @NetResults. 8 start-ups, 4 as Founder or co-Founder, and 6 as President or CEO. 3 exits.

ID 752439

Jon Vrabel


Founder Vergence Technologies • Worked at @palantir-technologies, @rackspace, @redowl-analytics

ID 109371

Adam Hevenor

Founder Impact Driven • Worked at @causelabs-1, @markit, @crispin-porter-bogusky • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 107378

Cory LaNou

Instructor at @gschool, Former CIO of @supportlocal. Former CIO of @locallaunch - sold to RH Donnelley in 2006. @google best product award. 200,000 units sold.

ID 66947

Rob Levy

President & Board Member @pat-s-backcountry-beverages. Former private equity and consulting professional. MBA from Tuck (@dartmouth-college), AB from Harvard.

ID 869075

Eric Faller


Engineer @ Facebook

ID 472639

Sarah Uhran

ID 221894

Joel Hilliard

Founder Kakoona • Worked at @humanoid-wakeboards-inc • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 109410

Azin Mehrnoosh

I founded @causelabs-1 out of college, which is now a leading innovation agency for social good. I'm not working on emerging technologies in the aid sector.

ID 122393

Scott Crane

Marketing, branding and partnerships guy with long track record in music, events, partnerships and biz dev. Turning ADD into a business model for 20+years.

ID 433369

Alex McClary

Technology @outdoors-io • Former @vail-resorts • @colorado-state-university-1

ID 61400

Jason August

@bindo mentor, Previous founding Build-A-Bear employee and @gourmet-real-estate CEO-new construction sales/marketing. Comp Sci degree from +

ID 64312

gary clark


Author, composer and startup mentor for disruptive technology.

ID 466956

Andrew (Drew) Thompson

National Account Manager at Education Funding Partners. Founder of Roam Marketing Agency. Strong in marketing/analytics/operations. University of Denver MBA.

ID 564595

Jim Gunderson

Founder Gamma 2 Robotics • Ph.D. Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence

ID 117585

Jordan Perr

EE/CS Student. Currently working on 1st funded startup. Speak all programming languages fluently.

ID 108407

Phil Maher


ID 420798

Angie O'Keefe

Worked at @madison-square-garden, @fuse-tv @first-capital-business-development • Studied at @yale-university

ID 61952

Su Hawk

Past Pres. of Colo Technology Assoc (formerly CSIA). Represented > 5,500 hardware/software/IT companies; 8,000 technologists.

ID 116401

Chris Oltyan

Started and sold 5 companies. Shipped 24 products in the entertainment space with a focus on video games. @carnegie-mellon-university Grad with Enterprise Award for Entrepreneurship.

ID 379333

James Cavalier

Sales guru with 5+ years of sales experience into major brands and agencies worldwide.

ID 3623

Justin Smestad

ID 710777

Temitope Abereoje

ID 510798

Daniel Nevius

Co-Founder of Pushtribe • Worked at @boston-consulting-group, White House OMB, @harvard-university University • Studied at @harvard-university, @university-of-cambridge

ID 150208

Tim Arey

CEO and Founder at @iguidepro. Emphasis on developing compelling technology solutions. Over 20 yrs experience in tech consulting, development and sales.

ID 89726

Pashmina Lalchandani

Founder @flow-simple,10 year Adwords veteran, studied @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 447714

Erik Wolf

Founder of ORBTR, marketing automation for WordPress, author of 2 books, small business marketing expert.

ID 84438

Stewart Neff


ID 170699

Lance Ennen

ID 59909

Ryan Finsrud Howell

Attorney at RUBICON Law. Represent entrepreneurs, angels, & venture firms. Previously GC for a venture firm and several venture-backed startups. JD/MBA.

ID 205739

Nicholas Ripple

Engineer turned entrepreneur. Founder and creator of Jason's House • Empowering Home Buyers. Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 130364

Benjamin Blackmer

Non-Technical @kontextual. Co-Founder @are-you-a-human. Michigan Ross MBA. NYU 3x Major: Jazz Piano, Econ, French. Amateur Bourbon Drinker.

ID 68622

Timothy Nats

Team member of ExpertBeacon.

ID 449041

Eric Bochner

General Counsel and Business Development; Michigan Physics and Law; Experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneur with strong start-up experience.

ID 16078

Chris Franks

An ironman running, fly fishing, snowboarding, indie music loving, political pontificating serial entrepreneur. Carter & Sam's Dad. The red head's husband.

ID 166926

Doug Henston

ID 11353

Manny Ladis


ID 665223

Taryn Westberg


Founder Glo ( Background in business & marketing strategy. Ex-Disney & Prophet. MIT & London Business School

ID 214428

Chris Hoffner

Founder Homeline • Worked at @United States Olympic Committee, @img • Studied at @quincy

ID 684684

Brian Shaffer

Founder @secure-speak • @itrain-snowsports • Front end developer • Studied at @clarkson-university

ID 462029

JB Holston

ID 26119

Kevin Survance

CEO at Eleos, CTO of Technology Development, @american-express. Massive-scale systems, top-grade recruiting, and product strategy.

ID 29019

Matt Reisman

Advisor @chui-intelligent-doorbell • Founder @rachio • Studied at @CU • connected devices, cleantech, consumer products

ID 595254

Jordan Stone

Chief Software Architect @notion. Former Mobile Software Architect @deloitte. Former iOS Developer @ibm. Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology.

ID 114625

Peter Shepard

Managing Director at Athena Business Solutions

ID 106636

Michael L Simpson

CEO, @pairin, Inc.: Intrapreneur at @novell - Mktg and Strategy for emerging markets. CMO at SalesLogix (sold to Sage). Certified Int'l executive coach/adviser.

ID 259305

Michele Noonan Ross

Founder @greenstone-labs. Cannabinoid Health Pioneer & PhD Neuroscientist.

ID 512170

Qn. Everlena Brown

Media Mogul behind #QEBLLC @QEBVLogTV #PublishingQEB #QEBStudios & #QEBFoundation. NEWS TIPS #4045329232

ID 60957

Jeff Schell

Founder, @michigan-rural-healthcare-preservation & PURPLE Book Healthcare Attorney, IL & MI Northwestern: MA Medical Informatics, BS Engineering/Economics

ID 143742

Jim Gray

Marketing Manager at Eternal Ventures. Owner at Threethirtypm. Married to Sharon. Father of 3.

ID 70288

David Odom


Investor @arsenal-venture-partners. Focus on IT, Mobile, Cleantech, Security.

ID 481278

Kelsey Trabue

UX/UI Designer

ID 47622

Eric Johnson

Co-Founder/Pres @monubuy. 3rd software startup, my shot at running. Strong business/sales background, tech aptitude (Alps MR HD group) Memorial exp Matthews

ID 52646

Meg Hanceford Meyer

Prez/Co-Founder of @CoolTreats4Dogs. Former RealityTV Producer. Go-Getter. MA New Media, @emerson-college College

ID 851101

Steve Kilberg Online Reputation Marketing Specialist

Accomplished in Online Strategic Planning, Generating New Business. Extensive experience in Online Reputation Marketing, Media Buying, SEO.

ID 92810

Marty Koenig

Founder CxO To Go • Strong hypergrowth, strategy, marketing, ops, finance • Masters in Management + Eng Degree. Worked @sun, @AT&T • Studied at @antioch Univ.

ID 66097

Kevin Fredrick

ID 336916

Darrell Brogdon

Entrepreneurial software engineer, web and mobile developer, helped build and Second Life.

ID 48786

Alex Vintu

Co-Founder & Dir of Marketing and Business Dev at @grabio | Strong business and consulting background (Ernst&Young, Deloitte).

ID 142761

Jens Nikolaus

I design digital products and services. Co-founder of @you-the-gang. Formerly at, Edenspiekermann, Amen and more. Started up.front

ID 373553

Mark Eagle


Experienced Software Entrepreneur/Executive who has helped grow enterprise and B-C SaaS companies. Founder Courtney Eagle Asscociates, merged into Mini-Pak (Inc 20 company), grew to $160M (via organic growth and M and A activity) twice being NYSE traded

ID 667602

Ryan Krug

Ryan is a cofounder of the CO based Test Prep Company mindfish prep. Ryan has a BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford U and a MBA from the U of CO.

ID 286797

Brian Claridge

Dad. Husband. Gamer. Coder.

ID 144219

Dave Shull

Worked at @echostar, @dish-network • Studied at @harvard-university, @oxford-university

ID 69667

Will Elmore

VP of Strategy at @dealpepper. Part of 8 member team acquired at @sendori by IAC. @google Sales & Operations 4+ years. Owner of online photography biz @aitcheye-com

ID 719225

Emily King

Early hire @LivingSocial--led home, retail, and content teams. Worked @national Geographic. Just back from a big trip ( and looking for work!

ID 6985

Benton Barney

Created VAR, integration & Group Sales SBU at Epocrates. Led VAR, content/web licensing and decision support tool partnerships for Thomson Healthcare.

ID 197235

Isaac Sandoval

Strategic Account Manager for Livingsocial, Founder Institute Graduate, Business Development Director experience.

ID 262760

John J. Stein

John J. Stein Startup Marketing Executive [email protected] 720-213-6693

ID 564497

Michael Ficco

Consulting, enterprise, and startup biz dev/sales. Worked at Booz Allen, Lombardi/IBM, Standing Cloud, and Appirio. Studied at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins.

ID 564590

Rachel Cope

Web and mobile UI designer. Passionate about good user experience, behavioral psychology & simple/intuitive design.

ID 287844

Jon Lind

Generalist with passion for mobile and web; have top-to-bottom built high volume customer-facing sites and infrastructure for several startups.

ID 268501

Ryan Whittle


Entrepreneur, Sales, Investor, Hustle

ID 305892

Naveen Valeti


Founded and managing VRN JOBS LLC, a technology & management consulting firm based in Portland Oregon. I bring around 9 years of tech & mgmt consulting experience.

ID 151494

Derek Underwood

Carnegie Mellon Engineering undergrad and MBA. Business management generalist with a bent toward strategy and development.

ID 34159

Rahul Raswant

Passport Capital hedge fund; 10 years at McKinsey; Columbia MBA

ID 182338

Camille Fetter

ID 387162

Alexandra MacLean

Collaborative business surgeon who understands strategic needs and how to achieve these

ID 195189

Terry Tomsick

A Judge in various municipal courts in Colorado, as well as a part-time Denver County Court Magistrate, Terry Tomsick also maintains a practice as an attorney.

ID 220973

Bruce R. Huebner

Bruce R. Huebner has 29 years of experience in the personal, client server and Internet/Cloud computing environments. He spent 5 years in the Boston area working in the fledgling PC industry prior to joining Microsoft in 1987. He enjoyed 13 years at Mic

ID 70516

Venkat Devraj

CEO at SelectHub. Previously, co-founder of Stratavia (acquired by Hewlett-Packard) and CEO at ExtraQuest. Author, Speaker, 2 patents in IT Automation.

ID 113862

Mackey Saturday

Independent multidisciplinary designer with a penchant for brand strategy, identity development, logo design, and typography.

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 463843

Kalvin Brann

Exploring new business models, launched 2 products from concept to market.

ID 641062

Jessie Dixon


COO @havenly. Formerly,, Studied @Kellogg MBA, @university of Colorado, Boulder.

ID 283642


Mr. Dudek is the founder and executive officer of numerous domestic US and International companies. His C-level positions include executive management, operations, finance, corporate re-engineering, marketing and technology.

ID 173907

Kyle Sleeper

Project manager at Milsal McCaull | Winner AT&T and GM Connected Car Hackathon | Former producer TEDxSF

ID 69969

Cid Dennis

Team member of @dealpepper.

ID 504738

Chris Chastain

Founder @mentorpal • Worked at @lockheed-martin, @fountainhead-capital-management-llc • Studied at @stanford-university, @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 472680

John Floyd

Senior Level Digital Creative. UX/UI/IA Designer with Fortune 100 global eCom experience.

ID 609604

Gregg Nelson, MBA

Track record of leadership, with excellent results in improving overall performance, driving revenue, and creating profitable growth.

ID 467319

Jerrod Bunce

CEO of btcQuick - Developer & Bitcoin enthusiast

ID 436582

Nathan Gustafson

Business Development- currently working for Basho Technologies, makers of Riak, open-source NoSQL distributed database.

ID 269530

Matt Filippini

Business Development, sales, marketing, project management, creative management, start-up experience

ID 673073

Kathryn Murray

Business strategy, marketing and product executive with strong tech and CPG background. Columbia Business School MBA

ID 381647

Paul McClain

Temple Business, product management/sales professional, extensive Asian factory experience.

ID 274966

Emiliano Bara

Sr.Director of Business Development – 24tru 24tru, Director of Enterprise Sales, Director of Business Development – Qualvu - DIY Campaign Qualvu, Inside Sales Representative (ISR) Qualvu, Director of Business Development First Data, Director of Business D

ID 261721

Matt Wheeler

Founder @sportsrecruits. Studied at @wesleyan-university. Ride a @vespa

ID 542467

John Meyung


See linkedin

ID 87201

Evan Walden

Founder @rework-jobs. Studied at @university-of-vermont. Background in Sales at Dow Chemical.

ID 69218

Greg Hertzke

Minimalist mentality with an obsession for the startup life, baseball, random adventures & working on big problems. Always learning how to create a better way.

ID 121336

Christopher (Chris) Meyers

Co-Founder/SVP, BusDev/Marketing at Meetrix

ID 82685

Brian Wilkerson

Accountant. Utilize GAAP for weekly financial reporting and cash transactions. Utilize and verify accruals, A/P, A/R . Complete financial analysis.

ID 169239

Bob Naegele


ID 46850

Marc Blakely

VP Sales for ACT Aerospace, designer and builder of advanced composite structures. Veteran of several venture-backed startups. MBA @booth-school-of-business '03

ID 106988

Eric Quick

Founder & CEO Froovie Organics. Foodservice Veteran focused on changing the food supply. Fortune 50 & Startup Leadership Experience

ID 618041

Nick Weidner

Seasoned mobile industry leader with 15+ years of experience; Master of product development and creating high performing product organizations

ID 300469

Kevin Gibson

ID 279249

Stephanie Andelman

Emerging technology and nonprofit professional specializing in online, retail, grassroots, events, fundraising, and partnership marketing. Strategic Marketing Consultant with product marketing, branding, and costumer acquisition expertise. Digital music (

ID 416158

Greg Max

Multi-talented communications professional, able to fulfill multiple roles. Extensive experience growing startups and building scalable corporate strucure

ID 819361

Kyle Sundman

Systems level entrepreneur dedicated to helping make Solar the plurality of energy.

ID 194276

Otto Schmitz

Worked at @aol, @mapquest, @Examiner • Studied at @university-of-northern-iowa

ID 225087

Michael Kurdziel

ID 316066

David Samuels

ID 609164

Vlod Kalicun

"Do, or do not. There is no try"... Yoda

ID 136946

Jason Bills

Founder & CMO @tract, • Account Director at @mood-media, Founder & CEO @together-poductions • Studied at @colorado-school-of-mines, @art-institute-of-colorado

ID 675607

Sharmini Berwick

Marketing leader with strong blue chip business background and the soul of a growth hacker. MBA

ID 850328

Jeffrey Thomas

Innovative dealmaker and digital marketer. Strong believer in an entrepreneurial approach, regardless of industry and company size. Patent-holder.

ID 487697

Michael McCarthy

Started career working on the outside as a strategy consultant and then went “client-side” and gained a rich experience base

ID 250543

Antonio Perrone

Worked at @c9-inc, @oracle-corporation, @phase-forward • Studied at @bentley-university

ID 70788

Steve Mahoney


Managing Director - Technology - $10 M+ recurring service revenue - Founder - Global Sourcing (India) - CTO for investment incubator - @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 97597

Dave Hecker

Pres. Sagewing LLC. Experienced tech lead, focused on agile/rapid development for startups.

ID 497792

Brad Maglinger

Hello, Internet

ID 219623

Eric Redden

Founder umYum • Worked at @bnp-paribas • Studied at @depaul-university, CFA Charter 2010

ID 449123

Sam Stonberg

Founder of CrowdBrief • ex-iBanker • MBA in Finance + Int'l Management • Masters in Law + Diplomacy • Strong business and int'l affairs background

ID 160093

Ben Washburn

Works at @freebeecards • Studied at @iowa-state-university. Investor Relations & Business Development for company. Sell shares of stock through private placement capital.

ID 70186


Strategist. Writer. Problem-solver for startups, digital agencies, Fortune 500 brands. Currently looking for new opportunities.

