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ID 639347

Chad Perlov

Founder & CEO at Similan Labs. Former general counsel at IT solutions/app dev company.

ID 787888

Jay Swoboda

Became CEO of Dabble (July 2014), Founded Mission to Zero (2013), Founded EcoUrban (2006), Founded Bootstraps Design (2003), Founded Whats Up Magazine (2002)

ID 283641

Kuba Kostecki

Enterprise Tech. Founder @globeshifts @compassionatefare others. Studied at @fordham-university & @warsaw-school-of-economics @built-in-colorado-2 @denver

ID 39626

David Vanderport

Owner, eTrial Communications. Founder of Brief-Lynx hyperlinking application. Cloud computing for law firms and their clients.

ID 77796

Josh Jacobson

Co-Founder & CEO @viktorian-guitars Director @3d-printing-channel-1 Board Member @Associationof3DPrinting

ID 301952

Max Fulton

ID 117340

Bubba Page

Founder @quotadeck Crowdsourcing Introductions, a @techstars Boulder 2014 company & Founder @launch-leads-technology-people-sales @Inc contributor

ID 752439

Jon Vrabel


Founder Vergence Technologies • Worked at @palantir-technologies, @rackspace, @redowl-analytics

ID 299375

Eric Hubbell

Founder and CEO at Myhub. Former Marketing Director at KBS Golf Shafts. Studied Business / Marketing undergrad @ UVM. Well-traveled. Active. Love the outdoors.

ID 409789

Brandon Schatz

Founder, Inc • Worked at @u-s-army • Studied at @missouri-state-university

ID 69992

vangyi chongtoua

Founder @yestogoodlife-com, @csp-group, @countonme-us

ID 266226

Amy Baglan

CEO & Founder @meetmindful and @yogadates. Previous founding member/VP at @ez-texting, acquired in '12. Conscious entrepreneur.

ID 105340

John Stark


ID 16078

Chris Franks

An ironman running, fly fishing, snowboarding, indie music loving, political pontificating serial entrepreneur. Carter & Sam's Dad. The red head's husband.

ID 48084

Matthew Harris

Founder @patheer • Studied at @boston-university • Big Data Enthusiast

ID 163073

Timmy Wozniak

Founder @fresh-jets • 10 Years of Travel Experience • Studied at @university-of-denver

ID 527445

Tim Bird

Co-Founder, CEO @bottles-waiting

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