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ID 391633

Derik Linch

Sales at SpireMedia, work with startups, had a failed startup in college and a few ideas fizzle out. Looking to earn my stripes in the entrepreneur ecosystem.

ID 256458

Patrick Hidalgo


Financial services industry veteran looking to create a team, join a team and/or invest in start ups.

ID 40869

Mark Salsberry

Founder @jetjaw (1M+ consumer engagements) • Worked @VerizonWireless (P&L: $9.8M; Sales Mgmt: $26M) • Innovating consumer feedback w/ mobile & social • Driven.

ID 202870

Erin Gray

Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 Sales Team

ID 346823

Nalin Vahil

Sales Representative at Signpost. Strong Economics background (Economics major at Occidental College) with almost 1 year of sales experience

ID 86392

Chris Murphy

Founder Zoomforth, @engagesf • Worked at @total-impact-advisors • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 27256

Jorge Tellez

Ruby / Ruby on Rails Developer.

ID 117386

Drew Lawrence

Director of API Sales at @fullcontact. Tech junkie. Lover of adrenaline, skiing, snowmobiling, camping, & college basketball.

ID 199464

Devin Reams

Works at @github, previously @crowd-favorite

ID 134520

Robert Brooks IV

Account Executive @StackOverflow Founder @btb-technologies-llc • Worked at @apple

ID 246163

Chris J. Snook


Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, & Venture Catalyst...Co-Founder-Managing Partner at, Hired-Gun and Angel/Founder at Parallel6,

ID 276138

John Goldschmidt

Founder @riffdish • Worked at @citigroup, @dealogic • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 95538

Marcus Birney

Marcus is an adjunct marketing professor, has experience in ops management ($4m P&L), consulting and directing within corporate and entrepreneurial businesses.

ID 29242

Paul Allen


Business developer. Sales and marketing and startup coach.

ID 117340

Bubba Page

Founder @quotadeck Crowdsourcing Introductions, a @techstars Boulder 2014 company & Founder @launch-leads-technology-people-sales @Inc contributor

ID 171308

Jan Brodeur

Director, Financial Systems @ EverFi in Washington, DC. Worked at Map Network, NAVTEQ, SmartBrief. Moving to Denver,CO in October and looking for something new.

ID 165183

Chris Glode


Worked at @accenture, @mapmyfitness • Studied at @ColoradoCollege

ID 52680

Owen Silver

Founder PrevoTV • Sales, marketing, AltaVista, Zip2, LivingSocial, custom software • Duke MBA

ID 295127

Timothy J. Henry

Chicago Native. Young Entrepreneur. Tech Enthusiast. First hire @logistical-labs-1 Worked @mantra @fooda @lightbank

ID 416865

Rob Melick

Successful technology sales, research, and operations professional. Worked for 3 startups and went through buy out process with EMC: Isilon

ID 599171

J Keegan Gaeng

ID 241556

Christian B.

Founder @briefcase • Worked at @tubemogul, @adknowledge, @lightbridge-inc-2 @electronic-arts  @pandora Avid poker player & loving Dad

ID 493073

Sawyer Waugh

UPenn CS & Engineering Entrepreneurship

ID 598533

Chelsea Hird

Outstanding Customer Service Experience, Sales Experience and Proven Skills at Customer Retention

ID 261161

Bill Vesce

Master's in Brand Strategy, Cum Laude. Internet and Healthcare Technology sales

ID 233949

Mark Dameron

C-Level in 6 start-ups including CMO @equitylock, EVP - Saudi Home Loans in Saudi Arabia, President - H&R Block Mortgage, Six Sigma Certified Green Belt - GE

ID 499510

Michael Maynes

Worked at @fullcontact, @alteryx • Studied at @pepperdine-university

ID 116872

Oleg Rutman

Founder and CEO of @total-health-card-1, Inc

ID 129707

Gary Gaessler


Cloud Elements VP Sales/Marketing. We build cloud applications 50% faster. Sales leader early stage software ventures. Founders Institute mentor. Extreme skier.

ID 93397

Peter Vogel

Co-founder at @plink (@facebook Credits loyalty program), 12 years + executive level experience in online sales and marketing. Past Co-founder of @memolink-com.

ID 431667

Gavin Matthews

Content, sales, and marketing lead interested in finding a new, innovative role!

ID 210527

Jerrod Bailey


Grew telecom/software start-up Virtela to $80M. Sold to NTT in 2013 for $520M. Business Development operator by trade, now leading the practice at Tallwave, a Commercializor for digital ventures. Launched Tallwave LLC "Commercializor" in 2009. Launch

ID 460394

Michael Klinker

VP of Sales at RxREVU. Previously Director of Health Systems at McKesson, and Regional Sales Manager at Gulf South Medical.