ID 460244

Zev Jankovic

CEO at Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc. (OTC: IGPK), Founder of Skywalker Accelerator (acquired by IGPK in 2014), studied @university of Texas at Dallas #CPA

ID 118967

Alex Kehr

Marketing & Growth Hacker. I currently work at @name-com-1.

ID 188636

Andrew Z Allen

Sick and tired of building simple CRUD apps that claim to be the next big thing. TechStars Boulder 2011 alum.

ID 595739

Laura Walker Chung

High-energy strategy guru and analytical geek. Idea generator, problem-solver, and persuasive, credible communicator to execs, investors, and customers.

ID 305988

Jonathan Boho

Founder RCR8; UX director at Digital First Media. Expertise in UX design, front-end development, usability testing and graphic design.

ID 697952

Keith Whittier

A graduate of Babson's Entrepreneurial program; Able to gauge business opportunities within organizations; Thrive at developing relationships; a proven closer.

ID 105340

John Stark


ID 279456

Michael Brooks

Founder CMG Assist disaster recovery services co., Creative New Business Development specialist in technology from video compression & corp software to printing

ID 173128

Tim Harvey

Looking for a full time career in engineering management in the Denver/Boulder area. Master's of Engineering Management, BS Neuroscience, Fortune 500 Consultant

ID 602472

Kian Rafia

Financial Services executive, oversee $31BN in advisory assets. Launched 4 advisory programs

ID 210397

Joshua Ross

Founder & VP Business Development Addaero. Founder up2speed computer solutions (succesful sale 2011) MBA/IT & Adjunct profressor University of Denver

ID 113000

Hal Berenson

ID 237355

Robyn Hansen

Based in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Orange Collar Media (OCM) is a certified Gold Magento Solution Partner. What does that mean? It means that OCM has a track record of exceeding expectations and meeting deadlines in its eCommerce and website development

ID 159223

Ann Marie Martin

CEO & Founder Iexpress.Me • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington, @columbia-college-chicago

ID 380697

Lauren Monitz

Online Marketing & Ebiz Strategery

ID 526808

David A. Chapa

Worked at @netapp, @unisys-corp • Studied at @illinois-college

ID 45478

Julie Herzog


Managing Member, Schuchat, Herzog & Brenman, LLC

ID 153930

Dylan Fitzgerald

NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE - Builder; tinkerer; generalist, from electronics design up to web apps and everything in between. 10% of lifetime in rural West Africa.

ID 537401

Jace Lieberman

ID 391796

Darshan Puttannaiah

Founder & CEO @qwinix-technologies • Worked at @fresh-jets

ID 151070

Mark Ferguson

Founding engineer of @amplitude-software (with Tim Carlin). Founded and sold two tech-related businesses

ID 527371

Jim St.Marie

SVP Sales & Marketing at Pixorial. Broad experience in software, services and Cloud. Helped drive NetIQ from startup to 1000 person company and IPO.

ID 682977

Scott Trevathan

Marketing professional with a history of working on the cutting edge of digital marketing and optimization -, LowerMyBills - ead gen experience

ID 152130

Gerard Hurley

Business "Farmer" I help you grow

ID 44937

Guy Shalev

Founder, Agency Evolve. Partner, Influence Technologies. Consultant @ibm. Specialize in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

ID 200267

Victoria Cao

Growth, business development, product strategy. Studied @georgetown JD, @Dartmouth AB.

ID 184429

Megan Haines

Founder @karmies-deleted • Studied at @colorado-state-university

ID 446721

Tim Buttrill

Experienced Software Sales and Biz Dev, Trusted Denver Network, Virginia Tech Grad

ID 190392

Peter Mills

Founder @my-dealer-service • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-wilmington

ID 562312

Amanda Hogan

Worked at @sportsrecruits • Studied Business Marketing at @university-of-denver. Srong background in business development.

ID 536777

Nancy Alterman


I have been investing in startups since 2008. I love the entrepreneurial spirit and getting involved first hand.

ID 395374

Jason Schleweis

Founder @chooszing-2 • Worked at @exclusive-resorts • Studied at @central-michigan-university

ID 378240

Judy Murdoch

Wrote and self-published, Simply Irresistible: A clear step by step program for creating products people love so much, they want to buy more.

ID 143636

Dan Nagler

History of success driving customer acquisition for leading e-commerce brands, now building Motigo to delight endurance athletes and beyond.

ID 635309

Todd Branchflower

Asst Prof of Computer Engineering @united-states-air-force-academy. Studied @stanford-university. Embedded systems, web dev, computing generalist.

ID 131027

Josh Fotheringham

CEO and Co-Founder of Caring in Place, Executive and international P&L owner at Avaya (Fortune 500 company), and Apple software designer

ID 721725

Nick Taylor

Tech Guy. Traveler. Guide. I build things. I automate things.

ID 186761

Kelly Tidd

Freelance writer and social media manager for three years, specializing in blogging and SEO content optimization.

ID 225588

Zachary Marburger

Founder/CEO @topple-track & @cannabuild • Worked at @slingshot-seo, • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 380219

Bill Decker


Have started and run several firms. Looking to invest in Start ups

ID 352421

Tim Wahlers

Worked at @commonwealth-edison, @vidiom-systems • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 865979

Henry Springer

inspired by new ideas | motivated by growth. Recent college grad analyzing and strategizing with the growth team at sovrn holdings in Boulder,Co.  

ID 849721

Jack Yeh

Global Supply Chains; Strong Asia operations background (Groupon International, Chinese Post Office, Wal-mart Global Sourcing); Yale MEM 2009.

ID 506861

Andy Glockner

My Twitter header explains me pretty well: "Trusts math + eyeballs. Quant / writer / editor / strategist / operations."

ID 326085

Ryan B Smith

Founder of ConferenceEdge (technical founder) & eoMedia Group. Serial Entrepreneur with strong technical, strategic & startup background.

ID 44861

Jakub Antkiewicz

Founder @chicagohour, @denverhour (Networking and Happy Hours entreprenerurs) Along with @internsy for internships (@chicagointern @interndenver-internla)

ID 229856

Gregory Buford, MD FACS


ID 798397

Aaron Rutherford

Business Management and Analysis senior @MiamiUniversity. Driven by #disruption, #design, and building extraordinary companies with passionate entrepreneurs.

ID 212471

Benjamin Hedrick

medical sales, Sold lots, ready for new challenge and setting. Business background. Yet to be a CEO, but it will happen. Willing to relocate

ID 42567

Matt Ruocco

Full stack technology enthusiast

ID 70530

Todd Glassman

Managing Partner of @exelis-capital and serial entrepreneur

ID 84088

Marcos Rodriguez


ID 194258

Ryan Whitnah

Ruby on Rails Developer @pivotdesk • Technical co-founder @savorly

ID 244252

Ben Ogren

Works at @supportlocal • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 479720

Cade Madison

Technology Strategist for REAL Trends. Designer. Entrepreneur. Humorist. (All self-proclaimed)

ID 389241

Caroline Czirr

Successful crowdfunding campaign, Club W.

ID 200186

David D'Souza

ID 350368

Kristina Goetz

Program Manager with Proven Track Record of Success

ID 53901

Chris Morley

Co-founder and CEO of Biofeedz. Clinical psychologist and entrepreneur, biofeedback expert, and inventor of the HealthGlove.

ID 138067

Lindsey Jones

Art Director at @Seiter & Miller & @Laughlin Constable, BDW Graduate Student, Co-founder & CEO of

ID 127843

Jeff Flannery

Managing Partner Teldar Group

ID 495409

Tyler Newby

Sales and Marketing Director-Telecommunications, Expertise in International Marketing and Business Development, ESADE Business School MBA, Honors in marketing.

ID 267716

Michelle Warner

Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 521291

Frank Conry

Experienced Applications Developer with Business and Math Background.

ID 84489

Michael Niyompong

Experienced Technology Executive

ID 436045

Jason Shoemaker

Love creating awesome products. Created functional beverage company. Managed creation of iPhone to do list app. Experienced consultant @accenture and @ey.

ID 858675

Elise Mariner

Experienced healthcare strategist looking to help new companies develop successful products and services for successful adoption among healthcare providers

ID 103705

Adam Bialek

CTO - SurgeryLink, previously built technology team at iTriage - one of the world's most popular mobile medical apps.

ID 559686

Shayan Dhanani

Developer, Engineer, Travel Enthusiast.

ID 271554

Rory Krieger

Founder Savant Energy Works • Worked at @warner-bros • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 378055

Will Dearman

Leader of teams, explorer of data, and catalyst of change. Building the future of how we work for companies at Talent Standard.

ID 457772

Charlie Coglianese


Schoolrunner Founder and Chief Data Wizard. Ran technology for NYC hedge funds @hutchin-hill-capital and Element Capital. BS/MS in CS @yale-university.

ID 691851

Herman Gouri

MBA graduate from INSEAD (Class of July 2014). International experience in UAE, Singapore, France and USA. Natural leader with strong business acumen.

ID 394559

Robert Tarrall

DevOps Engineer, worked at SendGrid

ID 190630

Kenichiro Arai

Founder, CEO of LXSN & Garagehub. Strength in UI/UX designing. Studied at @sophia-university University. @university-of-washington-1 scholarship receiver.

ID 601428

Fletcher Avery

ID 482672

Trent Vanderstelt

Performance driven, entrepreneurial professional with 12+ years of continuous advancement and expertise in business operations, marketing, strategy and biz dev.

ID 203654

David Luhman


Undergrads and MBA from Colorado Univ. IRS Enrolled Agent. Experience in Japan and Silicon Valley. Now working with US-AU-CN-JP-EU (especially "mundane") SMBs.

ID 431228

Jon Maser

Founder Advlo • Worked at @handbooklive, @one-earth-designs • Studied at @university-of-virginia, @syracuse-university

ID 476257

Josh Wrede

Sales at Stack Overflow - Experienced in Capital Raising, Sales, Management and Business Development. Interested in Bitcoin, SaaS

ID 123845

Ian Edlind

Startup Product Manager, QA specialist, and User advocate; 8+ years experience in varied software technology company roles

ID 134510

Rory O'Rourke

Product, product, product. CEO and Co-founder of A Great! First Date

ID 364601

Bryce Christensen

Corp Dev/Strategy Associate; FinTech and Telecom background

ID 97123

Scott Jensen

Systems Architect and Business Development; behind-the-scenes wizard making it all work.

ID 253424

Peter Johnson

Founder of CEI d/b/a, the leading travel/tour/transportation technology provider serving the hypergrowth legal cannabis consumer market.

ID 370644

Mark Ward

Experienced international technology sales and marketing executive with a track record of success. Recent MBA graduate from Bauer College of Business (Houston).

ID 252472

Andy Vuong

Technology reporter at The Denver Post.

ID 547501

Mike Fitzgerald


Former COO/CTO and current board member of Adknowledge, performance marketing company

ID 558245

Eric Serota

Hard working, hungry, persistent and innovative professional with successful sales and marketing experience.

ID 115915

Matt Brown

Business Development Consultant

ID 315312

Daniel Kunnath

Founder @capdominus. 10 yrs building data connectedness, core data, and integration platforms for CRE, Fin Svcs, Gov't, Bioinformatics. Founder @GameAttain.

ID 45576

Neil Robertson

Love, Live, Lead - try to do all three. Social Media strategist. Found the next adventure: @Location3! (all opinions are my own.)

ID 671013

Roy McFarland

Full Stack Web Developer, Lawyer, Co-Founder @ Brightacre Law

ID 37394

Brendan Burke

Director of Business Development at @headwaters-mb, a middle market investment bank. Corporate Director at @copybar, a business process automation software firm.

ID 202410


Founder @zeal-international-ltd • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 441645

Nathan Bobbin

Experienced leader, business strategist, product manager. Software development background. Start-up experience. Multiple successful product launches.

ID 126154

Scott Galvin

ID 57900

Jeff Porter

Founded, @innpulse-net. Broad background in product strategy, development technology, finance in both large and small (startup) environments

ID 373965

Jacob Zax

Founder @edify-technologies  • I do user testing and handle all operational details as CEO. Started as a student @washington-university-in-saint-louis. 

ID 334755

Mark Slattery

Experienced Marketing Professional ; Founder @CrowdBrewed ; Studied at @UMich ; SEO/SEM/PPC proficiency ; Social Media Master

ID 86965

Matt Nathan

Guiding new ventures to meaningful innovation and sustainable social impact. Strategy, branding, cause integration. Yale MBA. Rockefeller Fellow at @harvard-university.

ID 813807

Jim Collins

ID 672840

Mark Van Der Maas

Serial startup Sales Representative with experience in Saas, Enterprise Social, and Mobile technologies.

ID 134609

Cheryl Hornbaker

25 years of software development; strong database as well as UI and middle tier

ID 783285

Adam Herman

Early employee @sony Pictures Digital, and @trulia (pre-Series C). Received MBA, worked at digital agencies, now sell ad technology for Centro.

ID 264669

Evan Kaverman

Wireless & Mobile Tech, IoT, BYOD, @accenture @tamaturra

ID 259547

Taylor Hubbard

Founder @ubtane. Studied at UT Austin. Petroleum Engineer.

ID 182367

Keenan Gates

Consultant. S-T Pres @Bulldog United; VP Prod Mkt & GM @Nagra; CEO @medioh. Worked @echostar and @AOL Time Warner

ID 181343

Dr. William Richheimer

Studied at @duke-university

ID 169444

Gregory Mault

Worked at @lifepics, @noritsu • Studied at @rochester-institute-of-technology

ID 712777

Matt Brady

ID 688612

Ken Kwan

ID 187662

Brian Davis

Co-Founder of Milq and Honey, @friendect, @bamboo-detroit, @furbr What's your 500yearplan

ID 804089

Sandra Chrust

Senior Marketing and Product Manager, MBA; 12+ years in healthcare, retail, and technology; tech savvy with coding experience; launched over 13 products

ID 131086

John May


Founder SalesAgility • Worked at @rally-software-nyse-raly, @agile Advantage which was sold to Rally Software in 2012• Studied @university-of-denver MBA

ID 796085

Matt Shanahan

Founder and CEO of SEC reporting startup, Focus on Customer Success and Sales Operations, University of Colorado, MBA

ID 409789

Brandon Schatz

Founder, Inc • Worked at @u-s-army • Studied at @missouri-state-university

ID 81034

Betsy Kimak

Webby Award Nom. Interactive Producer - Executive Digital Strategist - Creative Technologist. Associate Member, IADAS; Digital Chair, Art Directors Club Denver.

ID 160514

Aiko Cheslin

ID 89514

Jeromy Sonne

Sales at WorkMob. Strong background in sales. Writer. Builder.

ID 77558

Richard Price

Founder ClickBridge • Worked at @charles-schwab, @crispin-porter-bogusky • Studied at @california-state-university-east-bay, @academy-of-art-university

ID 812063

David Rodman

Licensed Attorney with specialties in Securities Law and Entertainment Law. Experience as outside general counsel for start up in Denver.

ID 862406

Leise Roberts

Contract Executive that accelerates time to break even

ID 451005

Nick Lepetsos

Founder Philanthropy Ventures dba EqualityCard™;23-year banking career; unapologetic free-market capitalist/entrepreneur; Boot-strapping ninja

ID 463943

Jonathan Schultz

Worked at @embrace-pet-insurance, @pnc-financial-services-group • Studied at @case-western-reserve-university, @colgate-university

ID 518426

Alon Waisman

Social Media and Customer Service Guy. Former Social Media Operations Manager at GoDaddy.

ID 63868

Laurie Marks

VP at @sic-systems (high tech start-up), non-profit business development, regional sales manager, international and US product manager, account manager

ID 591845

Christopher Harrington

Attorney / Advocate with non-profit and for-profit business experience; Mountaineer; Outdoor industry obsessed.

ID 488635

Emily Sayrs

Recent grad from CU Boulder; Aspiring Web Developer; Working for Grooveshark, and Serve.

ID 742274

Hart Williams

ID 201460

Josh Anderson

Worked at @google, @accenture • Studied at @colorado-state-university

ID 328419


Entrepreneur with coding and algorithm skills. Looking for funded start ups.

ID 635181

Joel Jacobson

Attorney with RUBICON Law. Practices business law - including formation, funding, and transactions. Enjoys solving problems for innovative companies.

ID 516864

Mark Cohen


Experience business executive looking for new opportunity with exciting startups. Worked for Dish Network and EchoStar Corporation.

