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Joshua Tilton

New Hampshire native transplanted to Denver. Product Designer at SendGrid. Email rules. Black Belt UI Judo = maximum efficiency, minimum effort.

ID 258372

Will Hitchcock

Lover of interface design and development, partner at Camp Four Creative in Boulder, CO. Cofounder of Worked at GroupTie and Rosetta.

ID 128159

Jon Dodge

Founder @ballers-bridge-1 Champion of UX and UI design. Previous tech consultant for Fortune 100 clients all over the world.

ID 214153

Alex Henry

CDO of BriteHub. 14 years experience as an entrepreneur, designer, and front-end developer. Founded designer studio cypher13 and VP of Product for Tommaso bikes. CU Boulder BA 2003.

ID 69122

aaron hendrick

Founder and CEO of @flowh. Past: Senior/Lead dev at events company, lead dev/art director at media company, and dev at 2 other startups. Studied CS and Design.

ID 518846

James Conti

Creative with passions for entrepreneurship & ecommerce. Looking for the “next big thing” Involved in altcoin mining, mobile app dev. & social media marketing.

ID 113429

Tim Skaggs

@cannabuild & @brewerbox. Ex-Dev at @kloudless.

ID 2654

Dave Elchoness

Sr. Digital Product Exec at Digital First Media / Mobile, Social, Revenue, New Ventures. Former entrepreneur, attorney.

ID 241556

Christian B.

Founder @briefcase • Worked at @tubemogul, @adknowledge, @lightbridge-inc-2 @electronic-arts  @pandora Avid poker player & loving Dad

ID 29242

Paul Allen


Business developer. Sales and marketing and startup coach.

ID 117088

Brian Hulme

Visual Designer at Deloitte Digital (Denver)

ID 68125

Jonathan Dobbertin

Founder @callgrader, @cityvoice, and @bluematch. @dreamit-ventures alum. Beer lover, beard grower, bean counter.

ID 267403

Jaxon Repp

Streaming media expert, skillset ranges from senior developer to CEO, sales, and building it if I have to.

ID 131639

Remington Robertson

Product guru; design enthusiast; gentleman scoundrel. Founded two former startups with just under 1M in private angel investment.

ID 118416

Curtis Floth

Web & Front End Developer with UX & Design Experience. I help companies design and build engaging and effective interactions for web and mobile.

ID 42905

Aaron K. White

Experience Designer, Pixel Pusher, Developer & Podcast Co-Host... Hanging my Hat in Colorful Colorado!

ID 212502

Brennan Gilbert

Design Director at @gospotcheck, BFA from @colorado-state-university-1. Strong web & design background, focus on UI Design.

ID 217421

Layla Soileau

User Experience Designer

ID 442589

Mike Stone

Founder Root & Field • Worked at @club-w, strong web and graphic design background.

ID 133279

Nick Slogget

Principal at GreaterThan. Gladly helping companies with design for quite some time now.

ID 237355

Robyn Hansen

Based in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Orange Collar Media (OCM) is a certified Gold Magento Solution Partner. What does that mean? It means that OCM has a track record of exceeding expectations and meeting deadlines in its eCommerce and website development

ID 116401

Chris Oltyan

Started and sold 5 companies. Shipped 24 products in the entertainment space with a focus on video games. @carnegie-mellon-university Grad with Enterprise Award for Entrepreneurship.

ID 138067

Lindsey Jones

Art Director at @Seiter & Miller & @Laughlin Constable, BDW Graduate Student, Co-founder & CEO of

ID 472680

John Floyd

Senior Level Digital Creative. UX/UI/IA Designer with Fortune 100 global eCom experience.

ID 190630

Kenichiro Arai

Founder, CEO of LXSN & Garagehub. Strength in UI/UX designing. Studied at @sophia-university University. @university-of-washington-1 scholarship receiver.

ID 395374

Jason Schleweis

Founder @chooszing-2 • Worked at @exclusive-resorts • Studied at @central-michigan-university

ID 564590

Rachel Cope

Web and mobile UI designer. Passionate about good user experience, behavioral psychology & simple/intuitive design.

ID 44695

Devin Powell

UI/UX Developer, Founder @fandio, IUB SoIC Graduate

ID 89726

Pashmina Lalchandani

Founder @flow-simple,10 year Adwords veteran, studied @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 244252

Ben Ogren

Works at @supportlocal • Studied at @indiana-university-bloomington

ID 113862

Mackey Saturday

Independent multidisciplinary designer with a penchant for brand strategy, identity development, logo design, and typography.

