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ID 300456

Eric Miller

UI Dev at BarkleyREI.

ID 704890

Erin Walrath

ID 454863

Austin Stoltzfus

Front-end and UI Guru, recent grad, freelanced at a startup during senior year, agile development experience, and back-end development experience

ID 822503

Sean Michael

Front-end developer, designer, and JavaScript aficionado that has ample experience working with clients and clearly communicating ideas.

ID 494297

Marla Brizel

Agile Project Manager at Morningstar. Experienced in building Scrum teams, managing API, front-end, and back-end software projects. Northwestern 2009.

ID 671013

Roy McFarland

Full Stack Web Developer, Lawyer, Co-Founder @ Brightacre Law

ID 664189

Damion Nabarrete

UX Designer & Front End Developer with a love for Entrepreneurship, product development and product marketing.

ID 482802

Adam Bouck

Full-stack developer in specializing in Angular.JS with Ruby on Rails or Node.JS on the back end. Business acumen and an entrepreneurial mindset.

ID 721488

Ian Douglas

Sr Web Architect/Engineer at SendGrid, API developer, scalability architect, startup mentor. Python/GoLang are my favorites. Ruby hacker. Google fanboy.

ID 851699

Cameron White

Founder at Mesh. My stack is MEAN. Angular for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

ID 118416

Curtis Floth

Web & Front End Developer with UX & Design Experience. I help companies design and build engaging and effective interactions for web and mobile.

ID 190392

Peter Mills

Founder @my-dealer-service • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-wilmington

ID 462874

Charlie Hulcher

Hackathon Hacker, Web Development, UMD Electrical Eng. Undergrad

ID 721634

Jason Lewis

ID 115160

Chris Roth

Experienced generalist software engineer with product management skills.

ID 870808

John Dianni

Full Stack Web Developer, @roameroo founder, travel addict, writer, photographer, magazine designer

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