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ID 612302

Ryan Roemmich

I've spent my career as a full-stack developer (since before the term existed!). I feel that my strength lies in back-end systems and services.

ID 721488

Ian Douglas

Sr Web Architect/Engineer at SendGrid, API developer, scalability architect, startup mentor. Python/GoLang are my favorites. Ruby hacker. Google fanboy.

ID 126122

Christopher Hayen

Web, backend, and iOS Developer.

ID 808463

Dan Laffin

Experienced Operations Engineer, Software Architect, Technology Consultant and Advisor.

ID 671013

Roy McFarland

Full Stack Web Developer, Lawyer, Co-Founder @ Brightacre Law

ID 781093

Nagarjunareddy Ilavala

Doing cs in uc denver, worked in wipro under project shell, we Developed user interface ‘GRIS’ using Visual Studio 2010 as IDE, C# Language and SQL as a backend

ID 115160

Chris Roth

Experienced generalist software engineer with product management skills.

ID 617199

Nicholas Krut

I'm a software engineer, innovator and entrepreneur. I love creating new things and finding new and creative ways to solve the world's problems.

ID 487132

Michael Rose

Sr. Platform Engineer, BigData/Hadoop/Storm bit-herder, building distributed & scalable systems on the JVM for @fullcontact Coffee addict & beer aficionado.

ID 454863

Austin Stoltzfus

Front-end and UI Guru, recent grad, freelanced at a startup during senior year, agile development experience, and back-end development experience

ID 616489

Joshua Rubin

Passionate engineer with deep experience developing and leading projects for scalable web-apps, APIs, databases, back-end and client side libraries.

ID 870808

John Dianni

Full Stack Web Developer, @roameroo founder, travel addict, writer, photographer, magazine designer

ID 254019

Luke Dennis

Javascript Samurai, Interface Obsessive, Primary Architect of mobile app and backend API.

ID 767302

Owen Lamb

Geo Data, Python, ETL, Analytics

ID 494297

Marla Brizel

Agile Project Manager at Morningstar. Experienced in building Scrum teams, managing API, front-end, and back-end software projects. Northwestern 2009.

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