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ID 35900

Perry Evans


Founder & CEO at @closely, Inc. Previously, President at, Chairman and Co-founder at @jabber, Inc., and CEO and Founder at @local-matters, Inc.

ID 420776

Tim Moynihan


Co-founder rentbits ~ Founding team iWT (i was there) ~ Early AWS direct sales leader @google

ID 29242

Paul Allen


Business developer. Sales and marketing and startup coach.

ID 142977

Marty Messer


Worked at @red-hat, @hyperic, @springsource • Studied at @north-carolina-state-university

ID 163060

Anthony V. Montoya

Entrepreneur, builder of businesses and master networker

ID 182750

Darren Kelly


ID 462029

JB Holston

ID 133279

Nick Slogget

Principal at GreaterThan. Gladly helping companies with design for quite some time now.

ID 246163

Chris J. Snook


Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, & Venture Catalyst...Co-Founder-Managing Partner at, Hired-Gun and Angel/Founder at Parallel6,

ID 540067

Ben Rifkin


Venture Manager @RSIIC, @park-city-angels. Past: President @denver-cutthroats, SVP Mkt/Ops @consumer-capital-partners , Pub @bonnier-corporation

ID 77448

John Minnihan

Co-founder of @modernrepo Highly technical, deep devops experience. I've designed + implemented systems that manage over 2 billion LOC.

ID 122393

Scott Crane

Marketing, branding and partnerships guy with long track record in music, events, partnerships and biz dev. Turning ADD into a business model for 20+years.

ID 33155

Tom Ahlborg


Founder of @granite-loan-management. Investor in @galvanize-ventures-1, @splick-it, @plink, @st. Renatus, LLC, @first-american-state-bank.

ID 8298

Tom Higley


Advisor to @card-gnome.

ID 227226

David Prinster


Executive with 20+ years IT industry experience in Business Development, Marketing, Strategy, and Partnerships.

ID 106252

Ari Newman


Investor @ Techstars / BTV in Boulder, CO. Formerly founder/CEO of Filtrbox (sold to Jive) + 15 years of experience as startup exec/founder.

ID 210527

Jerrod Bailey


Grew telecom/software start-up Virtela to $80M. Sold to NTT in 2013 for $520M. Business Development operator by trade, now leading the practice at Tallwave, a Commercializor for digital ventures. Launched Tallwave LLC "Commercializor" in 2009. Launch

ID 48824

Lowell Miller

Executive, Entrepreneur, Educator. Co-Founder/CEO of @ecubed-marketing. Co-Founder/CFO of Adjunct Faculty at Daniels College of Business as DU.

ID 134099

Frank Traylor

Tech/turnaround CEO - Lifeloc,VisionTEK, govAscend. Cloud, mobile, SaaS, government expertise. Cornell EE, Denver MBA

ID 331674

Lizelle van Vuuren

Entrepreneur, innovator, full-stack & growth marketer who loves to launch ideas and grow startups. Founder/ CEO of @effectivelyco @WomenWhoStartup @StartupPlusD

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 282997

Todd Biggs

Strategy Advisor TouchMail, relocating to @denver, worked for @microsoft on @windows Phone, @marketplaces, @appstores, @edu, @email, messaging, & developers.

ID 44937

Guy Shalev

Founder, Agency Evolve. Partner, Influence Technologies. Consultant @ibm. Specialize in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

ID 173159

Kenneth D. Heller

In the year after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Kenneth D. Heller appeared in numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

ID 160907

Greg Vochis

ID 205642


International business consulting, global network, expert in strategic transformation. Putting my broad experience, education and network together to support small and mid sized businesses that want to create a better world.

ID 283294

Todd Biggs


Advisor @touchmail, just relocated to @denver, worked for @microsoft on WindowsPhone, @marketplaces, @app-stores, @education , @email , @messaging , & developers.

ID 253424

Peter Johnson

Founder of CEI d/b/a, the leading travel/tour/transportation technology provider serving the hypergrowth legal cannabis consumer market.

ID 112251

JulesDylan Stuer

CTO, @Preferred Privacy LLC

ID 634968

Gretchen Rosenberg

Gretchen Faber serves as a founding member and Broker Manager of The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek, the top-performing real estate firm in Denver.

ID 182367

Keenan Gates

Consultant. S-T Pres @Bulldog United; VP Prod Mkt & GM @Nagra; CEO @medioh. Worked @echostar and @AOL Time Warner

ID 339515

Tyler Elick

Co-Founder @spreadsheets-1, @gami-st, @dactylcam

ID 154984

Jason August

ID 86965

Matt Nathan

Guiding new ventures to meaningful innovation and sustainable social impact. Strategy, branding, cause integration. Yale MBA. Rockefeller Fellow at @harvard-university.

ID 70530

Todd Glassman

Managing Partner of @exelis-capital and serial entrepreneur

ID 130593

Bryan Hackett

ID 873222

Shawn Jaquez

ID 476257

Josh Wrede

Sales at Stack Overflow - Experienced in Capital Raising, Sales, Management and Business Development. Interested in Bitcoin, SaaS

ID 23929

Mark Peterson

ID 163309

Martin Tindall


Part of Kronos International Invesments, Kronos invests, incubates and consults with companies in the fields of real estate, renewables, beverages and tech.

ID 203654

David Luhman


Undergrads and MBA from Colorado Univ. IRS Enrolled Agent. Experience in Japan and Silicon Valley. Now working with US-AU-CN-JP-EU (especially "mundane") SMBs.

ID 143742

Jim Gray

Marketing Manager at Eternal Ventures. Owner at Threethirtypm. Married to Sharon. Father of 3.

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