ID 267403

Jaxon Repp

Streaming media expert, skillset ranges from senior developer to CEO, sales, and building it if I have to.

ID 540067

Ben Rifkin


Venture Manager @RSIIC, @park-city-angels. Past: President @denver-cutthroats, SVP Mkt/Ops @consumer-capital-partners , Pub @bonnier-corporation

ID 68125

Jonathan Dobbertin

Founder @callgrader, @cityvoice, and @bluematch. @dreamit-ventures alum. Beer lover, beard grower, bean counter.

ID 227226

David Prinster


Executive with 20+ years IT industry experience in Business Development, Marketing, Strategy, and Partnerships.

ID 331674

Lizelle van Vuuren

Entrepreneur, innovator, full-stack & growth marketer who loves to launch ideas and grow startups. Founder/ CEO of @effectivelyco @WomenWhoStartup @StartupPlusD

ID 89479

Morgan Davies

Head of Strategy and Business Development at Mashape. Founded @equityloop-com (sold in 2003) and @gamedaypoker-com. MBA @regis-university - 2009.

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 434408

Joshua Mollohan

Founder @my-fitoption-inc • Worked at @bally-total-fitness, @lifetime-fitness • Studied at @calvary-bible-college-theological-seminary

ID 363433

Aaron Helm

JD/MBA from Tulane, have assisted a variety of startups, worked at a biotech incubator, managed an angel investment group

ID 121336

Christopher (Chris) Meyers

Co-Founder/SVP, BusDev/Marketing at Meetrix

ID 449041

Eric Bochner

General Counsel and Business Development; Michigan Physics and Law; Experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneur with strong start-up experience.

ID 262760

John J. Stein

John J. Stein Startup Marketing Executive [email protected] 720-213-6693

ID 60957

Jeff Schell

Founder, @michigan-rural-healthcare-preservation & PURPLE Book Healthcare Attorney, IL & MI Northwestern: MA Medical Informatics, BS Engineering/Economics

ID 609604

Gregg Nelson, MBA

Track record of leadership, with excellent results in improving overall performance, driving revenue, and creating profitable growth.

ID 197235

Isaac Sandoval

Strategic Account Manager for Livingsocial, Founder Institute Graduate, Business Development Director experience.

ID 436582

Nathan Gustafson

Business Development- currently working for Basho Technologies, makers of Riak, open-source NoSQL distributed database.

ID 379333

James Cavalier

Sales guru with 5+ years of sales experience into major brands and agencies worldwide.

ID 173067

Dan Burcaw


Founder @PushIO • Founder @DoubleEncore • Worked at @apple • Studied at @CU

ID 719225

Emily King

Early hire @LivingSocial--led home, retail, and content teams. Worked @national Geographic. Just back from a big trip ( and looking for work!

ID 851101

Steve Kilberg Online Reputation Marketing Specialist

Accomplished in Online Strategic Planning, Generating New Business. Extensive experience in Online Reputation Marketing, Media Buying, SEO.

ID 151494

Derek Underwood

Carnegie Mellon Engineering undergrad and MBA. Business management generalist with a bent toward strategy and development.

ID 487697

Michael McCarthy

Started career working on the outside as a strategy consultant and then went “client-side” and gained a rich experience base

ID 269530

Matt Filippini

Business Development, sales, marketing, project management, creative management, start-up experience

ID 274966

Emiliano Bara

Sr.Director of Business Development – 24tru 24tru, Director of Enterprise Sales, Director of Business Development – Qualvu - DIY Campaign Qualvu, Inside Sales Representative (ISR) Qualvu, Director of Business Development First Data, Director of Business D

ID 250543

Antonio Perrone

Worked at @c9-inc, @oracle-corporation, @phase-forward • Studied at @bentley-university

ID 220973

Bruce R. Huebner

Bruce R. Huebner has 29 years of experience in the personal, client server and Internet/Cloud computing environments. He spent 5 years in the Boston area working in the fledgling PC industry prior to joining Microsoft in 1987. He enjoyed 13 years at Mic

ID 564497

Michael Ficco

Consulting, enterprise, and startup biz dev/sales. Worked at Booz Allen, Lombardi/IBM, Standing Cloud, and Appirio. Studied at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins.

ID 850328

Jeffrey Thomas

Innovative dealmaker and digital marketer. Strong believer in an entrepreneurial approach, regardless of industry and company size. Patent-holder.