ID 667722

Ryan Gill

Strong skills in creative strategic thinking, networking, negotiating, and sales. No one job description - do whatever needs to be done to get results.

ID 239727

James Hebert

Founder eff • Worked at @jacobs-engineering-group • Studied at @southeastern-louisiana-university

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/ on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 89226

JP Barela

Health actuary focusing on regulatory issues, wellness and diseases management, and technology

ID 90525

Rob Lund

I absolutely love programming. I enjoy Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and PHP. Wide range of experience. Startups to Enterprise.

ID 221454

Bob Kippola

Focused and driven sales professional with 20+ years of success. Skills include: Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Product Development with a specialization in hospitality technology and software sales. Top negotiation and closing skills with a p

ID 787058

Adam Hill

Pepperdine University Business Degree, Experience leading 270 person team, highly motivated and experience working in a collaborative team.

ID 849619

Lindsye Law

Colorado University: BA in English/Creative Writing and Film Studies; Five years copy writing, editing, and marketing experience; published in print and online

ID 488743

Alexander Harlan

University if Michigan freshman, looking for startup experience, willing to learn

ID 540721

Alyssa Marks

ID 464263

Greg Koeka

Worked at @visionlink, @isupportu • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder • Financial background with a passion for technology entrepreneurship

ID 237772

Eric Owen

Significant experience in strategy development and execution, strategic partner management, product development and management, M&A, and turn-arounds. .

ID 343210

Paul Konkel

20 years leading tech, data, and process initiatives at start-up to global scale: CIO-ServiceSource and ESM Solutions, Director-Experian, Founder-Truelogic

ID 805958

Chris Martin

ID 668048

Liz Missing

University of Michigan Grad, grassroots campaign experience, strong customer service background

ID 721488

Ian Douglas

Sr Web Architect/Engineer at SendGrid, API developer, scalability architect, startup mentor. Python/GoLang are my favorites. Ruby hacker. Google fanboy.

ID 501103

Matthew Bowers

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, MBA with concentration in Finance, multiple years of sales and sales management in energy field.

ID 594854

Katie Leimkuehler

ID 119027

Matt Holmes

Chief Executive Manager at Holmes Real Estate Group

ID 55091

Christopher Robbins

Mechanical Engineer at FeyeCon USA, Inc.

ID 227845

Jacob McDonald

Sports media and background in producing/marketing radio. Technical producer at LFM (104.3 the Fan), strong computer/social media skills. Obsessed with social media development/strategy/marketing. Nutrition expert as Independent Distributor for Shaklee.

ID 297353

Jamie Butcher

Senior Sales/Business Development Talent and Team Leader

ID 571002

Sam Goldsmith

Denver transplant. Tech Recruiter. Studied at @university-of-michigan.

ID 381213

Zain Master

Founder PetPaws • Worked at @envysion, @motorola-mobility-inc • Studied at @purdue-university, @university-of-houston

ID 339515

Tyler Elick

Co-Founder @spreadsheets-1, @gami-st, @dactylcam

ID 645008

Kelly Peterson

Co-founder O.T.T. Communications Inc. • Studied at @saint-louis-university, @iowa-state-university

ID 462874

Charlie Hulcher

Hackathon Hacker, Web Development, UMD Electrical Eng. Undergrad

ID 395062

Craig Jacobs

Finance and Product Management Positions with Qwest, Visual Electronics, Johnson Controls, CIBER and Reliance Globalcom. Able to grow business lines in phases of product positioning. MBA Carlson School of Management.

ID 515215

Janna Miller

Studied at @university-of-colorado-denver

ID 419077

Odell Isaac

Founder @stellar-air, @caduceux • Worked at @quovadx, @western-aviators • Studied at @saint-louis-university, @missouri-state-university

ID 760511

Katie Bessert

MBA in Global, Social and Sustainable Enterprise with a focus on impact investing and international development.

ID 186313

Steve Kurtz

Founder and CEO of egoBoom • Strong business and tech background • VP @foodservicewarehouse. • UI Lead @ebags, • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 265461

Michael Bodell

Founder Overseame • Studied at @university-of-california-davis, @santa-monica-college Guerilla Marketing expert, Design and Sales Pro

ID 528617

Hallie Knight Hughes

Recent graduate of International Economics. Interned with the United Nations. Global Micro finance and entrepreneurship projects. English teacher and newspaper writer in Turkey, Germany and China.

ID 863396

Rachel Ostwald

Recent MBA from Colorado State University (Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise), Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Ecuador) and UCSB Alum

ID 568076

Doug Brackman

Former investment banker with capital raising and merger & acquisition experience. Now focused on entrepreneurship.

ID 154984

Jason August

ID 130593

Bryan Hackett

ID 801734

Erich Hugunin

An experienced, driven sales leader; passionate about developing and maintaining profitable customer relationships.

ID 438628

Felix Kishinevsky

Founder @healthfundit. Working in healthcare delivery: HIT, Population Health, & Strategic Development. Research background in behavioral neuroscience.

ID 18405

Blake Adams

Founder @onewall • Undergrad at @university-of-kansas, Masters at @university-of-denver, Strong business background, Jayhawks

ID 656256

Alexander Iliev

ID 33145

Bob Main

Accomplished in Operations and Business Development, Finance and Social Media. Industries include manufacturing, financial, consumer goods.

ID 535154

Weston Victor

Studied Sports Management, Economics at @georgetown-university, @texas-tech-university

ID 773073

Joe Brennan

President of Smiles for the People, social entrepreneur, Georgetown grad

ID 482767

Emily Gold

Student @ Startup Institute Boston | Full-Stack Customer Experience Designer + Evangelist

ID 713840

Ian Weir

Ecommerce strategy director

ID 176517

Nolan Houston

Founder and Business Developer at Mobius Creations. Worked at Zayo Broadband and Kiewit Building Group.

ID 193181

Dave Morin

Co-Founded Cielo MedSolutions. Founded Mountain Pass Solutions, and Care Technology Advisors.

ID 881113

Dennis Taibl

Proven Operations, sales, marketing and business development executive

ID 130067

Joe Chierotti


Joseph Chierotti is Colorado businessman w/ professional experience in business management, operations, online advertising and marketing.

ID 744100

Steven Z Fanara

ID 369927

Mike Reding

Attorney and Real Estate Broker who is highly motivated and thrives in client relations and strategy development

ID 611216

Rose Do

Cardiologist, primary investigator of large clinical trials. Decade of clinical experience. Telehealth developer, bringing technology to the bedside and beyond.

ID 169852

Brian Temple

Building apps people love.

ID 527445

Tim Bird

Co-Founder, CEO @bottles-waiting

ID 679521

Michelle Grinnell

Co-Founder, President @Bottles Waiting

ID 562526

Hunter Meyer

Software Engineer, Co-Founder @jr-devjobs

ID 90847

Anthony Cozzi

I have over 10 years of experience in the creative field with most of my time spent in Interactive Design, Art Direction and Illustration.

ID 773117

Ali Mack

ID 483011

Cyndi Naumann

Software QA Engineer for 18 years, including Startup companies from their inception, web applications, mobile apps, medical software, medical devices

ID 677507

Matt Sandler

Attorney with civil and criminal experience and business background looking for exciting opportunities.

ID 219292

Jon Shapiro

Founder @bizantu, @ideas-by-nature @creative-instructional-designs Worked @competesoft

ID 203310

Gary Carlson

Chief Technology Officer, founder MemPro Materials, expert in nanofiber production, advanced material developer, successful start-up business experience.

ID 494462

Trevor McGraw

Experienced expert in customer retention and direct marketing with the capability to develop and lead a high performing organization.

ID 194668

Roman Gavrilov

Software developer specializing in developing and delivering solutions based on Microsoft technological stack for both large enterprises and small businesses.

ID 724159

Brad Revare

ID 647977

Kristopher Craw

Co-founder @backersphere. Finance and legal geek. Startup and investing nerd.

ID 565765

Brian Gregory

Experienced sales executive and startup founder. Scrappy, roll up your sleeves hustler. Proven tech/sales background. Thrive in a risk/reward stratup

ID 747636

Mike Barinek

VP Eng, Pivotal Labs Boulder, Denver, Chicago. System Architect, Gnip. Success building great teams and products.

ID 158983

Janis Kupferer

Founder SocialJane • MBA - University of Florida. 20+ yrs Marketing at MCI, @bellsouth, @level-3 • Founded first women's friendship networking site.

ID 573717

Jared Kleinstein

Founder @tebowing • Work at @streeteasy • Studied at @washington-university-in-saint-louis

ID 359164

Marty Major

Sales Executive

ID 681047

Emily Carlson

CU Boulder graduate

ID 449904

Garrett Yeates

Strategic thinking social chameleon, unapologetic nerd, reformed engineer, and big city addict self-medicating with travel, politics, and general frivolity.

ID 646840

Alexander Vogenthaler


Google product manager.

ID 494130

Elysia Niemi

Senior Account Manager at CoolerPlanet.

ID 324295

Sean Baxter

Passionate about making experiences logical, efficient, and engaging.

ID 880829

Katie Fischer

Ambitious student with a proven record of success. Desire to express creativity and fulfill impactful roles with responsibility & leadership opportunities.

ID 325941

Nadia Kaliszewski

Adventurer, connector, motivator.

ID 289819

Ryan McNair

Founder and CEO of Next Generation Jobs. Business and sales backround with over 8 years of experience in recruiting, staffing, hiring and human resources.

ID 778277

Will Kitchell

ID 849980

Mackinley Smith

Indie developer; COO at The Song Market, CTO at Folyo. Contracted developer for Fantastic Finds, Michigan Princess, and many others.  Interned at Web Ascender.

ID 531252

Rhys Lindmark

Founder/iOS Developer @edify-technologies. Teacher (Breakthrough Collaborative, China, India, Nepal). Creator (music, visual thought, art). Leader.

ID 298497

Beau Bergman

University of Denver BSBA in Finance, started successful Micro-finance business in Ghana.

ID 342911

Steven Magelowitz

CU Boulder Grad, consulting at Google, alumni of gSchool, garnering experience in TDD, Pair Programming and Ruby on Rails. Currently a Software Engineer at IBM.

ID 551271

A. Grant Sherrick

Experienced software engineer. Currently working in C++/Java and developing Django/Jquery/Node.JS/Objective C for fun.

ID 12314

Nicole T. Porter

Founded @tippybob-1. @university-of-maryland-college-park BA & @towson-university Univ MS. Strong pharmaceutical sales & marketing background.

ID 382850

Ryan Diebel

Founder @building-brains • Worked at Lockheed Martin Space Systems through Maintech, @trustwave, @expeditors • Studied at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

ID 732497

Ty Lawson

@nba player for the @denver-nuggets , Co-Founder, CMO, Investor at @bottles-waiting

ID 96485

Kyle Signs

Attending UCD for my MBA, undergrad in Management W/ Digital Media Minor. Strong Dreamweaver and Photoshop Skills.

ID 221597

JS Monks

ID 546273

David Folwell

A marketing leader. Passionate about developing and implementing business strategy. Action oriented. Relentlessly drive success. Love all things digital.

ID 87981

Randy Strong

Silicon Graphic Computer Systems alumni, Macromedia interactive learning division, business development and sales guru. Desktop Publishing guru, motion graphics guru, artist, and web developer. Living in Denver, CO looking for the right start up

ID 547090

Josh Needleman

Eager CU Business grad along with a degree in Culinary Arts, launched first company at 20.

ID 525832

Jason Stout

Entrepreneurial executive with strong business and technical acumen. Proven ability to lead sales and BD with SaaS leaders, service providers, and enterprises.

ID 186559

Jason Rahm

Currently working in Business Development at egoBoom. Former Writer at BA in English and Psychology from Purdue University.

ID 541701

Hannah Pobar

Entrepreneuer, Photographer at Hannah Truly, Designer at Hannah Pobar Creative,

ID 116105


Co-Founder and Partner at SympIT

ID 200223

Christopher Blair Preston

With more than 20 years of experience, Chris Preston offers software development, design, and architecture services on a consultancy basis.

ID 507869

Nathan Stacey, MIS

Actively looking Sales Engineer - Network Management Performance (NPM)

ID 744578

Apple Capital Group

Co-Founder Apple Capital • Worked at @autonation • Studied at @university-of-notre-dame, @friends-university

ID 471264

Frank Azar

Frank Azar is an attorney in the Denver, Colorado area. He currently owns his own law firm, Frankling D. Azar & Associates, which he started in 1983.

ID 571811

Kelly Duerr

Recently graduated from @university-of-wisconsin-madison , actively seeking positions in the start up world.

ID 875083

Harry Pallick

Email Marketing and Deliverability expert; Account Manager. Years of consulting and client services experience.

ID 116881

Samantha Sandt

Vice President of National Transactions for Nexus Retail

ID 702623

Dan Hatcher

Recent transplant from Austin, TX.

ID 716251

Patrick Wheeler


CFO of multiple startups, MBA

ID 524866

Andrew Bishop

University of Denver BS Finance degree, entrepreneurial mindset, finance experience

ID 237013

Matt Whipps

IT / Business Consultant & Entrepreneur. I have broad knowledge and deep understanding of various technologies and fields.

ID 305293

Isaac Phillips

I work with brands, startups, enterprises, and telcos -- often focused on mobile media and digital intelligence.

ID 506129

Ben Rudman

Investment Banker, valuation expert, M&A specialist, business development specialist

ID 873098

Jordan Dale

ID 707937

Mike Weiland

Operations Executive; Efficiency and growth management; Technology, Financial and Government background; MBA and 2 successful self startups completed

ID 825822

Matt Kernan

ID 134763

Gagan Annamreddy

Technology Enthusiast.

ID 513022

Jake Matthews

Worked at NetSuite; Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Kenyon College; Played Collegiate Tennis

ID 686130

Alexandra Haley

Senior University of Denver student seeking full-time position at a (preferably awesome) start-up in Denver

ID 763184

Savannah Worth

Creative Writer and Programmer at gSchool Denver!

ID 819492

Jason Wallace

Co-Founder Vergence Technologies • Worked at @sotera-defense @science-applications-international-corporation-saic

ID 592698

Philip Coan

CEO/Co-Founder of Denver Pizza Company. Built 2 startups. Interpersonal, managerial, analytical and results-driven.

ID 798174

Jessica Lightman Kibble

Expert Brand Marketer and Innovator. MBA, Fordham University. BA, Brandeis University. Managed top brands - Garnier Fructis and Maybelline.

ID 564935

Danielle Masanoff

B.S. in Marketing Management, Supply Chain Management, and Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises from @syracuse, Masters in Project Management @drexel

ID 301952

Max Fulton

ID 548412

Aaron Sabatino

ID 858304

brad scharmann

Full stack developer, recent grad from gSchool at Galvanize. Lover of all things technology and eternal learner.

ID 528698

Taras Kuzin

Founder @holytransaction • Worked at @first-data-corporation, @western-union • Studied at @purdue-university, @dordt-college

ID 217448


I enjoy solving new and interesting problems. Currently working at a marketing/ad start up in NYC.

ID 463487

Tim White

Current master's candidate at DU for Information and Communications Technology, focus on Mobile Application Development

ID 358074

Frank Melara

Worked at @nexus-retail Managed the development and construction of over $1.5 billion in commercial projects across the US

ID 107362

Andrew Roberts

Sales Manager at @uqm-technologies

ID 798597

Jermyn Davis

College Chief of Staff primarily doing operations work and process improvement. Also help ensure strong relations between constituents.

ID 342369

Amanda K. Larrinaga

CEO of Modern Entrepreneur. 1st startup before I was 20. Seen in HuffingPost, Forbes Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

ID 702455

Annie Fedrigo

Inventor, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Currently works at Vail Resorts

ID 244988

Michela Rizzo

I graduated from the University of Colorado in 2011 with a Bachelors in Communication. I am outgoing, energetic and competitive with strong leadership skills.

ID 545124

Jitu Varanasi

A new graduate hungry for opportunities in P.R and Digital Media. Strengths: Writing, Rhetoric, Event planning, Audio Prod. & Video Editing

ID 612137

Stephanie Cox

OPERATIONS & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE Start-up Entrepreneurial Ventures and High-Growth Organizations

ID 239217

Alexandra Thompson

BA, liberal arts at CC; Market and Administrative Assistant at Interfaith Hospitality Networks; Strong communication and leadership skills

ID 666710

Justin Hanson

My passion for HCI stems from a love of sociology and dissemination of information. I am skilled at creating meaningful products.

