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ID 173907

Kyle Sleeper

Project manager at Milsal McCaull | Winner AT&T and GM Connected Car Hackathon | Former producer TEDxSF

ID 190392

Peter Mills

Founder @my-dealer-service • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-wilmington

ID 562526

Hunter Meyer

Software Engineer, Co-Founder @jr-devjobs

ID 331674

Lizelle van Vuuren

Entrepreneur, innovator, full-stack & growth marketer who loves to launch ideas and grow startups. Founder/ CEO of @effectivelyco @WomenWhoStartup @StartupPlusD

ID 48084

Matthew Harris

Founder @patheer • Studied at @boston-university • Big Data Enthusiast

ID 275756

Emily Motayed

Co-founder of @havenly. Business and ops background: worked at @american-express, @huron-consulting-group. MBA: @wharton-school, Undergrad: @vanderbilt-university

ID 237588

Tyler Bart

Co-Founder / President of Skilled in building big data, big traffic websites.

ID 243562

Chris Onan


Co-Founder and Managing Director at Galvanize; Board Observer at Tendril and Thought Equity Motion; previously at Appian Ventures, Wolf Ventures, LEK Consulting

ID 679521

Michelle Grinnell

Co-Founder, President @Bottles Waiting

ID 527445

Tim Bird

Co-Founder, CEO @bottles-waiting

ID 732497

Ty Lawson

@nba player for the @denver-nuggets , Co-Founder, CMO, Investor at @bottles-waiting

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