ID 268501

Ryan Whittle


Entrepreneur, Sales, Investor, Hustle

ID 87201

Evan Walden

Founder @rework-jobs. Studied at @university-of-vermont. Background in Sales at Dow Chemical.

ID 446721

Tim Buttrill

Experienced Software Sales and Biz Dev, Trusted Denver Network, Virginia Tech Grad

ID 865979

Henry Springer

inspired by new ideas | motivated by growth. Recent college grad analyzing and strategizing with the growth team at sovrn holdings in Boulder,Co.  

ID 697952

Keith Whittier

A graduate of Babson's Entrepreneurial program; Able to gauge business opportunities within organizations; Thrive at developing relationships; a proven closer.

ID 558245

Eric Serota

Hard working, hungry, persistent and innovative professional with successful sales and marketing experience.

ID 253424

Peter Johnson

Founder of CEI d/b/a, the leading travel/tour/transportation technology provider serving the hypergrowth legal cannabis consumer market.

ID 479720

Cade Madison

Technology Strategist for REAL Trends. Designer. Entrepreneur. Humorist. (All self-proclaimed)

ID 44861

Jakub Antkiewicz

Founder @chicagohour, @denverhour (Networking and Happy Hours entreprenerurs) Along with @internsy for internships (@chicagointern @interndenver-internla)

ID 184429

Megan Haines

Founder @karmies-deleted • Studied at @colorado-state-university

ID 495409

Tyler Newby

Sales and Marketing Director-Telecommunications, Expertise in International Marketing and Business Development, ESADE Business School MBA, Honors in marketing.

ID 212471

Benjamin Hedrick

medical sales, Sold lots, ready for new challenge and setting. Business background. Yet to be a CEO, but it will happen. Willing to relocate

ID 97123

Scott Jensen

Systems Architect and Business Development; behind-the-scenes wizard making it all work.

ID 279456

Michael Brooks

Founder CMG Assist disaster recovery services co., Creative New Business Development specialist in technology from video compression & corp software to printing

ID 602472

Kian Rafia

Financial Services executive, oversee $31BN in advisory assets. Launched 4 advisory programs

ID 527371

Jim St.Marie

SVP Sales & Marketing at Pixorial. Broad experience in software, services and Cloud. Helped drive NetIQ from startup to 1000 person company and IPO.

ID 476257

Josh Wrede

Sales at Stack Overflow - Experienced in Capital Raising, Sales, Management and Business Development. Interested in Bitcoin, SaaS

ID 389241

Caroline Czirr

Successful crowdfunding campaign, Club W.

ID 152130

Gerard Hurley

Business "Farmer" I help you grow

ID 160093

Ben Washburn

Works at @freebeecards • Studied at @iowa-state-university. Investor Relations & Business Development for company. Sell shares of stock through private placement capital.

ID 858675

Elise Mariner

Experienced healthcare strategist looking to help new companies develop successful products and services for successful adoption among healthcare providers

ID 70186


Strategist. Writer. Problem-solver for startups, digital agencies, Fortune 500 brands. Currently looking for new opportunities.

ID 370644

Mark Ward

Experienced international technology sales and marketing executive with a track record of success. Recent MBA graduate from Bauer College of Business (Houston).

ID 221454

Bob Kippola

Focused and driven sales professional with 20+ years of success. Skills include: Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Product Development with a specialization in hospitality technology and software sales. Top negotiation and closing skills with a p

ID 169444

Gregory Mault

Worked at @lifepics, @noritsu • Studied at @rochester-institute-of-technology

ID 297353

Jamie Butcher

Senior Sales/Business Development Talent and Team Leader

ID 760511

Katie Bessert

MBA in Global, Social and Sustainable Enterprise with a focus on impact investing and international development.

ID 862406

Leise Roberts

Contract Executive that accelerates time to break even

ID 464263

Greg Koeka

Worked at @visionlink, @isupportu • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder • Financial background with a passion for technology entrepreneurship

ID 419077

Odell Isaac

Founder @stellar-air, @caduceux • Worked at @quovadx, @western-aviators • Studied at @saint-louis-university, @missouri-state-university

ID 801734

Erich Hugunin

An experienced, driven sales leader; passionate about developing and maintaining profitable customer relationships.

ID 131086

John May


Founder SalesAgility • Worked at @rally-software-nyse-raly, @agile Advantage which was sold to Rally Software in 2012• Studied @university-of-denver MBA

ID 501103

Matthew Bowers

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, MBA with concentration in Finance, multiple years of sales and sales management in energy field.