ID 3623

Justin Smestad

ID 596774

Mike Hansen

Designer - I help companies and startups design user experiences for web and mobile. Notable companies include @tesla-motors @nike @coca-cola @apple & Indiegogo

ID 190392

Peter Mills

Founder @my-dealer-service • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-wilmington

ID 142761

Jens Nikolaus

I design digital products and services. Co-founder of @you-the-gang. Formerly at, Edenspiekermann, Amen and more. Started up.front

ID 497792

Brad Maglinger

Hello, Internet

ID 271554

Rory Krieger

Founder Savant Energy Works • Worked at @warner-bros • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 250543

Antonio Perrone

Worked at @c9-inc, @oracle-corporation, @phase-forward • Studied at @bentley-university

ID 60957

Jeff Schell

Founder, @michigan-rural-healthcare-preservation & PURPLE Book Healthcare Attorney, IL & MI Northwestern: MA Medical Informatics, BS Engineering/Economics

ID 481278

Kelsey Trabue

UX/UI Designer

ID 283181

Chris Andrews, Product Evangelist

Founder of illustrative design "Solid Modeling for the Rapid Prototyping Industry" 3D solid models created from: Drawings, 2D CAD Data, 3D Wireframe IGES/DXF files

ID 462874

Charlie Hulcher

Hackathon Hacker, Web Development, UMD Electrical Eng. Undergrad

ID 324295

Sean Baxter

Passionate about making experiences logical, efficient, and engaging.

ID 488635

Emily Sayrs

Recent grad from CU Boulder; Aspiring Web Developer; Working for Grooveshark, and Serve.

ID 90847

Anthony Cozzi

I have over 10 years of experience in the creative field with most of my time spent in Interactive Design, Art Direction and Illustration.

ID 579455

Ian Price

UNC Chapel Hill Economics major, Computer Science and History minors - Interested in software development and its role in entrepreneurship.

ID 666710

Justin Hanson

My passion for HCI stems from a love of sociology and dissemination of information. I am skilled at creating meaningful products.

ID 134609

Cheryl Hornbaker

25 years of software development; strong database as well as UI and middle tier

ID 237013

Matt Whipps

IT / Business Consultant & Entrepreneur. I have broad knowledge and deep understanding of various technologies and fields.

ID 463487

Tim White

Current master's candidate at DU for Information and Communications Technology, focus on Mobile Application Development

ID 541701

Hannah Pobar

Entrepreneuer, Photographer at Hannah Truly, Designer at Hannah Pobar Creative,

ID 677419

Mike Moran

ID 442637

Dawn Cheairs

Founder @dohje-inc • Studied at @colorado-school-of-mines

ID 346738

Cody Moiseve

Interactive and UX Designer At Lasso Media, Inc. Focusing on creating beautiful, simple experiences across multiple platforms.

ID 299375

Eric Hubbell

Founder and CEO at Myhub. Former Marketing Director at KBS Golf Shafts. Studied Business / Marketing undergrad @ UVM. Well-traveled. Active. Love the outdoors.

ID 90525

Rob Lund

I absolutely love programming. I enjoy Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and PHP. Wide range of experience. Startups to Enterprise.

ID 339515

Tyler Elick

Co-Founder @spreadsheets-1, @gami-st, @dactylcam

ID 551271

A. Grant Sherrick

Experienced software engineer. Currently working in C++/Java and developing Django/Jquery/Node.JS/Objective C for fun.

ID 186313

Steve Kurtz

Founder and CEO of egoBoom • Strong business and tech background • VP @foodservicewarehouse. • UI Lead @ebags, • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 81034

Betsy Kimak

Webby Award Nom. Interactive Producer - Executive Digital Strategist - Creative Technologist. Associate Member, IADAS; Digital Chair, Art Directors Club Denver.

ID 327828

Shane Rogers

gSchool Graduate, RoR, Backbone, iOS developer with UI/UX prototyping experience

ID 187897


Founder @affordablewebsitesdenver-com • Worked at @palm-beach-state-college-1, @whitney-information-network • Studied at @old-dominion-university

ID 775144

Nick Peters

Cofounder of BarBets. Experience managing mobile/web projects. Strong creativity and problem solving skills with a passion for entrepreneurship.

ID 384382

Ashling Struve

intuitive team player, built startup from ground up, experienced in all sides of marketing from analytics to commercial filming

ID 347867

Lee Acker

Full Stack JavaScript Web Developer Apprentice @refactoru . Proficient in adventures and imagination. Renaissance woman and 110% nerd.

ID 51672

Sam Caudill

BFA in Digital animation 2009 from the University of Colorado Denver, Digital Animator/Production artist at @high-impact-litigation-graphics,

ID 406390

AP Burnes

Creator of maps. Open data and visualization enthusiast.

ID 253372

Grant Davis

Multi-talented developer with a background in design and animation. Worked for Fortune 500 companies such as The North Face, Oakley, Audi and Motorola.

ID 389279

Ken Ligrani

ID 215998

Luke Holmboe

Front End Dev'er, Ad-Ops Manager, UI/UX'er, 15 year Startuper, Aspiring Angel Investor.

ID 134366

Patrick Ryan

Founder and Creative Director at Industrial Luxury Group Inc.

ID 153621

Wesley Schauble

Chief Creative Director @ Kakoona. MFA Film, American University.

ID 652468

Ryan Shea

Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Author, and Photographer.