ID 389375

Kyle Wildnauer-Haigney

ID 46052

Nick Lamb

Co-Founder @jotstory • Web Developer at Revel Software • BS Computer Science @university-of-colorado-boulder Boulder

ID 757828

Hastings Padua

ID 617522

Brad Arguello

Founder of GlideStation. Boston College. Bought a food truck in 2011 created and grew concept into two brick and mortar restaurants, sold in 2013.

ID 138947

Thad Edwards, M.S.

MS Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, Online Dispute Resolution

ID 616489

Joshua Rubin

Passionate engineer with deep experience developing and leading projects for scalable web-apps, APIs, databases, back-end and client side libraries.

ID 380171

Edward Svirsky

Very experienced Software Engineer. Skilled in many different languages and techs. Projects ranging from Web Dev to Machine Learning. Very Entrepreneurial.

ID 445711

Carter Chandler

Senior consultant, project manager at CGI Federal focused on ERP implementations. Growth hacking and release testing manager at Tangled Web Communications.

ID 541953

Bryan Koch

University of Colorado Integrative Physiology, Startup Paladin, Quality quality control and testing

ID 727810

Bryan Wren

ID 204907

Michael Lockwitz

developer, hackathoner, caffinator, organizer, entrepreneur

ID 458474

Nicole Baumgart

I.T. Manager Mac OS X Expert 6 YRS Exp. I get tech / I get people

ID 225700

Arif Gangji


Husband, Father, Entrepreneur. Started my first company in High School....on #8 now.

ID 253077

Andy Zurcher

Worked at @servicemagic • Studied at @university-of-notre-dame

ID 740382

Kyle Montgomery

Investment Portfolio Accounting BG with Technical Inclination

ID 699639

Rocky Mountain Patent

Rocky Mountain Patent strives to help startups and small businesses create marketable assets from their ideas.

ID 795143

Mark Riley

Aerospace Engineer B.S. 2012. Interested in materials and manufacturing. Experience in aerospace machine shop setting.

ID 571636

Walter Cottingham

ID 487937

Nancy Greiner

Recent grad seeking a full time, fast paced job with like minded individuals.

ID 743171

Lauren Arensdorf

ID 769078

Bradley Winterrowd

ID 610359

Kirstan Sandoval

ID 776422

Aubrey Hughes

Corporate professional, healthcare enthusiast seeking new opportunities.

ID 694899

Aaron Fisher-Katz

ID 400245

Akshay Bandiwdekar

Seasoned professional currently responsible for a precision GPS hardware product line with previous experience in sales technical support & product management.

ID 488028

Derek Etsler

ID 380812

Jack Brown

ID 525216

Zoey Ripple

BA student at UCB. Launched successful international nonprofit organization supporting women's leadership and empowerment. Strong background in nonprofit, sales, and event planning and marketing.

ID 151636

Lili Tenney

Founder @liki-faire • Studied at University of Colorado, Boulder

ID 254587

Shelley Price

Shelley Price- VP of Marketing Marketing strategy development, SEO/SEM expert, intensive social media knowledge.

ID 165716

Max Applebaum

Studied at University of Colorado, Boulder

ID 455270

Spencer Thomas

Motivated, Organized, Quick Learner of All Things, and Looking To Work With Cool People and Learn Lots Along the Way

ID 599924

Nate Amack

SSD Application Engineer at Seagate Technology, looking to expand my career in the area of web development. Always learning.

ID 431943

Andy Nguyen

Currently attending gSchool Boulder, expected completion is March. Junior Graduate from Davinci Coders

ID 408203

Katie McCarthy

Psychology BA | Fitness Enthusiast | Sports minded leader with a knack for building a team

ID 631943

Ryan Adams

Experienced Customer Support & Marketing Specialist

ID 452201

Monica Harris

ID 835659

Logan DeVane

ID 188029

Clay Corbett

Worked at @optimumg, @hawk-ridge-systems, @meritor, @Spatial• Studied Engineering and Entrepreneurship at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 389497

Shannon M.K. Brown

Web project manager | Technical writer | QA professional

ID 347037

Harry Seeber


ID 650840

Jeff Brunson

Rails Developer • Worked at @jpmorgan-chase, @wells-fargo • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 691264

Tyler Mathis

Experienced in IT DOD contract and program management, pursuing active involvement in start up success

ID 716177

leah smith

Director of Events at Human Movement. Developed The Ugly Sweater Run and manages all event coordinators. Strong interpersonal skills and loves to travel.

ID 147169

Justin Ptasnik

Worked at @tendril, @law-brothers-group • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 325860

Jordan Rice

ID 476312

Eric Archibald

Recent Tufts Grad looking to combine creativity with strategy in an innovative environment. Proven leadership, organization and logisitcal skills.

ID 216553

Shefali Shah

ID 600605

Matthew Doyle

ID 409688

A. J. Diederich

Stage manager for Warner Bros. Productions, Videographer for, Broadband network design and engineer, Medical/recreational support certified.

ID 671994

Shannon Moore

Computer Science, 6 Years Desktop Support, Customer Service Oriented, fast and driven to learn, Linux/Unix Admin

ID 847541

Dante Cerda-Walker

Years of experience in the music industry. Director of Artist Relations at Night Supply, Artist Relations TheHundred Presents & HOME. Runs blog.

ID 645249

Gavin Matthews

ID 734968

Michael Schmedward Masek

ID 598397

Louis Milone

Experienced tax attorney; have helped hundreds of clients get out of tax trouble financially plan for their future

ID 503228

Matthew Hanover

Mechanical Engineer with broad range of skills; Thrives in early-stage R&D startups.

ID 140751

Colin Shepherd

CFO at @siva-therapeutics. COO at PhylloTech. Founder at AimsBio. PhD in Genetics (2007) + MBA (2008). Winemaker with experience in NZ, France, and CA.

ID 742307

James Garvey

ID 626623

Eric Kenney

Engineer turned web developer. Built test automation scripts on the GPS program at Raytheon. Ruby on Rails and JavaScript aficionado.

ID 770835

Casey Anne Macaulay

ID 526057

Patrick Mikes

ID 605879

Mario Espinoza

ID 654004

Sarah Adams, CPA

BA in Accounting; Certified Public Accountant; 2 years in Software Industry

ID 299375

Eric Hubbell

Founder and CEO at Myhub. Former Marketing Director at KBS Golf Shafts. Studied Business / Marketing undergrad @ UVM. Well-traveled. Active. Love the outdoors.

ID 677419

Mike Moran

ID 744066

Brian Kendall

VP of Finance with experience leading startups while increasing profits & operations through analysis, budgeting, GAAP, and new debt and equity funding.

ID 140168

Jack Roberts

Award-Winning Major Motion Picture Producer, Writer, Marketer, Creative Director, Project Manager. I'm an amazing bridge from product to voice.

ID 195208

Joshua Wolcott

Joshua Wolcott utilizes his leadership and management skills as the Director of Operations and Land at Cimmaron Resources, Inc.

ID 562703

Catherine Rodemyer

Founder @ku-score • Worked at @promontory-financial, @experis • Studied at @university-of-denver, @miami-university-of-ohio

ID 603187

Megan Talbot

Unique combination of PR, finance and marketing skills & experience. Quick learner and fast thinker. Bucknell 2009, magna cum laude B.S. in Business Management.

ID 402642

Brad Smith


Looking for cofounders in the Denver area

ID 444723

Jordan Gibson

ID 490929

Trevor Smith

Software Developer and Idea Man

ID 283181

Chris Andrews, Product Evangelist

Founder of illustrative design "Solid Modeling for the Rapid Prototyping Industry" 3D solid models created from: Drawings, 2D CAD Data, 3D Wireframe IGES/DXF files

ID 442637

Dawn Cheairs

Founder @dohje-inc • Studied at @colorado-school-of-mines

ID 146651

James Abeler III


Founder @firecore, Co-Founder @winome • Studied at @azusa-pacific-university

ID 674219

Brooke Layman

Creativity paired with business acumen. A People-Person with a passion for making connections and helping businesses grow.

ID 120777

Shane Burgan

Strategist for Fortune 500 healthcare services company. Built Houston market for unfunded CPG start-up. Analytical horsepower (Bain, engineering).

ID 379885

Jon Fischer

Specialist leading technical software implementations, with an emphasis on quality, on-time delivery and turning around critical, at-risk implementations.

ID 145898

Channing Morris

Product Manager + Blogger

ID 763135

Ashley Clarke

Full stack dev, gSchool student, beer drinker, dog lover, Denver native

ID 496319

Brett Marquardt

Enterprise Sales

ID 634959

Balaji Bachu Nataraju

Indiana University Bloomington, CS graduate looking for software development jobs; Worked at Atos Origin, CG Visions

ID 183734

Robert Lane

Founder @21development, @bookingseed • Worked at @at-t, @lexisnexis • Studied at @wright-state-university

ID 662224

Lloyd Fanning

Manager of business valuation and real estate apprasial professionals in corporate taxation at the federal level. Court mediator for Denver County.

ID 770049

Anthony Naranja

10 Year Captain for US Fly Fishing Team 14 Year Dentist

ID 117071

Wil Moore III

Full-Stack Developer w/ Back-End, Devops, and Front-End chops. Good eye for aesthetics. Successfully lead teams; happy to follow for the greater good as well.

ID 519561

Kit Kieling

Board Certified Pediatrician, Award-Winning Educator, Veteran, Published Writer seeks new opportunities outside of clinical medicine.

ID 786046

Dan Jaklic

Founder, Minimal Designer Shoes. Award Winning Digital Professional at Vail Resorts as Operations Scrum Master & Projects BA.

ID 299657

Hamid Bundu

Entrepreneurship | Innovation| Mobile Technology| Social| Software| Cultures

ID 203991

C. Vincent Plummer

Co-Founder @bedloo • 10+ yrs in the Music Industry & Education • Content Operations / Marketing / Social Strategy / UX • Studied Music/Spanish @MetroState

ID 639444

Becca Wood

ID 550994

Michael DeSantis

Current Master of International Business Candidate seeking an entry level position in the Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Investment Banking industries.

ID 779627

Pawel Maciulewski

Msc in Entrepreneurship, Maastricht University, NL 3 years experience in Sales & Business Development Broad International Experience Co-Founder of a Startup

ID 80121

Lily Siegel-Gardner Coleman

Outreach at @give-to-get-jobs. MA in International Studies. Certificate in Humanitarian Assistance.

ID 318519

Jason Pierce

I create tools and build automated solutions so clients can collect, transform, model, and visualize critical data. In my 15 years of experience, I have worked with 120 clients from startups to Fortune 100.

ID 290602

Philip Woo

Developer; Rails plus a whole lot of Javascript

ID 32242

Eric Fowler

Founder Indexed I/O & @hot-lunch-online Experienced web application developer with an emphasis in UX, Java, PHP, C++, Javascript and CSS.

ID 621539

Lisa A. Haas, MNM

Event Manger | Employee Incentives | C-Level EA | Office Manager | Sales Support Mgr | - Seeking New Career Opportunity In Denver, CO or Remote, I will Travel

ID 733470

Tami Molinaro

Founder Swagger Salon • Worked at @riverstone-residential • Studied at @university-of-phoenix, @arizona-state-university

ID 246121

Erik Van Lankvelt

Works at @supportlocal • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 707980

Zuben Bastani

VP Business Development, In-Touch Mobile. Channel Development and Marketing with a proven track record in SaaS, Hardware and Services. Thunderbird M.B.A. 2004

ID 620069

Justin Ko

Worked at @combat2career-c2c

ID 346738

Cody Moiseve

Interactive and UX Designer At Lasso Media, Inc. Focusing on creating beautiful, simple experiences across multiple platforms.

ID 778198

Diane Shurtleff

Strategic thinker, exceptional ability to enter new environments and produce immediate results

ID 432250

Eli Duffy

Founder of Underground Apps, College Electro, and First Strike Supplements. Growth Hacker, Marketing Jedi, Developer

ID 594646

Jason Rahm

Worked for 3 startups to date, enjoy the challenge and fluidity of the startup environment, also an evil genius.

ID 669468

Joe McCarthy

ID 363717

John Walsh

ID 820170

Katelyn McArdle

Creator of engaging web content for products & services. Skilled in managing complex initiatives that achieve goals of client acquisition and engagement.

ID 568815

Amy Bridgeo

Strategy consultant for $600 million+ revenue health and wellness company, investment banking and valuation background

ID 727143

Jordan Fleuriet

ID 100245

Patrick Rauls

International MBA in Finance, 2012, Background in Non-Profit Finance, Ex-Golf Pro, Professional Schmoozer

ID 579455

Ian Price

UNC Chapel Hill Economics major, Computer Science and History minors - Interested in software development and its role in entrepreneurship.

ID 207102

Richard Lopez

Founder AmsterDenver • Server Ops @ibm, SAP Support @amgen • Studied Visual Communications at Metro State. Strong Communications, Technical & Sales skills

ID 311916

Katie Macias

Aspiring developer looking to make an impact by having full stack exposure at a startup. Previously worked as a software engineer during college.

ID 20037

Brad Kellmayer


DineOut Colorado is a leading publisher of real time menu choices, promotional news, events and special offers from restaurants in Colorado.

ID 870808

John Dianni

Full Stack Web Developer, @roameroo founder, travel addict, writer, photographer, magazine designer

ID 440378

Timothy Testa

Tim is a former professional Certified Flight Instructor, comedian, Emmy-nominated producer of all-ages entertainment, inventor, and plane crash survivor.

ID 741120

Brittany O'Donnell

ID 572187

Riley Warwick


ID 785619

Alexandra Brandenburg

Looking to build my career in Denver at a great startup

ID 514472

Michael Himelstein

MBA candidate at University of Denver; Experience with big data/Excel, consulting, case competitions.

ID 194650


ID 549460

Brian Chaplin

ID 325361

Adam Passarelli

Analyst to the CEO of Northwestern Mutual Life; also did private equity and debt investing for NML. Currently, Director of Marketing Analytics at Smashburger

ID 618685

Benjamin Kubik

MBA in Denver area looking for adventure and startup culture.

ID 244040

Dena Slattery

Indiana University BS; proposal specialist with experience managing 7 simultaneous proposals; social media planner and tournament director for national and local ultimate frisbee tournaments

ID 694873

Terrance Boon

Full stack generalist, specializing in web analytics and CEM replay.

ID 381161

Tim Brauhn

Hahahaha not now I'm just looking

ID 442413

Lindsay Hunt

Product Manager with experience in eCommerce, conversion optimization, ETL / Data warehouse, Web 2.0 products, online marketing and web analytics.

ID 524756

Tim Mousseau

Instructional Designer & Leadership Trainer. Written 3 collegiate-courses on Peer Mentoring. Consultant to 160 clients in 27 states. MA Org Leadership Gonzaga

ID 785053

Peter Orrick

Accomplished in aligning biz needs w/ improved processes and in providing valuable biz insight through adv. business and data analysis. Big 4, Fortune 50.

ID 172959

Ken Gingrich


ID 696234

Tim Sprinkle

ID 218723

Matthew O'Hearn

Ping-pong addict, tech-nerd-wannabe, and music lover. Currently working with @opentable.

ID 427179

Adam Oliver

Team Player looking to help a great company become even better.

ID 535453

Michael McGlon

Successful Entrepreneur with years of start-up experience, Sales Guru, Imaginative Thinker, with tremendous work ethic.

ID 775144

Nick Peters

Cofounder of BarBets. Experience managing mobile/web projects. Strong creativity and problem solving skills with a passion for entrepreneurship.

ID 123887

Alex Figge


Gunslinger, Factory Volvo Driver

ID 237588

Tyler Bart

Co-Founder / President of Skilled in building big data, big traffic websites.

ID 205642


International business consulting, global network, expert in strategic transformation. Putting my broad experience, education and network together to support small and mid sized businesses that want to create a better world.

ID 681859

Kerry Filkins

Young marketing professional moving to Denver 9/1/14 from Boston. Experienced in high-tech B2B interactive marketing; email, digital, trade show, sales training

ID 584053

Antonio Gheller

Top Direct Sales Rep/Channel Sales Rep with Background of 6 Years Experience

ID 684554

Nikolas Wolf

Customer Service Guru Excellent Office Manager who is a genius at prioritizing and scheduling

ID 420045

Mitch Eckberg

ID 346909

Sabrinna Soldavini

Recent Economics Graduate and Data Analyst

ID 300558

Alex Lee

MBA Candidate w/ Marketing Concentration; BSBA double major in Hospitality Management and Int. Business; Entrepreneurial sprit; Experience in hospitality & MKTG

ID 596731

Matt Self

Software Engineer and Architect with over 15 years experience building large scale software intensive systems using a wide variety of languages and technologies

ID 771336

D.j. Wagner

ID 336658

Chris Cooper

Copywriter interested in working with socially conscious companies doing good in and around their communities.