ID 672840

Mark Van Der Maas

Serial startup Sales Representative with experience in Saas, Enterprise Social, and Mobile technologies.

ID 89514

Jeromy Sonne

Sales at WorkMob. Strong background in sales. Writer. Builder.

ID 488743

Alexander Harlan

University if Michigan freshman, looking for startup experience, willing to learn

ID 202410


Founder @zeal-international-ltd • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 482767

Emily Gold

Student @ Startup Institute Boston | Full-Stack Customer Experience Designer + Evangelist

ID 33145

Bob Main

Accomplished in Operations and Business Development, Finance and Social Media. Industries include manufacturing, financial, consumer goods.

ID 528617

Hallie Knight Hughes

Recent graduate of International Economics. Interned with the United Nations. Global Micro finance and entrepreneurship projects. English teacher and newspaper writer in Turkey, Germany and China.

ID 787058

Adam Hill

Pepperdine University Business Degree, Experience leading 270 person team, highly motivated and experience working in a collaborative team.

ID 849619

Lindsye Law

Colorado University: BA in English/Creative Writing and Film Studies; Five years copy writing, editing, and marketing experience; published in print and online

ID 237772

Eric Owen

Significant experience in strategy development and execution, strategic partner management, product development and management, M&A, and turn-arounds. .

ID 227845

Jacob McDonald

Sports media and background in producing/marketing radio. Technical producer at LFM (104.3 the Fan), strong computer/social media skills. Obsessed with social media development/strategy/marketing. Nutrition expert as Independent Distributor for Shaklee.

ID 116881

Samantha Sandt

Vice President of National Transactions for Nexus Retail

ID 525832

Jason Stout

Entrepreneurial executive with strong business and technical acumen. Proven ability to lead sales and BD with SaaS leaders, service providers, and enterprises.

ID 244988

Michela Rizzo

I graduated from the University of Colorado in 2011 with a Bachelors in Communication. I am outgoing, energetic and competitive with strong leadership skills.

ID 87981

Randy Strong

Silicon Graphic Computer Systems alumni, Macromedia interactive learning division, business development and sales guru. Desktop Publishing guru, motion graphics guru, artist, and web developer. Living in Denver, CO looking for the right start up

ID 507869

Nathan Stacey, MIS

Actively looking Sales Engineer - Network Management Performance (NPM)

ID 571811

Kelly Duerr

Recently graduated from @university-of-wisconsin-madison , actively seeking positions in the start up world.

ID 513022

Jake Matthews

Worked at NetSuite; Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Kenyon College; Played Collegiate Tennis

ID 681047

Emily Carlson

CU Boulder graduate

ID 369927

Mike Reding

Attorney and Real Estate Broker who is highly motivated and thrives in client relations and strategy development

ID 494130

Elysia Niemi

Senior Account Manager at CoolerPlanet.

ID 298497

Beau Bergman

University of Denver BSBA in Finance, started successful Micro-finance business in Ghana.

ID 325941

Nadia Kaliszewski

Adventurer, connector, motivator.

ID 880829

Katie Fischer

Ambitious student with a proven record of success. Desire to express creativity and fulfill impactful roles with responsibility & leadership opportunities.

ID 524866

Andrew Bishop

University of Denver BS Finance degree, entrepreneurial mindset, finance experience

ID 564935

Danielle Masanoff

B.S. in Marketing Management, Supply Chain Management, and Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises from @syracuse, Masters in Project Management @drexel

ID 565765

Brian Gregory

Experienced sales executive and startup founder. Scrappy, roll up your sleeves hustler. Proven tech/sales background. Thrive in a risk/reward stratup

ID 359164

Marty Major

Sales Executive

ID 702623

Dan Hatcher

Recent transplant from Austin, TX.

ID 358074

Frank Melara

Worked at @nexus-retail Managed the development and construction of over $1.5 billion in commercial projects across the US

ID 12314

Nicole T. Porter

Founded @tippybob-1. @university-of-maryland-college-park BA & @towson-university Univ MS. Strong pharmaceutical sales & marketing background.