ID 120985

Cynthia Gamel

Most recently was a UI Designer at @haneke-design • Studied Art at @goldsmiths, London

ID 870808

John Dianni

Full Stack Web Developer, @roameroo founder, travel addict, writer, photographer, magazine designer

ID 384240

John H Ratajczak

Graphic designer, fan of musics both pretentiously esoteric and 90s hip-hop.

ID 572916

Jeremy Pike

Graphic & Web Designer at marketing/media company. Landscape architect turned graphic designer and brand developer with a knack for web design.

ID 355967

Daniel Wilson

Founder + Creative at Optimistic Design Company

ID 495630

Travis Gershon

Founder @cirrusidea-llc, @paradigm Motion, LLC, Worked at Skydex Technologies, @sierra-nevada-corp MEng & BS ME @university-of-colorado-denver

ID 314496

Erik Lindstrom

Founder and Creative Director of Schwoggle.

ID 376342

Renae Wells

Web Project Manager, Ecommerce Specialist, BoS in Web Design and Interactive Media, 8+ Years Experience

ID 159492

Timothy Whalin

UX/UI Designer with 12 Years experience ranging from startups, enterprise, marketing, education, government, and tv media.

ID 285447

Benjamin Friesen

Multi-skilled designer & art director aiming to apply the curious nature of a kid to the creation of compelling visual responses and experiences in both print and digital.

ID 46167

Nick Thompson

Studied at @art-institute-of-colorado

ID 660489

Austin Redd


ID 140065

Kirk Erickson

Agile brand development and digital technology specialist with clientele ranging from early stage start-ups to established Fortune 500's, across all categories.

ID 495033

Alan Hernandez

Up and coming entrepreneur and programmer. Currently a master at sales and public speaking. Latest project involves application development with a 3 man team.

ID 631837

Alan Hernandez

Founder @blue-wave-code-denver, @new-age-rendition-studios • Worked at @air-fresh-marketing, @shareable-social • Studied at @university-of-northern-colorado

ID 664189

Damion Nabarrete

UX Designer & Front End Developer with a love for Entrepreneurship, product development and product marketing.

ID 558667


Things can be done in two ways. One with mastering and other without. Ability and the ease in you defines the path.

ID 424400

Micah Davidson

Full stack, solid UX, strong mathematics and analytics. Built

ID 227119

Eric Foster

BFA Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. Have designed websites, logos, and user interfaces for companies of all sizes and needs, from small to internationally established.

ID 81055

Shannon Duffy

Law Clerk

ID 108267

Mark Cade

Senior Solution Architect at @softwareag . Author of Java EE Architect Certification. MBA from Regis University.

ID 69725

Evan Carlson

Creator of @cncpts. Worked at startups to companies like American Express & Volkswagen. Semi-professional athlete, foodie & truly defining the term a generalist.

ID 269882

Jay Clark

ID 260979

Danielle Espinel

UI Designer - Graphic designer with more than ten years of experience.

ID 346501

Matt Versteeg


ID 204169

jamie sieb

Worked at @qrlicious, @lifetouch • Studied at @rocky-mountain-college-of-art-design

ID 108159

Eric Eide

CTO that can code like a banshee

ID 49495

Jason Wicker

Chief Technical Officer at @sneezebox and UX Application Architect at @ip-commerce, Inc. Blogger, Born-Leader, Social Media Expert, Super Architect and Innovator.

ID 49635

Juan Sanchez

Designer & Partner at Tack Mobile. Building FieldTest. Senior Editor for UX Magazine.

ID 768208

Laura Pionek

ID 602209

Brandon Jernigan

Full Stack Developer that has primarily worked with Ruby on Rails for the past 3 years.

ID 394380

Navid Ahmadi

ID 100640

Lindsey Demrow

Staffing Manager at Supplemental Health Care

ID 200251

C. A. Beninati

Owner of web and mobile development and consulting for some of the largest school districts, energy drink and museums in the US.

ID 403397

Chris Mackintosh

Founder / Visual Designer at indiegraphic llc. Constantly learning and always thinking.

ID 354275

Brandon Ramlet

Digital Communications Specialist @ Tri-State G&T, E/M-commerce Designer/Project Coordinator @millercoors, Freelance Web/UX/Visual Designer

ID 315589

Lorin Karr

ID 397529

Michaella Dirkes

Brand & interaction designer who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty with some code.

ID 585286

Dylan Grey Aksomitas

Front End Web Developer | Dreamer | Entrepreneur

ID 569675

Brandon Makes

Mountain made designer with a cross-discipline between print and interactive design. Successfully launched many iOS + Android apps for Enterprise companies.

ID 822503

Sean Michael

Front-end developer, designer, and JavaScript aficionado that has ample experience working with clients and clearly communicating ideas.

ID 481872

Veronica Skudlarczyk

User Experience Architect / Product Lead

ID 92215

Jason Bernal

CMO and CFO of I Am Smart Technology, Inc

ID 487773

haley nemann

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