ID 215051

Chad Hemmat

Veteran trial lawyer Chad Hemmat manages all aspects of the civil litigation process at Anderson, Hemmat & McQuinn personal injury law firm.

ID 490071

Monica Lewandowski

Provided support to sales and bridged the gap between product and tech in order to provide customer service support to clients.

ID 649036

Holly Traut

Email Marketing, Marketing Communications, Online Marketing, Acquisition & Retention Marketing

ID 594600

Sean Oblizalo

ID 447024

Laura Lynn Brooks

Creative Professional. Advance skills in Photography with strong background in small business/start ups. Creative in design and problem solving.

ID 521851

Marc W

Manhattan based open source software developer and hired gun for PHP/Python on the web with a multidimensional skill set to allow my employers to succeed.

ID 330129

Scott Clark

William and Mary CS, taught myself Ruby on Rails, built my blog using Jekyll, and currently learning as much as I can about RoR and the full stack.

ID 482698

Stephanie Maxwell

Founder @sirvo

ID 235008

Collin Stewart

Founder Pocument • Worked at @homeadvisor, @epicor • Studied at @metropolitan-state-college-of-denver

ID 228863

Jonathan Salfeld

With extensive experience in the operational management and planning spheres, Jonathan Salfeld serves as founder and Chief Consultant of Greenplain Consulting.

ID 470789

Connor Pearson

Computer Science student at the University of Denver

ID 530714

Sam Koekkoek

Driven to utilize my creativity, client relationship skills, and analytical mind to drive your company’s revenue.

ID 88769

Kenny Edwards

Experienced senior financial executive of software technology companies -- CenterStone Technologies,, @24-7-media, Atlantes.

ID 763286

Margie Abernethy

VP of Marketing & New Bus Dev. Strong healthcare background; started in Pharma, I have worked in several practices, sold to C-level execs, physicians, patients

ID 505642

Matthew Perkins

Legal, business and finance advisor to numerous companies for over 20 years; private investor; law firm partner; CPA; willing to travel; flexible fees.

ID 750155

Shannon Apfel

ID 775000

Bill Devanny

ID 384382

Ashling Struve

intuitive team player, built startup from ground up, experienced in all sides of marketing from analytics to commercial filming

ID 609609

Cem Sazara

ID 423601

Tyler Hart, CLU, ChFC, CRPC, MSFS

Multi-billion dollar sales rep with extensive political connections

ID 151764

Michael Schaefer

Michael has over 20 years of marketing experience and served as the senior marketing executive for two growth stage companies reached over $30M annual revenue

ID 391617

Jonathan Falcey

Worked at NREL; Sole inventor of a solar thermal/cleantech patent application; Designed smart building model for smart grid and authored paper

ID 229020

Eloy Lopez

Founder @beatport • Worked at @digitally-imported • Studied at @university-of-denver

ID 736718

Tyler Schube

Manager of internal R&D funding for a cutting edge research facility. Managing an annual budget of roughly $65m spread out on 70+ small R&D projects.

ID 406669

Alisa Anderson

Marketing Student/Intern with a passion for innovative marketing techniques and using some of the latest digital technologies to creatively increase brand awareness

ID 491220

Steve Bridges

ID 652468

Ryan Shea

Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Author, and Photographer.

ID 686897

Lexie Christiansen

Recent graduate of the Daniels College of Business with a major in International Business. Work experience in project management and financial data analysis.

ID 771782

Colin Hill

Created a Small Media Start Up that has partnered with a company to revive the lack of good character in schools today

ID 469089

William Knight

University of Denver graduate with four years of professional experience working in financial, political, and non-profit industries.

ID 514469

Chelsea Lehman

Recent International MBA graduate looking to secure an entry-level position in a dynamic and growing organization.

ID 312652

Taylor Tribioli

Ambitious young professional with effective communication skills and capacity to learn new concepts quickly while interacting with senior leaders. A supply chain oriented focus gained through extensive experience in purchasing, planning, forecasting and q

ID 521275

Kevin Krom

Denver University graduate, assistant manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and recently launched an app to the iOS app store.

ID 585884

Tim O'Hollearn

Sales Exec who is seeking an opportunity to make a difference and have a ton of fun while building/contributing to a world class organization.

ID 769300

Bryan Costanza

Engineer by training, adventurer at heart. Seeking opportunities at an engineering startup.

ID 876214

Sara Charlton

Proven Sales Executive with experience with Marketing and Finance. Looking to collaborate on next big project 

ID 79626

Andrew Murray

Weather geek, web designer, photographer, traveler and avid outdoorsy person currently working for @findOpenSnow and paying rent in Boulder, Colorado.

ID 494820

Matthew Foote

Worked at EY, co-founded a private investment firm, pilot company aircraft

ID 547963

Andrew McLean

Problem solver and trainer with Telecom industry experience. Worked with Charter, Level 3, and T-Mobile. Can read code and lead teams. MSOL from Regis.

ID 70833

Josh Sowin

VP of Product Design & Marketing at @selecthub. I'm a serial entrepreneur who makes things happen.

ID 657049

Jon VonSeggen

Dot Bomb survivor. Founder of Yoyokid Creative. Marketing director at First Link. VP Marketing CannaSys.

ID 134366

Patrick Ryan

Founder and Creative Director at Industrial Luxury Group Inc.

ID 277814

Chris Chumley

VP Product Management and product owner at TopSchool. Experienced at building technology solutions and enterprise application implementations.

ID 191224

Tanner Jones

Planning to kill cookie dough and wrapping paper.

ID 243433

Christopher Knight

Anthropologist Programmer. World travel & startup: Web developer / Videographer / Journalism

ID 553035

Paul Jonart, MBA

Energetic, success-driven, adaptable social-software and SaaS professional with strong consulting, client success and business background.

ID 153621

Wesley Schauble

Chief Creative Director @ Kakoona. MFA Film, American University.

ID 608079

Dan Dudley

ID 628187

Trishna Patel

Diverse background that expands to- BI, Politics, International Business, Finance, Social Media, Marketing and Writing. Currently at Hitachi Consulting.

ID 426950

Subodh Gupta

Studied at @columbia-college, 16 years experience enterprise level software development, Developed web & iPad applications that are payment industry focused.

ID 660999

Kait McNamee

GoBikeGo • Worked at @craftsy-com • Studied at @fordham-university, @university-of-colorado-denver

ID 567807

Patrick Armitage

B2B/B2C integrated marketing professional with 8+ years of agency experience in developing brand/product strategy, positioning, and online and offline content.

ID 252618

Ryan Hill

Systems analyst and full-stack application developer.

ID 636311

Brian Hartz

Full Stack Javascript, Angular to Node. GIS background

ID 262879


Early-stage R&D in renewable energy. Led modeling analysis group at Abengoa Solar including technical lead on energy storage and power cycle projects.

ID 347867

Lee Acker

Full Stack JavaScript Web Developer Apprentice @refactoru . Proficient in adventures and imagination. Renaissance woman and 110% nerd.

ID 875954

Jackie LIncoln

ID 125009

Adam Ross

ID 101001

Lori Fenstermaker

Founder of Scavado- a recruitment innovation tool developed for recruiters to uncover the best prospective employees. 18 year recruiting veteran.

ID 617328

Maggie Thompson

Adaptive, results oriented Financial and Accounting Analyst with six years of experience at Raytheon.

ID 579061

Eric Heilig

Leader in Proposing Innovative Solutions Based on Client’s Business & Technology Goals

ID 578764

Michelle Barbossa

Worked at @leviton-manufacturing-company, @high-noon-productions • Studied at @texas-a-m-university

ID 726349

Kellie Klein

Business Relations/Marketing Manager @colabination Out-of-the-box thinker & doer. Motivated by curiosity & passion. University of Miami Alumna

ID 227359

Matt Miller

Corporate Development and Strategy at Mercury (formerly Mercury Payment Systems). Proven acquisition, partnership, and strategy formation experience.

ID 596371

John Casaretto

Experienced marketing automation expert that can setup, stand and manage enterprise marketing automation systems, improving conversions, qualify leads and more.

ID 621700

Kevin O'Connor

ID 363447

Eric White

I help organizations thrive as they quickly scale and navigate business expansion.

ID 494504

Jason Nickel

ID 266226

Amy Baglan

CEO & Founder @meetmindful and @yogadates. Previous founding member/VP at @ez-texting, acquired in '12. Conscious entrepreneur.

ID 734115

Mark Mulrooney

Talented embedded software engineer with six years of experience in multiple industries including telecommunication, marine, auto and consulting.

ID 474039

Sara Seba

Creative Sr. Product Manager with team management experience. Worked at Texas Instruments, National Instruments, and on the International Space Station.

ID 322181

Adam Clarke

Rails and Javascript developer

ID 169688

[email protected]


ID 883307

Shelby Joy

::Not just another MUSIC DEGREE:: Operations/Administrative/Office Management

ID 422263

Jay Hanz

Buyer at Fluor; Strong background in Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, and Technology; Worked in Private Equity Real Estate and Construction Industries

ID 806468

Kyle Flick

B2B Sales for Signpost; Salesforce proficient with excellent communication skills

ID 699812

Sherry Jones

ID 475730

Robert Buckley

Finance and Professional Writing Double Major at Miami University. Entrepreneurship Minor. 3.5 GPA.

ID 457242

Brent Warren

Certified Specialist of Wine, Cannabis Connoisseur 

ID 64857

Ellen Daehnick

Owner at @helliemae-s-salt-caramels

ID 366148

Sara Kelley

Technical Recruiter with competency in various development technology. Recruited for positions from Managment to Developers to Designers and beyond. Passionate.

ID 874532

Channing Broderick

Creative, motivated young professional looking to contribute to the success of a startup.

ID 327828

Shane Rogers

gSchool Graduate, RoR, Backbone, iOS developer with UI/UX prototyping experience

ID 253053

Aaron Connell

Co-Founder Proof of Concept Media, business background , founder of website, sales background, finance background, entrepreneurial, financial modeling

ID 26504

Jack Martin


ID 126365

Kenny Quinlan

Aspiring Entrepreneur. Recent graduate from Auburn University with a degree in Economics. Worked previously at Kinsale Capital and ESBL Sports Management.

ID 253372

Grant Davis

Multi-talented developer with a background in design and animation. Worked for Fortune 500 companies such as The North Face, Oakley, Audi and Motorola.

ID 713815

Travis Black

Former Operations Manager, and current Business Analyst. Personal travel analyst focused on frequent flyer & hotel programs.

ID 407898

Josh Patsey

Founder @brick-n-ivy • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 710307

Alyssa Behrens

Founding member of a start up. Passion for sales and product development. Cal Poly Business/Entrepreneurship student looking for a position after graduation.

ID 742415

Trevor Canna

Founder Dank Lid • Studied at @salt-lake-community-college, @utah-valley-university

ID 742364

Sergio Nazzaro

Over 6 years of successful management, leadership experience with a reputation for meeting the most challenging organizational goals and objectives.

ID 659036

Jonathan Candee



ID 881149

Rachelle Wagner

Ten years of project management experience; Project Management Certification; and a Master's Degree in Public Administration.

ID 429293

Sean Bryant

Worked at @inzopa-meet-people-vs-banks • Studied at @university-of-iowa

ID 634784

Ken Blevins


Founded PMH Financial in 2005 (sold to Stewart Title in 2011), Founded Metrowest Real Estate Services in 2004, Equity Investor in

ID 158200

Marilyn Hajicek

Blue Trout Resources founder Marilyn Hajicek leads a Colorado-based company specializing in video biographies that enable the remembrance of family stories.

ID 495630

Travis Gershon

Founder @cirrusidea-llc, @paradigm Motion, LLC, Worked at Skydex Technologies, @sierra-nevada-corp MEng & BS ME @university-of-colorado-denver

ID 120985

Cynthia Gamel

Most recently was a UI Designer at @haneke-design • Studied Art at @goldsmiths, London

ID 787594

Adam Legg

Former Professional Poker Player and Travel enthusiast transitioning into Web Development.

ID 862318

Dishi Solanki, MBA

UC Denver MBA; HR Intern; Exhaustive Written and Communications skills;Full time Blogger

ID 359573

Jenny Daniel

ID 754672

Alexander Francis

ID 642644

Meghan Callahan

Versatile writer with creative flair. Let me wow you with my copy.

ID 372338

Tyler Reynolds

Establishes great relationships, exceeds quota, and excels at critical thinking and innovation. A coachable, leader with an aptitude for learning.

ID 422016

Christian LeFer

I create tech solutions for nonprofits. My passion is to empower others to make an impact. “Unleash your inner hero!” Proud husband, dad, adoption advocate.

ID 378029


ID 629426

Thi D. Mai

BS graduate of George Mason University; Programmer; Web Developer; Problem Solver; Seeking career in the IT field.

ID 734431

Hal Walker

Passionate problem solver with a knack for charts, graphs, and executable solutions.

ID 389279

Ken Ligrani

ID 424389

Steve Urban

Steve specializes in turnaround management, interim C-level assignments, project management and operational stabilization.

ID 355967

Daniel Wilson

Founder + Creative at Optimistic Design Company

ID 448316

Katy Schuberth

Master's in Sports Sales Management, 40th employee at Groupon, top sales manager, sales trainer

ID 215601

Mark Torluemke

ID 525037

Stan Price

CEO and Founder @radio-rebel, lover of music and video games.

ID 220478

Jasmine Soylu

Worked at @macys-com, @barnes-noble • Studied at @uludag-university

ID 670250

Camille Miller

Copy Writer. Using compelling content to sell luxury products and services to the affluent is my specialty.

ID 487200

William Ayer

VP of Operations at Veracity Credit Corp. Studied at Colorado State. Extensive experience with IT systems design, data center operations,and six-sigma.

ID 701455

Wesley Tam

ID 684922

Steven Rolf

Founder SSEV • Studied at @self-taught

ID 599070

Joshil Singh

Colorado School of Mines CS bachelors

ID 406390

AP Burnes

Creator of maps. Open data and visualization enthusiast.

ID 92844

serin silva

Bay Area native. Lover of language and of studying people. A definite work-in-progress. See you soon.

ID 208100

Maureen Schilling

Maureen Schilling Full Cycle Recruiter for seven yrs with a keen ability to find and steal the best talent around from entry level to C level.

ID 558457

Clancy Anderson

Creative by chance, designer by choice. College graduate. Strong communication and marketing skills. Highly motivated and willingness to learn.

ID 187897


Founder @affordablewebsitesdenver-com • Worked at @palm-beach-state-college-1, @whitney-information-network • Studied at @old-dominion-university

ID 45434

John Cronin

CEO @ The Hub Companies. Local & national media entrepreneur - driving force for sustainable revenue - have created LBS revenue capabilities for local media.

ID 763013

Layne McNish

Graduating Student at gSchool, Full Stack Web Developer, and Musician.

ID 490880

Grant Cobbett

Graduate of the University of Montana School of Business Administration. Have worked for tech companies since graduating college. Founder of

ID 795839

Alexander Peter

University of the South Graduate, BA History 2012. 4 Year Varsity Soccer Player. ATO Fraternity President. Previous Job: Nadine Johnson & Associates, INC.

ID 163191

Shane E Albers

ID 410646

Mike Sobecki

ID 218068

Dawn Miracle

Dawn Miracle has involved herself in the medical research field. Certified in CPR, first aid, phlebotomy, and automated external defibrillator usage.

ID 643641

Jason Ary

Passionate, proactive and self-driven Marketing/Product mind with a wealth of experience in Emerging and Digital Medias.

ID 381596

Theresa Bucci

Video Production Specialist

ID 168403

Archie Donoyan

A Petroleum and Civil Engineer, Archie Donoyan serves as a trusted adviser to clients ranging from corporations to municipal governments.

ID 370839

Jeff Bowles


Founder and CEO of Extreme Renovation. Enjoy trailblazing the path less traveled. Logical, passionate, and innovative. Love the journey and enjoy the rewards.

ID 679545

Alvin LaCabe

Nightclub/Concert Promoter at 3Deep Productions. Investor in @bottles-waiting

ID 329410

Robert D. Whalen

ID 704101

Daniel Barry

Full Microsoft stack engineer

ID 476735

Chuck Hazzard

Strategic & Tactical Planning / Digital Healthcare / Brand & Product Management / Social Media / Client Relations / Contract Negotiations / Startups

ID 612220

Erika James

ID 684148

Bruce Adair

MBA, Sales, Sales Management, Product Management, Client Relations Management

ID 873222

Shawn Jaquez

ID 384240

John H Ratajczak

Graphic designer, fan of musics both pretentiously esoteric and 90s hip-hop.

