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ID 210527

Jerrod Bailey


Grew telecom/software start-up Virtela to $80M. Sold to NTT in 2013 for $520M. Business Development operator by trade, now leading the practice at Tallwave, a Commercializor for digital ventures. Launched Tallwave LLC "Commercializor" in 2009. Launch

ID 130067

Joe Chierotti


Joseph Chierotti is Colorado businessman w/ professional experience in business management, operations, online advertising and marketing.

ID 526728

Lori Pidick


Marketing and Fundraising Executive; MBA Georgetown University, BA Brown University

ID 239946

Jeffrey Stowell


President of @RSIIC. Founder of Community Systems Group and @LawFolio. Studied @KUNews and @KULawSchool.

ID 268501

Ryan Whittle


Entrepreneur, Sales, Investor, Hustle

ID 250819

Taylor L Merritt


CFO of Merritt Equipment Co. Started investing at age 6. Wide range of operating and investment experience. OPM Program at HBS.

ID 262793

Kenny Sandhu


Seed investments of $10-$25K in 4 startups over the last 5 years.

ID 29242

Paul Allen


Business developer. Sales and marketing and startup coach.

ID 77214

Robby McClure


REO Agent, McClure & Associates - Colorado, California, Arizona

ID 536777

Nancy Alterman


I have been investing in startups since 2008. I love the entrepreneurial spirit and getting involved first hand.

ID 47538

Craig Sirkin


Network Engineer, Architect and Technical Manager specializing in solving complex problems with simple design at Level 3 and for customers of Juniper Networks.

ID 307349

Jim Mansfield


Founder\CEO of two companies well connected globally and proven innovator

ID 447409

Brandon Dumler


Angel investor in technology and healthcare related startups (SoLuminaire Daylighting Systems, TetheRx, Curvebeam, GioGate, MoNimbus)

ID 474346

Drew Elder


Mutual Fund exec who has dabbled in private investing.

ID 283294

Todd Biggs


Advisor @touchmail, just relocated to @denver, worked for @microsoft on WindowsPhone, @marketplaces, @app-stores, @education , @email , @messaging , & developers.

ID 516864

Mark Cohen


Experience business executive looking for new opportunity with exciting startups. Worked for Dish Network and EchoStar Corporation.

ID 123887

Alex Figge


Gunslinger, Factory Volvo Driver

ID 736863

Eric Dyer, MS, RT (R) (CT)


My education and experience are in Medical Imaging and Information Systems. At present I operate a consulting company based in Parker, CO.

ID 59565

Matt Bell


Managing Director

ID 77258

Casey Berman


Managing Director of Camber Creek, a corporate venture fund. President of Ops for Real Estate Portfolio.

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