ID 112251

JulesDylan Stuer

CTO, @Preferred Privacy LLC

ID 758025

Ryan Walker

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Quality/Performance Improvement Consultant turned Bitcoin/crypto professional, contributor to CoinDesk and LetsTalkBitcoin!

ID 679551

Patricia Cuevas


ID 170674

Bill Sinclair

A Senior Technology Executive with 10+ years experience in IS/IT infrastructure design and management of software product development.

ID 684352

Brittany Gunter

ID 220763

Amy Wofford

Baylor BBA 2011. Working with NextGreatTrip, a destination air travel company. Specialties include: Startups, Digital & Social Media Marketing, and Finance.

ID 320313

Kate DeShiell

Savvy communicator, relationship builder and problem solver

ID 666863

Elena Elder

ID 474439

Erik Schulte

ID 748107

Michael Mesdag

Rockies fan, CSU student, cyclist, car lover, music enthusiast

ID 681181

Nelson Njoroge

ID 536232

Danielle Downs

Experienced Marketing Professional with specialty in graphic design and writing. Strong background in technology.

ID 128513

Jennifer Carati

Entrepreneur, Database, Developer, Data Analyst, Front-end Developer.

ID 800264

Kate Mistler

Financial Leader with over 20 years experience leading and structuring privately held companies through rapid growth and acquisition.

ID 215998

Luke Holmboe

Front End Dev'er, Ad-Ops Manager, UI/UX'er, 15 year Startuper, Aspiring Angel Investor.

ID 528632

Curtis Massey

ID 473975

Alex Andony

BA Student in Marketing and Entrepreneurship; Looking to grow professionally with a passionate, driven company.

ID 854218

W. Bryan Facendini

Technology Sales Professional

ID 367088

Michael Montenaro

Founder College Girl Cleaning Service

ID 187187

Scott Gelbard

An entrepreneur, investment banker, and business consultant, Scott Gelbard primarily consults for GlobalLeadGen, an online lead-generation company.

ID 490279

Greg Knasel

Worked for multiple start-up and boutique firms.

ID 215750

Guzin Soyluchee

Founder Europe Asia USA • Worked at @macys-com, @barnes-noble

ID 51672

Sam Caudill

BFA in Digital animation 2009 from the University of Colorado Denver, Digital Animator/Production artist at @high-impact-litigation-graphics,

ID 648655

Bryce Watkins

ID 371525

Mike MacDonald

Digital expert. Proven leader. Trusted consultant. Experience working with many of the largest companies in the world.

ID 410744

Kevin Shuler

Terry College of Business - Finance graduate, proven Project Management record looking for an opportunity to help create businesses

ID 771349

Christopher Butterfield, CSCA

Merchandising and Retail professional, Managed product flow of $75m business, buyer for $13m business, build process improvements and drive development

ID 686687

Kyla Livingston

ID 572916

Jeremy Pike

Graphic & Web Designer at marketing/media company. Landscape architect turned graphic designer and brand developer with a knack for web design.

ID 631837

Alan Hernandez

Founder @blue-wave-code-denver, @new-age-rendition-studios • Worked at @air-fresh-marketing, @shareable-social • Studied at @university-of-northern-colorado

ID 106509

Brad Zotti

CEO of @myforce with more than 15 years of business experience; ten years evaluating and managing investments at a hedge fund and a private equity firm.

ID 223877

Rick Brisse

Owner and creator of

ID 641778

Shane McIntyre

Marketing professional recently moved to Denver. Expertise in strategic partnerships, sports marketing and experiential marketing. Cross-functional team leader.

ID 592131

Adam Ward

Technical recruiter moving into technical customer support

ID 675844

Kelly Marburger

ID 870839

Justin Stootsberry

Master of Professional Accountancy, Big 4 experience, need to get into the startup world

ID 644068

John (J.D.) Piland

An experienced online manager and editor with a background in marketing, content development and fundraising.

ID 211647

Mike MacDonald

Business Development / Digital Media Expert

ID 314496

Erik Lindstrom

Founder and Creative Director of Schwoggle.

ID 580406

Alan H.

Graphic Design, 2 years of sales, 1 year sales Executive at local Denver start up, ready to work ASAP, easy to train,

ID 666252

Brittany Clifford

ID 826689

Arezou Zarafshan

Veteran R&D Executive with strong track record of "delivering the impossible" time and time again.

ID 763652

Sophia Wolf

Outgoing and passionate CU Boulder graduate

ID 199739

Brent Yoder

ID 716363

Lucy Grove

ID 154707

Carlos Henrique Cano

Worked at one of largest private university in Brazil and now working as researcher in US (mainly with python and R programming)

ID 68935

Jennifer Colosi

A company assisting startups in developing their product or service for introduction to private, venture or angel capital investors. @proven successful!

ID 632192

Andrew Wassmann

Looking to provide more informed decisions based on thoughtful and relevant research and analysis to help companies save cash and grow faster.

ID 346501

Matt Versteeg


ID 687990

Mike Noto

Seasoned executive/founder of many startups capable of wearing many hats. I'm ready to build the next great thing with you.

ID 694119

Adam Wheeler

ID 367887


Developed 3 separate marketing departments from the ground up, saw increased revenue in the past three positions one strategy was implemented

ID 873160

Darren Zens

Entrepreneur with experience in fields from tech consulting to cannabis.

ID 643438

Austin Minney

UC Denver BS Mathematics. Analyst at SaaS company. Helped build/implement/design cutting edge channel sales management platform.

ID 76672

Joe Sawicki

Highly competitive business background in both small business operations and sales; Currently work at KIOSK Information Systems

ID 598295

John Thatcher Montgomery

Creative technology practitioner specializing in transmedial concept development and implementation

ID 113852

Chris Crosby

Director of Strategic Development Sports and Entertainment

ID 758273

Grace Modisett

Looking for Entry Level position in Electrical Engineering

ID 682875

Zachary Bush

Experienced Manager with a background in transportation. Eager to learn a new business.

ID 643750

Sam Epperly

Passionate about environmental sustainability. Tremendous computer background in Apple technology. Strong customer service and sales skills.

ID 396186

Tony Pett

I have spent the last 20 years in the design, advertising, marketing, and technology industries. I continue to stay deeply connected with C-Level Executives across a broad range of industries. As an agency veteran, I’ve led teams to successfully navigate

ID 161764

Alex Vanston

Founder @mr-v-dot-web-development • Worked at @envysion, @fantasyalarm-llc • Studied at @hillsdale-college

ID 19991

Kyle Weiss

Co-Founder of insideGOOD | @microsoft and Agile certified | Technical by nature.

ID 587950

Lee Cole

PhD Physics/Dartmouth. From code and product to R&D management

ID 276407

Kyle Dunn

Experienced computer systems and electric power systems professional.

ID 227119

Eric Foster

BFA Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. Have designed websites, logos, and user interfaces for companies of all sizes and needs, from small to internationally established.

ID 372589

Cole Simko

Diversified background in Global Sales and Marketing; Strong tech background; Strong fundraising and donor relation background

ID 848059

Alex Christof

University of Ottawa. Creative problem solver. Recently assembled first team for startup idea. Received Scotiabank's Best of the Best designation.

ID 506821

Nathan Kluth

Backbone.js developer looking to continue growth of full-stack ability.

ID 105394

Christopher J. Camut

Technology/Telecommunications Professional

ID 287352

Levi Watts

BS in Computer Information Systems from DeVry Westminster

ID 65215

James Boe

CEO and founder of Easy Insight, strong developer background with sales and business development experience picked up on the job since starting Easy Insight.

ID 155444

Andrew Piec

Studied at @western-illinois-university

ID 145457

Stephen Niedzielski

Android dev @ MapQuest, gamer, embedded programmer, & GNU / Linux CLI lover. Engineer @ Nintendo, Qualcomm, Samsung, VendScreen, & Newisys. BSCE alum @ DigiPen.

ID 424400

Micah Davidson

Full stack, solid UX, strong mathematics and analytics. Built

ID 485571

Jaclyn Wishnia

Expert in Emotional Quotients and Master of the Logistics of Life

ID 609651

Will Morgan

Accountant in Denver and Fisherman in Alaska. Passionate about sustainable social enterprise, the sharing economy, and adventure startups. Live life, do good!

ID 362945

Mike Addison

Worked at @myhub, and @opentable. Studied at @university-of-colorado-colorado-springs

ID 39626

David Vanderport

Owner, eTrial Communications. Founder of Brief-Lynx hyperlinking application. Cloud computing for law firms and their clients.

ID 355201

Nate Baker

Industrial engineer looking to help you create manufacturing processes for your product. Years of experience working with startups from small to international distribution.

ID 170338

Larkin Garbee

Founder of 804RVA, the 1st technology coworking space in Richmond, VA. Strong business, bootstrapping & entrepreneurial skills. Business degree from VCU, 2005.

ID 586806

Alex Young

Successful technology sales representative with a curious case of wanderlust and a knack for helping others reach their potential.

ID 404159


Director of Tours & Marketing for a culinary tour company, connecting food and beer lovers with the dynamic culinary and craft beer scene in Denver.

ID 861727

Roger Renecke

ID 664189

Damion Nabarrete

UX Designer & Front End Developer with a love for Entrepreneurship, product development and product marketing.

ID 540205

Ryan Wetter

Fordham BS, Writer, Video producer, Web Development Enthusiast

ID 461501

James Heimbuck

Product Manager with startup experience - Known for breaking down complex customer problems into opportunities and delivering on time results.

ID 707858

Seth Musulin

ID 612302

Ryan Roemmich

I've spent my career as a full-stack developer (since before the term existed!). I feel that my strength lies in back-end systems and services.

ID 35595

Bobby Blackstock

Full-stack Web Developer & CPA

ID 483410

Jeremy J. Black

An active "Serial Entrepreneur" who created many firsts in business and technology - built and sold companies for profit and made new cutting edge products.

ID 684715

Denny Armstrong

An experienced full cycle sales rep and account manager with strong lead generation skills.    

ID 617212

Kendall Dallow

ID 482802

Adam Bouck

Full-stack developer in specializing in Angular.JS with Ruby on Rails or Node.JS on the back end. Business acumen and an entrepreneurial mindset.

ID 285447

Benjamin Friesen

Multi-skilled designer & art director aiming to apply the curious nature of a kid to the creation of compelling visual responses and experiences in both print and digital.

ID 873967

Triston Dimery

The pursuit is to work in the realm of development & creative strategy. Collab with brands to develop the new standard of influence through creative solutions.

ID 474346

Drew Elder


Mutual Fund exec who has dabbled in private investing.

ID 143418

Shawn Kercher

Worked at @comcast, @recondo-technology and @local-matters

ID 555715

Geenie Celento

ID 618312

John Kelly

Award-winning debater with years of non-profit leadership, a record of tremendous growth, and a commitment to finding unique solutions to long-standing problems

ID 685408

Wendy Henkelman

ID 376342

Renae Wells

Web Project Manager, Ecommerce Specialist, BoS in Web Design and Interactive Media, 8+ Years Experience

ID 254785

John Loughridge

Founder & CEO of ShowUp.

ID 275067

Amy Marcantonio

ID 46304

Ellen Cline

Co-Founder of @robot-recruit

ID 469805

Greg Luebke

Major Account Executive, Grew new territories and verticals for large multinational company. Experience in relationship and account management.

ID 393208

Corey Robbins

Experienced sales and marketing candidate, business background & education, highly motivated

ID 495033

Alan Hernandez

Up and coming entrepreneur and programmer. Currently a master at sales and public speaking. Latest project involves application development with a 3 man team.

ID 419025

Bennett Whitley

ID 687385

Jody Grossman

Sales Strategy & Marketing Specialist with start-up experience in hotels, restaurants and music venues.

ID 287461

Tim Karre

MBA University of Phoenix.

ID 234928

Carly Proffitt

ID 860852

James Harman

ID 643923

Bethany Ary

Content Creator & Brand Strategist with 15 years of experience working with Fortune 500 brands across the business spectrum.

ID 59565

Matt Bell


Managing Director

ID 314184

Ivan Barney

ID 269882

Jay Clark

ID 181607

Charles Stepback

Working at @trada crushing it in sales

ID 464744

John Sutton

National Management and Sales Leader - Startup and Creative Consultant - National and Global Fortune 500 Experience

ID 499065

Joe Schubert

Operations, marketing and sales minded

ID 384038

Blake Arensdorf

Data Scientist. Analytics @ Datalogix.

ID 650302

Kevin Chansky

@CU-Boulder alum. Marketing and Business Development Pro by day/Coder by night. Former @pawngo and @humanmvmnt rockstar. Pug lover and displaced Bostonian.

ID 767302

Owen Lamb

Geo Data, Python, ETL, Analytics

ID 552653

Melissa Bagley

Ambitious MBA Candidate

ID 484676

Nicole Duda

Strong knowledge of marketing and social media. Experience with Microsoft Office, Excel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Adobe Creative Suite. Meticulous and able to communicate effectively.

ID 496187

Romeeka Gayhart

Student of Jumpstart Lab - Web Developer - General Enthusiast

ID 454863

Austin Stoltzfus

Front-end and UI Guru, recent grad, freelanced at a startup during senior year, agile development experience, and back-end development experience

ID 485583

Andrew Morrow

Founder @fittif-intl

ID 209131



ID 549035

Jordan White

Freelance journalist for FOX Sports and ESPN

ID 660489

Austin Redd


ID 485533

Bryana Knight

D.C. native, gSchool student, missing Mallorca

ID 140065

Kirk Erickson

Agile brand development and digital technology specialist with clientele ranging from early stage start-ups to established Fortune 500's, across all categories.

ID 475491

Anthony D. Walker, MBA

BA, International Business/MBA. Sixteen years IT sales/marketing experience, which includes Enterprise and SMB IT solutions.

ID 751534

Curtis V

ID 100033

Victor Barrera

Social media strategist currently with Pure Brand Management. @reddit user. Esports enthusiast. Hot sauce connoisseur. Appreciator of good music.

ID 595749

Michael Lengel

I click'n'clack @beCraftsy. Then run around town & make music noises @distantcorr. Traded Ohio for beautiful Colorado.

ID 179289

Joshua Owen

I have 10 years business development, inside sales and sales management experience working for software start ups like Confio Software, UC4 Software, and established companies such as MIQS and Activant Solutions.

ID 321906

Steven Pesavento

Business focused entrepreneur working to disrupt status quo Project Manager - Community Developer - Managment & Strategy Consultant - Business Developer

ID 783468

Kerry Van Iseghem


ID 260979

Danielle Espinel

UI Designer - Graphic designer with more than ten years of experience.

ID 768237

Jonathan Nott, MBA

ID 599685

Alex Juel

Sr. Specialist at Inflow, Inc. Doing internet marketing professionally since 2005. Experienced working in startups.

ID 494034

Jesse Cowan

Currently at @gamewisp; Founded a recording/production company out of college. Strong focus on quality content creation and enabling creators.

ID 782548

Fion Wan

Tech-startup enthusiast with proven experience in leadership, communications, and project management, looking to expand into sales and business development.

ID 410705

Norman Morand

ID 763346

Arun Balakrishnan

ID 855447

Brian Clark

Full Sail University, partner at American Marketing, multimedia designer, social media management, win or die mindset. 

ID 81055

Shannon Duffy

Law Clerk

ID 720420

Drew McGeein

Midwest roots, relationship manager, business development, growing small business

ID 451137

Benjamin Head

Founder Shatter Buggy, Inc. • Worked at @jetblue-airways, @world-airways • Studied at @university-of-southern-indiana, @vincennes-university

ID 359401

Ted Stites

Seasoned Executive

ID 224141

Dusty Fisher

Passion + Experience, Knows What works: STEM and STEAM ... designed to build our future. STEM = STEAM

ID 159492

Timothy Whalin

UX/UI Designer with 12 Years experience ranging from startups, enterprise, marketing, education, government, and tv media.

ID 759714

John C. Baumgarten Sr

I have had a successful career in selling and business development for over 20 years in a variety of technical and consumer oriented companies.

ID 489897

Patric Timmermans

Marketing Exec with Industrial Engineering PhD. Hands-on. Analytical. Experience including Principal Architect to VP of Marketing.

ID 52651


Co-Founder & VP Sales/Distribution @CoolTreats4Dogs. Worked six years as Sales Rep in natural food distribution. BA Communications U of Florida, 2005.

ID 163309

Martin Tindall


Part of Kronos International Invesments, Kronos invests, incubates and consults with companies in the fields of real estate, renewables, beverages and tech.

ID 713520

Matthew Helm

Development Lead at Petrolr

ID 152902

Jimmy Iles

Studied at @kutztown-university-of-pennsylvania, Director of Artist Relations @ Beat-Play & Music Without Labels, LLC

ID 202315

James Nordlie


President @archiventure-group-pc-architects. Senior Designer @skidmore-owings-merrill-llp-1, Project Architect @perkins-eastman. Investor @boomcloud.

ID 74742


ID 558667


Things can be done in two ways. One with mastering and other without. Ability and the ease in you defines the path.

ID 396673

David Taggart

Highly passionate sales director who thrives on building sales programs in the start up world

ID 240291

Donald Deptowicz

Bio for Donald Deptowicz Don Deptowicz is a Results Oriented Senior Executive with an outstanding track record in engineering, program management and quality, using Six-Sigma and Lean tools. He excels at being an inspirational and resourceful leader.

ID 713151

Daniel Weiske, CISSP, CISA, CAP, NSA-IAM

Cyber Security Executive, Company Owner, Currently work with commercial and federal entities for system security and compliance.

ID 841758

Sydni Williams

Experienced Marketing and Communications Professional; Content Marketing Guru; Focused on Improving Companies; Loves Process, Innovation and a Challenge.

ID 838162

Jesse Clum

Experienced manager

ID 721634

Jason Lewis

ID 432875

Brandon Hosch

Young and full of unbound creative energy, fresh perspective, and can be a motivator wherever I go

ID 586092

Matt Schoepflin

Work at Boost Hockey • Worked at @old-school-hockey, Studied Communications - Former NCAA Hockey player

ID 77214

Robby McClure


REO Agent, McClure & Associates - Colorado, California, Arizona

ID 69725

Evan Carlson

Creator of @cncpts. Worked at startups to companies like American Express & Volkswagen. Semi-professional athlete, foodie & truly defining the term a generalist.

ID 229379

Nicholas Veith

Founder @pocument, Pocument • Worked at @homeadvisor • Studied at @the-king-s-college

ID 46167

Nick Thompson

Studied at @art-institute-of-colorado

ID 547343

Aaron Connell

Founder •

ID 182556

Jon Maynard

Worked at @hewlett-packard • Studied at @eastern-kentucky-university

ID 802022

Greg Holliday

10+ year record of sustained results and sales awards in highly competitive environments. Consistently recognized for over goal performance.

ID 781093

Nagarjunareddy Ilavala

Doing cs in uc denver, worked in wipro under project shell, we Developed user interface ‘GRIS’ using Visual Studio 2010 as IDE, C# Language and SQL as a backend

ID 546424

Molly Halton

ID 440184

Charles Von Thun


B.S. Aero CEO Decisioneering Inc, Founded True Project, PositiveWare, Hangar 30, Flonomics, experience non-profits, analytics, strategy, leadership & governance

ID 683207

Josh Suprenant

Resourceful IT Customer Support Specialist Offering 6+ Years of Experience, A.K.A. Your Future Application Guru and All-Around Nice Guy

ID 283294

Todd Biggs


Advisor @touchmail, just relocated to @denver, worked for @microsoft on WindowsPhone, @marketplaces, @app-stores, @education , @email , @messaging , & developers.

ID 416085

Sean S

Founder of two early stage startups. Sales and Marketing expert with agency design experience.

ID 108267

Mark Cade

Senior Solution Architect at @softwareag . Author of Java EE Architect Certification. MBA from Regis University.

ID 278363

Nick Veith

Co-Founder Pocument

ID 587565

Scott Vitale

Full stack developer and co-founder of Happiest when I'm getting things done and learning new technologies, frameworks, and patterns.

ID 12117

Jim Battagliese

Traffic industry exec with a track record of success (Shadow Traffic, XM Radio, and WTOP-FM) in building and scaling large Traffic Reporting groups.

ID 57825

Joseph Guerrero

Senior Partner/Consultant

ID 36277

Matt Anderson

Co-Founder and CTO, Coldwater Software, LLC. Software Architect and Developer for @microsoft Corporation.

ID 403397

Chris Mackintosh

Founder / Visual Designer at indiegraphic llc. Constantly learning and always thinking.

ID 569675

Brandon Makes

Mountain made designer with a cross-discipline between print and interactive design. Successfully launched many iOS + Android apps for Enterprise companies.

ID 49495

Jason Wicker

Chief Technical Officer at @sneezebox and UX Application Architect at @ip-commerce, Inc. Blogger, Born-Leader, Social Media Expert, Super Architect and Innovator.

ID 204169

jamie sieb

Worked at @qrlicious, @lifetouch • Studied at @rocky-mountain-college-of-art-design

ID 27429

Jaylan D Phillips

Business Development Manager, Sales and Marketing Support for an industry leading HVAC equipment distributor.

ID 685186

Randall Ayers

Strong technical background in software engineering, but balanced with experience in all aspects of Product Management

ID 560170

Ashley Hammond

Founder of financial non-profit, driven entrepreneur, networking guru, trust generator and meticulous listener.

ID 397529

Michaella Dirkes

Brand & interaction designer who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty with some code.

ID 184833

Mike Worley

CEO of @Clymb Marketing • Content Marketing & Marketing Automation background Worked at @david-c-cook

ID 30198

Sami Ibrahim

Founder - Agility Solutions; Senior Risk Consultant at AA; Accounting Professor at CU.

ID 588242

Daniel Seatvet

Marketing driver looking for part-time opportunity to grow your business!

ID 656731

Chris Arnold

Founder @authentic-form-function

ID 458783

James Bennett

ID 26866

Brad Cowdrey

Managing Partner and Chief Architect of @clear-peak. Management Consulting, BI System Integration, Scientific Modeling.!/bradcowdrey

ID 815581

Dawn Repola

CEO and co-founder MACH; CEO and founder Aegis Creative. Life-long entrepreneur and business professional.

ID 47538

Craig Sirkin


Network Engineer, Architect and Technical Manager specializing in solving complex problems with simple design at Level 3 and for customers of Juniper Networks.

ID 659960

Katie Tomarchio

Experienced account manager and finance strategist looking for a new adventure.

ID 46832

Paul Spieker


ID 784843

Alice Kassinger

ID 767294

Dana Stein

ID 31616

David Whitten

35+ years experience in ICT industry. Executive positions in marketing and strategic development. Senior VP and GM research at @gartner. Several advisory boards.

ID 765702

Andrew Disney

ID 659786

Michael Dixon Jr

Serial Entrepreneur - Dreamer - Creator of Creative Things

ID 782223

Holli Schaub

Founder of Humble Suds. Branding, web and print design background. Chemical safety advocate.

ID 315589

Lorin Karr

ID 748144

Adam Profitt

ID 775106

Derek Brown

ID 774233

Matthew Lane

Highly adaptable communicator, fast learner, leader.

ID 506936

Amanda Gonzales

Strong success with sales and business development.

ID 781249

Laurie Rydzeski Dick

ID 777238

Shi Wen Li


Exploring investments

ID 774931

Stephanie Ollmann

ID 782071

Brock Buttrick

ID 166569

Courtney Krenz

During his college years, Courtney Krenz's competed in his colleges' track and field and varsity wrestling teams.

ID 767396

Stephen Wright


Investor with interest in media and enterprise software sectors.

ID 775134

Megan McMullin

ID 768208

Laura Pionek

ID 783254

Robert Blank

Founder of Birdnest. “The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” - J.M. Barrie

ID 755748

Mara Kinney

Tulane University graduate, class of 2014. Research Experience.

ID 736863

Eric Dyer, MS, RT (R) (CT)


My education and experience are in Medical Imaging and Information Systems. At present I operate a consulting company based in Parker, CO.

ID 755313

Patrick Vahey


President at Greenline Ventures

ID 791120

Frank Huang

ID 761582

Graham McBain

Expert entrepreneur, junior engineer.

ID 801928

Kyle Huelsman

ID 795748

Tiffany Michelle Wilkins

ID 747620

Anirudh Menon

University of Colorado, Boulder MS Interdisciplinary Telecom, interested in the networking field, will have done N/W engg and python by the time of internship

ID 800002

Jill Petre

ID 761347

Melissa Blair


ID 806162

Crista Lash

Blogger / Social Media

ID 810572

Aaron Roppolo

ID 806723

Steve Mahedy

ID 794867

Jenna Lee Scott

ID 733377

Michael Vanaskie

ID 748856

Megan V


ID 808463

Dan Laffin

Experienced Operations Engineer, Software Architect, Technology Consultant and Advisor.

ID 758427

Caleb Breckon

ID 731632

Zach Krogdahl

ID 790878

Gail Bartell

ID 726370

Dan Voss

ID 704890

Erin Walrath

ID 707650

Gaurang Sharma

Sales Head Codeware LLC

ID 707690

Brant Roth

ID 823817

Brittany Morris

Corporate and Special Events Planner who is social media and tech savvy.

ID 822503

Sean Michael

Front-end developer, designer, and JavaScript aficionado that has ample experience working with clients and clearly communicating ideas.

ID 723360

Jacquelyn Pyun

ID 815469

Brian Burke

Successful enterprise software sales engineer

ID 720390

Karyn Kistler

ID 711111

April Connolly

I am a no-nonsense, fact-based decision maker who builds unique online experiences for consumers.

ID 725118

Derek Baird


Software executive, healthcare IT veteran.

ID 828437

Jordan Beberfeld

ID 825560

Mike Reetz

Collaboration technologist and business leader seeking a new opportunity and challenge

ID 725974

Martin Thomsen


Have always provided accounting services for start-ups and got a feeling which ones work and which ones do not.

ID 707685

Anne Costigan

ID 718669

Alexandra (Allie) Banks

ID 811614

Meghan Shaw

ID 699454

Yizhe Xu

Data analyst, R user, Economics and business background

ID 726747

Rachel Taylor

I'm very new to programming, just trying to get started!

ID 830230

Charles Davison

ID 677572

Paul Gillis


Biotech investor

ID 849964

Ethan Holien


Co-Founder & CEO at Handll, CEO at Format Dynamics

ID 835569

Susan Wilhelm

ID 675970

Emily Boland

ID 697434

Gabe Gonzales

ID 830142

Ian Knox

Full Stack Developer, graduated from Galvanize's gSchool

ID 848935

Samantha Slater

ID 836273

Peter Jin

Full Stack LAMP Engineer

ID 843102

Randy Manning


I am an attorney who has worked for multiple start up law firms and administrative support companies.

ID 688149

Robert Jaffe



ID 692711

Gina Barrios

IT Leader, IT Project Manager, Business Analyst, Applications Analyst, the works!

ID 675584

Randy Anderson

Operations support for high growth space build outs, purchasing, business process development, culture growth, sales, events, tech equipment.

ID 679757

Alex Kruger

ID 674954

Keegan Miller

ID 689647

zac potterfield

Was born. Currently living.

ID 683974

William Luce IV

Accountant looking for a role in an exciting, young company

ID 831789

Brian Donahue

ID 671566

Cullen Jett

Web Developer

ID 840824

Kate Terry

ID 840608

Hilary Denton

Graduate of the Turing School

ID 851574

Josh Higgins

ID 662450

Rosie Howard


Seductive Princess. Femdom. Findom. Wallet Rape Extraordinaire. Blackmail Connoisseur. Since 2010, I've have the best job ever.

ID 632149

Adam Colbert

Hardcore sales hunter. Loves the thrill of closing a deal and driving revenue. Seeking opportunity to leverage vast skill set in a startup environment.

ID 871216

Luther G Branham

ID 851699

Cameron White

Founder at Mesh. My stack is MEAN. Angular for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

ID 869408

Jorge Gordita

I've yet to discover if I am immortal or not.

ID 861538

Jeff Rollins

Electrical engineer who programs for a living. Helped verify multiple ASIC designs.

ID 634968

Gretchen Rosenberg

Gretchen Faber serves as a founding member and Broker Manager of The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek, the top-performing real estate firm in Denver.

ID 647830

Mitchell Bloom

ID 640899

Courtney Jones

ID 862947

David Allbrook

ID 657714

Klifton Finley

ID 867270

Mike D

ID 639347

Chad Perlov

Founder & CEO at Similan Labs. Former general counsel at IT solutions/app dev company.

ID 851506

Anna Christie

ID 666411

Maggie H

Experienced sales professional and trusted advisor to startups to Fortune 100 providing solutions to technology, operational and financial problems.

ID 642302

Larry McKeogh

I translate vision into execution by taking 1 + 1 and getting Pi using my produt managment / marketing experience. Co-founder Rocky Mountain ProductCamp.

ID 854996

Fred Latimer


Worked in packaging sales 27 years. Equity and real estate investor

ID 870813

Kent Lewiss


Investsing in payment processing platforms, crowdfunding platforms, social media platforms, affinity specific platforms, & eMarketing and fundraising companies 

ID 873035

Mitch Boggeman

University of Missouri-Columbia graduate

ID 608073

David Formisano

Internationally educated, corporately trained, looking to grow and make a difference in a small organization.

ID 629366

Thomas Brown

Actively make the world better every day

ID 884154

Tom Burgess

ID 586207

Paul Wehde


International adventurer and investor.

ID 591584

Evan Lepolt

ID 584022

MacNeil Jaehnert

Social media @cactusdenver, former @breckenridgemtn, @vailresorts, @campeagleridge. International MBA @danielsatdu @uofdenver. Tweets are mine, and only mine.

ID 593042

Ian Nappier

Brown management consultant and strategy experty

ID 603325

Adam Murray

Riding the Bull all the way to the promise land! #Trading #DayTrading #Investments

ID 589601

Laura Silva

Work in house cleaning for 5 yr,student in Denver School of Massage Therapy, MGM Grand Housekeeper for 10 years. looking to clean commercial in Denver City area

ID 878109

frank montana


ID 596892

bryon bren

ID 605742

Dave Broudy

ID 877789

Clinton Jenkins


ID 621110

Th Smith

ID 879826

Shannon Apfel

ID 881540

Marco A. Gonzalez Hernandez

ID 585286

Dylan Grey Aksomitas

Front End Web Developer | Dreamer | Entrepreneur

ID 602209

Brandon Jernigan

Full Stack Developer that has primarily worked with Ruby on Rails for the past 3 years.

ID 597729

Christopher Stimmel

Woking pun nub

ID 874588

Mike Marasch

ID 562352

Jon Johnson

ID 582749

Nguyen Dinh Nguyen

Aspiring "Engipreneur". Computer engineering student at University of Denver. Strong creativity backed with a sharp analytical mind.

ID 534600

Rebecca Anderson

ID 540312

Keith Nicholson


I am the father of two active boys who already participate in physical sports such as skiing and ice hockey. Being informed as to the repercussions of such activities is of utmost importance to my family.

ID 548818

Todd Wallis

Instrumentation and Control Engineer and so much more

ID 543315

Michael Mosley

ID 530991

Christian Gani


Founded nothing to date - but certainly intrigued and interested when the right opportunity arises.

ID 527281

Crystal Jacquez

Freshly minted Mobile App Developer with Marketing and Media Background seeks Dynamic team to test her problem solving skills.

ID 576786

Scott Stringe

I come from a 35 year professional career focused on supporting computing hardware & associated devices. I have developed methods for Awesome PC Configurations

ID 558474

Justyn Hansen

Hard working professional seeking company to join and gain business experience. My main trade is accounting so can be in that type of role to start.

ID 579557

Paula Telck

ID 524836

Alexander Lyubomirov

Very capable and fast learner , will be your boost to success.

ID 575990

Matthew Paur

Sales Professional, University of San Diego grad, Worked at Quad Learning, Inc., and Follett Corporation

ID 527068

Natalie Smotkin

ID 537974

Alexander Cusic

ID 546734

Bob Boyles

20+ year IT generalist, jack of many trades, extensive startup experience, founder, director.

ID 551233

Tyler Flanagan

Experienced manager. Training experience. Multi Unit Management. Boosted sales by over 40% at multiple locations.

ID 582724

Evan Berlin


VP of Operations at PaySimple

ID 567010

Justin Mihalcin

ID 543632

Doug McCready

A passionate IT Leader, I'm skilled at aligning Technology Assets to Business Strategies & leading Initiatives that deliver predictable, high quality outcomes.

ID 494198

Mark Richardson

Delta college, lost over 100 pounds, and I have written 2 books.

ID 511794

FullContact/AngelList API developer account

ID 496831

Steve [PadreJake] Jacobson

ID 494318

Matthew Smith


Serial entrepreneur, CEO and investor.

ID 481872

Veronica Skudlarczyk

User Experience Architect / Product Lead

ID 507680

Davey Bessette

Expert Photographer, Novice iOS app developer, Graduate in the study of Economics.

ID 487784

Ryan Hartinger

High achieving sales representative at Cincinnati Bell with strong marketing background (Ohio State University 2011).

ID 487773

haley nemann

ID 517240

Zalman Silber

Neurological Surgery Residency Program approved Neurosurgeon with 6 years experience.

ID 489833

Kevin Velasquez

Student, self-taught, entrepreneur, blogger. One of those guys that stays up late reading Paul Graham's essays.

ID 469584

Joe Verderaime

Launched two new firms - health care IT and Physician Practice, Created innovative service line support model capturing attention nationwide

ID 473300

Scott M Carpenter



ID 501293

Rob Simon

Social Media Guru and Integrated Marketing Expert: A Rare Combo.

ID 461314

Colin Jenks

ID 478257

Jonathan Jensen


Serial entrepreneur. Recently sold midstream energy business.

ID 479496

Maggie Farley Certified

ID 508301

Shawn Swisher

MBA, played integral role in the development and launch of 6 successful Android / iOS Apps

ID 493278

Alex Manzanares

Project/Product management ninja; led killer products for travel, banking, ecommerce clients

ID 521145

David Ringelman


Partner at Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott LLP

ID 467791

Matthew Hendricks

Worked at @ninjatrader, @falcon-trading-systems

ID 414383

Trish Rogers

Vice Chair of Business Group at Moye White LLP, Adjunct Professor at CU Law, Adventure Traveler, Ocean Conservationist

ID 421912

Stephanie McKay

ID 432773

Casey Richter

ID 433321

Michael Kilcoyne

Experienced sales professional, that has been on the ground floor of start ups and brought product to market.

ID 462506

Lena Giacomini


ID 450355

Coty DiSalle

Recent grad looking for any opportunity with a tech startup, preferably in a marketing, product, or sales role.

ID 404512

Curt Nelson

ID 425059

Kenny Greer


Interested angel investor with a career in investment banking and the founder of a boutique investment bank.

ID 460685

Buddy Hall


Have owned several businesses and now looking to invest in a few start ups that look stong for IPO's. Anyone can help me find this?? Thanks

ID 464688

Patrick King

Open Source Software aficionado; versed in Virtualization, Embedded Linux design; Full stack experience

ID 408932

James Foy

Biz Dev guru who is technically adept as well as business savy

ID 433606

Mike Kobneck

Novum Concepts Ltd. was created by a group of paramedics who sought out to change EMS. By using first hand experience we make products that save lives.

ID 448723

Tom Barron

ID 457293

Jillian Clark

Successful producer at 130% of sales goals YTD. Strong background in customer service, professional sports and retail. Worked at Chase Bank, Sprint, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Pro Fastpitch.

ID 428767

Jordan Angelos

Worked or top developer

ID 416131

James Crowe


Founded MFS Communications. Sold for $14.3 billion. Founded Level 3 communications. Company has $6.3 billion in revenues.

ID 408978

Frank Miller


Founder Cornfed Systems. Third startup. Worked for two previously acquired startups, Rockwell Collins, and NASA

ID 433365


individual investor

ID 466211

Cherry Creek Shuttle

Please Call 303-761-0111 We Will Give You a Express Shuttle Services to & from Denver International Airport,Door to-Doo

ID 449799

Susan Lassiter-Lyons



ID 398817

Dave Rodenbaugh


ID 380298

Jim Johnson

Experienced business development and product executive with deep startup experience including successful exits.

ID 410530

Chris N. Tzortzis, Esq.

Licensed attorney, looking to add value and contribute to the growth of an energetic company with my unique skills and set of expiriences.

ID 401080

Bryan Armentrout


Quality Assurance professional in the Food and Beverage markets. Leadership roles determining the strategic course of companies for the last 15 years.

ID 385687

Colin Williams

Sales and Marketing guru, worked with SaaS companies in IT security and paid search/SEM company.

ID 390813

Michelle Grover

ID 401551

Doug Looms


ID 401324

James M Bean

On fire extraordinary customer liaison. Executive technologist

ID 400209

Nichola Dotson

Founder Your Smartphone Repair Corp. First Manager position at 19 yrs of age. Former Business Analyst at Sprint Communications.

ID 407727

sean southard

ID 380128

Hailey Poehlman

11 years’ experience in customer service, 5 years’ experience in coordinating and 4 years event coordinating and marketing and sales experience.

ID 410334

Chris Hoeye

ID 381590

dayton kellenberger

ID 377011


Seasoned PM with a talent for admin, creative mindset, production background and a passion for emerging technology.

ID 395877

Matt Stopa

Author of The Rapid Rubyist - #277 for Rails Core Commits - Rails Organization Team Member -

ID 378788

Frank Hofmeister


A serial entrepreneur with six startups over the past 40+ years, plus three angel investment ventures, all focused on helping expand the startup community.

ID 396954

Kyle D. Henderson

Principal of :: Advisory Board Member of,,,

ID 394380

Navid Ahmadi

ID 401357

Nick Bollinger

ID 391701

Nicole's Madison

ID 361183

Angela Toney

Stack Overflow rep

ID 361516

Andy Hawkes

ID 311561

Eric W. Brown

ID 380896

Courtney Swanson

ID 359237

Gary Wilder

Seasoned business veteran, specialist in the financial and credit business,

ID 354275

Brandon Ramlet

Digital Communications Specialist @ Tri-State G&T, E/M-commerce Designer/Project Coordinator @millercoors, Freelance Web/UX/Visual Designer

ID 357872

Blair Rollenhagen

Information Technology Leader | Business Owner | Entreprenuer | Investor

ID 350348

Lee Gonzales

ID 303429

Mithun Raj Nanjegowda

ID 323925

Garrett Hass

Head of Sales and Marketing at Maui Helicopter Tours. CFO for Phmantis Design in Lakewood Colorado. B.S. in Business Administration from UC-Denver.

ID 344005

Alex Benko

ID 356859

Karen Garofalo

ID 358078

John Moruzzi

ID 374048

Jennifer Beaber

ID 371460

Stacy Decker

Creative and thoughtful development engineer that leverages the subconscious to solve complex problems.

ID 329313

Todd Brock

Dedicated management professional with several years of progressive leadership experience in surpassing financial and service objectives through first-rate service delivery. Equipped with 14 years of extensive experience in sales and marketing along with

ID 322150

Mathew Brown

Sales Evangelist; Net New Account Focus; Quick Revenue Impact; Large Network; Hunter; Impact player;

ID 369504

Kyle Longwell

ID 310731

Patrick Ahearn


Derivatives trading, predictive analytics, banking disintermediation investor

ID 374069

Webb Henderson

has anyone seen my keys

ID 282997

Todd Biggs

Strategy Advisor TouchMail, relocating to @denver, worked for @microsoft on @windows Phone, @marketplaces, @appstores, @edu, @email, messaging, & developers.

ID 221689

Usman Sattar

Physician / Entrepreneur. Interested in #mHealth #HealthIT #DigitalHealth #IoT #BigData #Innovation #Startups

ID 300456

Eric Miller

UI Dev at BarkleyREI.

ID 188682

Bryan McKae

ID 259714

Jason Sanders

ID 198438

Regan Shea

ID 208499

Gareth Dismore


Founder SearchSpring, SalesGust. Previously built marketing, CRM & E-Commerce apps for HSBC, Assurant, AT&T and Reliant Energy.

ID 197771

Jessica Rusin

Experienced Technology Leader and Software Engineer

ID 238258

Phil Gates


ID 262793

Kenny Sandhu


Seed investments of $10-$25K in 4 startups over the last 5 years.

ID 254019

Luke Dennis

Javascript Samurai, Interface Obsessive, Primary Architect of mobile app and backend API.

ID 284511

Meghan Herlehy

More than 4 years of combined experience in Account Relationship Management, SaaS Sales and Marketing Campaign Development. Skilled in conceptual ideation and identifying client needs for multiple projects - meeting goals in a fast paced, deadline oriente

ID 234192

Ryan Refsdal

ID 203179

Darrin Zeer

Founder @connected-yoga

ID 290038

Laura Vallen

Media Relations Intern, Editorial, Marketing, Sales Intern, Event Planning Experience, Social Media Savy, Division 1 Soccer player

ID 281242

David Holmes


Founded AtLast Fulfillment, sold to Newgistics.

ID 251873

Mark Testa, DC, MHA, MCS-P

Co-Founder Patient Approved, seasoned chiropractor with advanced accomplishments, a masters in health administration and an entrepreneurial spirit. Have built numerous, successful healthcare practices; business development and new markets.

ID 304052

Sean Chapin

2 years experience in financial analysis

ID 279553

Liz St. Lawrence

Aspiring Entrepreneur and Business Development/Sales Professional. Strong and proven record of driving new business and building relationships within the IT sector (TEKsystems). Ability to manage existing relationships, plan events, and oversee marketing

ID 200251

C. A. Beninati

Owner of web and mobile development and consulting for some of the largest school districts, energy drink and museums in the US.

ID 138177

Matt Vegas

Founder Denver Data Solutions • Worked at Google and Microsoft; Over 15 years of Software Development experience, strong business/tech/leadership background

ID 179390

Grant Beery

ID 108159

Eric Eide

CTO that can code like a banshee

ID 187790

Brandon Clapp

ID 139473

Nathan Barnes

Project manager, director of a film festival, and logistics coordinator.

ID 181727

Nicholas James Pedler

Nicholas James Pedler, a Denver-based Finance and Accounting Consultant who specializes in financial services and green energy sectors

ID 151297

Manoj Regmi

ID 105225

SankarSumanth Sarode

ID 126122

Christopher Hayen

Web, backend, and iOS Developer.

ID 104768

Robert Doherty

ID 176966

Vasily Vasinov

ID 144302

Lin Merage

CEO, @solne-collections-online-eco-green-department-store

ID 114529

Owen Myran

Partner at Systems Management Group. Investor at @all-things-cities.

ID 160907

Greg Vochis

ID 179158

Richard Teresi

Fulltime faculty member @ the Westwood College Online School of Justice, presently serves as a Criminal Law Instructor & fulfills several leadership functions.

ID 111436


Mathematician, iOS developer

ID 135610

Michael Montgomery

Director of Photography at @all-things-cities. Former Lead Photographer at Cities2Night.

ID 173159

Kenneth D. Heller

In the year after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Kenneth D. Heller appeared in numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

ID 134234

Dan Brazier

CEO, COO, Managing Director, Investor

ID 158173

Robert Clark Day III

A rebellious youth, Robert Clark Day III straightened out in the United State Marine Corps.

ID 101612

Jonathan Schreiber

Investment Management Consultant at FactSet Research Systems

ID 91986

Jim Ray

Rails developer, lead developer on conversion, co-founder of

ID 63784

Eric Laughlin

Investor in @reignnet, @propadoo, @voip-review, @streamstep, @citizen-shipper.

ID 99402

Heather Beserra

ID 92215

Jason Bernal

CMO and CFO of I Am Smart Technology, Inc

ID 85964

Jennifer Fuicelli

CEO at @advanced-medical

ID 90599

Nickolaus Casares

ID 84465

Sasha Shtern

ID 90622

Nathan Joynt

SEO Manager and Internet Marketing Strategist

ID 98697

Grant Eckhardt


Vice President at All American Moving Services. Investor at @all-things-cities.

ID 103918

T Derek Schouten

Founded @peakvibe, LLC

ID 99234

Kellen Wise

Accounting Manager at Greenough Consulting Group. Help startups build finance/accounting/HR/biz development departments from scratch. QuickBooks Pro.

ID 98883

Cheryl Rademacher

Director Risk Management - Payments at Western Union

ID 100640

Lindsey Demrow

Staffing Manager at Supplemental Health Care

ID 100185

Trevor Pettennude


ID 75837

Dale Zink

CEO/COO/CFO. IT, Energy, Cleantech. Ran 2 startups over the past 9 years. Fundraising. Purdue Grad

ID 95666

Christof Stork

Research Fellow at Hallibuton

ID 91143

David Van Duzer

Software Systems Engineer with diverse ISP background; Bachelor of Philosophy; All Around Swell Guy

ID 69992

vangyi chongtoua

Founder @yestogoodlife-com, @csp-group, @countonme-us

ID 86074

Lou Johnson

ID 53116

Randeep Rekhi

ID 21270

Cirrus Fernandez

Investor in @legalworks, @component-source, @mobile-monitors.

ID 35380

Michael Usrey

ID 50982

Sylvia Pankiewicz

Marketing Manager at @freightcenter-com, Business Development Specialist, SEO, SEM, Social Media Expert, managed multi-million marketing budgets and accounts

ID 70111

Lauren Cook

Vice President of Client Strategy at JESS3. Former CEO & Founder of Swarm Collective. Vice President & Co-Founder of @projectspark-foundation.

ID 62307

Patrick Ancillotti

Director of Operations Engineering, Fixer, Cloud Guy, ex-Racker (@rackspace).

ID 31759

Adam Sullivan

Co-Founder of @clarity Software Solutions

ID 49704

John Murray

Online Strategy, DevOps, Architecture and Technology Leadership. Certified Scrum Master.

ID 38633

Ben Johnson

ID 56423

Todd Tyrrell

Top performing sales exec who has grown multimillion dollar sales channels for Dow Jones & Co., NY Times and start-ups. Passion for selling disruptive tech.

ID 34442

Tom Jeffries

Co-founder and Executive Vice President of @apartment-data-xchange

ID 76697

Dee Rambeau


Vice President of Customer Engagement at PR Newswire

ID 49635

Juan Sanchez

Designer & Partner at Tack Mobile. Building FieldTest. Senior Editor for UX Magazine.

ID 66966

Laura Leighton

Founder at ZoomerangKidz, Inc. an innovative, creative mobile application series that empowers children 5-10. Creator of similar school program.

ID 36905

Jodie Barr

Founder, began began marketing management for cloud services when they were in their infancy at QCS - one of the original ASPs.

ID 65157

Win Stewart


Managing Partner at Walnut Creek Investments

ID 67014

A J Cohen

IMBUE Strategy-Founder: Strategic Marketing at CO Green Gears / Pro Auto Care

ID 33678

Julia Rossi

Corporate O/S sales for a decade working in prof services, currently consuting for a PEO. It is my time to step into my passion for business by owning my own.

ID 49894

Brad Paz

CEO of MyCompanyAccess.

ID 77450

Gerred Dillon

ID 30697

John Eckstein

Investor in @somatogen, @irons-brewing-company. Advisor to @what-s-going-round.

ID 2213


ID 15692

Bobby Martyna

Serial entrepreneur, currently CEO of Tradavo and Managing Director of Consumer Equity Partners. Founded and developed bootstrapped and VC backed firms.

ID 89136

John Hudson


Experienced banker, advisor, and angel investor. Strong financial and tech background (Merrill Lynch, Sun, Symbol, @preservation-capital).

ID 889365

Patty Graner

Experienced Marketer, Event Planner, Writer, Content Strategist and Project Manager

ID 23929

Mark Peterson

ID 8638

Ed Odenwalder

ID 298228

Allen Wolff


Co-Founder @plumdiggity @paysimple. $40M in invested capital during his tenure at @spacevest. Early investor @crowdrise @roozt-1 @paysimple .

ID 16489

Ryan H

ID 889351

Alex McRitchie

Gschool, Full Stack web development; specialized in Javascript, Rails, HTML, and CSS

ID 30167

Ladislav Lettovsky

Consultant with @proven success in M&A, BizDev, BizOps, and R&D roles with a strong foundation in eCommerce, awarded 2 US patents. Ph.D., MBA.

ID 1466

Tim Sommers

ID 889622

Mike Stacy

ID 8146

Chris Zook

ID 17975

Andrew Been

ID 31304

Jacob Wulff

Team member of @chompie.

ID 7072

Matthew Jaffe


ID 1610

Jack Martin

ID 674648

Shiloh Kelly

Shiloh’s 20 year marketing thought leadership has grown multimillion-dollar companies. Her latest vision of powerful frameworks is brought to life at AchiVi.

ID 1845

Jonathan Drake

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