ID 239217

Alexandra Thompson

BA, liberal arts at CC; Market and Administrative Assistant at Interfaith Hospitality Networks; Strong communication and leadership skills

ID 707980

Zuben Bastani

VP Business Development, In-Touch Mobile. Channel Development and Marketing with a proven track record in SaaS, Hardware and Services. Thunderbird M.B.A. 2004

ID 691264

Tyler Mathis

Experienced in IT DOD contract and program management, pursuing active involvement in start up success

ID 650840

Jeff Brunson

Rails Developer • Worked at @jpmorgan-chase, @wells-fargo • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 100245

Patrick Rauls

International MBA in Finance, 2012, Background in Non-Profit Finance, Ex-Golf Pro, Professional Schmoozer

ID 183734

Robert Lane

Founder @21development, @bookingseed • Worked at @at-t, @lexisnexis • Studied at @wright-state-university

ID 779627

Pawel Maciulewski

Msc in Entrepreneurship, Maastricht University, NL 3 years experience in Sales & Business Development Broad International Experience Co-Founder of a Startup

ID 734968

Michael Schmedward Masek

ID 786046

Dan Jaklic

Founder, Minimal Designer Shoes. Award Winning Digital Professional at Vail Resorts as Operations Scrum Master & Projects BA.

ID 733470

Tami Molinaro

Founder Swagger Salon • Worked at @riverstone-residential • Studied at @university-of-phoenix, @arizona-state-university

ID 847541

Dante Cerda-Walker

Years of experience in the music industry. Director of Artist Relations at Night Supply, Artist Relations TheHundred Presents & HOME. Runs blog.

ID 120777

Shane Burgan

Strategist for Fortune 500 healthcare services company. Built Houston market for unfunded CPG start-up. Analytical horsepower (Bain, engineering).

ID 645249

Gavin Matthews

ID 702455

Annie Fedrigo

Inventor, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Currently works at Vail Resorts

ID 408203

Katie McCarthy

Psychology BA | Fitness Enthusiast | Sports minded leader with a knack for building a team

ID 432250

Eli Duffy

Founder of Underground Apps, College Electro, and First Strike Supplements. Growth Hacker, Marketing Jedi, Developer

ID 674219

Brooke Layman

Creativity paired with business acumen. A People-Person with a passion for making connections and helping businesses grow.

ID 496319

Brett Marquardt

Enterprise Sales

ID 519561

Kit Kieling

Board Certified Pediatrician, Award-Winning Educator, Veteran, Published Writer seeks new opportunities outside of clinical medicine.

ID 476312

Eric Archibald

Recent Tufts Grad looking to combine creativity with strategy in an innovative environment. Proven leadership, organization and logisitcal skills.

ID 254587

Shelley Price

Shelley Price- VP of Marketing Marketing strategy development, SEO/SEM expert, intensive social media knowledge.

ID 389375

Kyle Wildnauer-Haigney

ID 778198

Diane Shurtleff

Strategic thinker, exceptional ability to enter new environments and produce immediate results

ID 244040

Dena Slattery

Indiana University BS; proposal specialist with experience managing 7 simultaneous proposals; social media planner and tournament director for national and local ultimate frisbee tournaments

ID 694873

Terrance Boon

Full stack generalist, specializing in web analytics and CEM replay.

ID 491220

Steve Bridges

ID 521275

Kevin Krom

Denver University graduate, assistant manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and recently launched an app to the iOS app store.

ID 218723

Matthew O'Hearn

Ping-pong addict, tech-nerd-wannabe, and music lover. Currently working with @opentable.

ID 585884

Tim O'Hollearn

Sales Exec who is seeking an opportunity to make a difference and have a ton of fun while building/contributing to a world class organization.

ID 876214

Sara Charlton

Proven Sales Executive with experience with Marketing and Finance. Looking to collaborate on next big project 

ID 312652

Taylor Tribioli

Ambitious young professional with effective communication skills and capacity to learn new concepts quickly while interacting with senior leaders. A supply chain oriented focus gained through extensive experience in purchasing, planning, forecasting and q

ID 514469

Chelsea Lehman

Recent International MBA graduate looking to secure an entry-level position in a dynamic and growing organization.

ID 785619

Alexandra Brandenburg

Looking to build my career in Denver at a great startup

ID 469089

William Knight

University of Denver graduate with four years of professional experience working in financial, political, and non-profit industries.

ID 584053

Antonio Gheller

Top Direct Sales Rep/Channel Sales Rep with Background of 6 Years Experience

ID 423601

Tyler Hart, CLU, ChFC, CRPC, MSFS

Multi-billion dollar sales rep with extensive political connections

ID 524756

Tim Mousseau

Instructional Designer & Leadership Trainer. Written 3 collegiate-courses on Peer Mentoring. Consultant to 160 clients in 27 states. MA Org Leadership Gonzaga

ID 336658

Chris Cooper

Copywriter interested in working with socially conscious companies doing good in and around their communities.

ID 447024

Laura Lynn Brooks

Creative Professional. Advance skills in Photography with strong background in small business/start ups. Creative in design and problem solving.

ID 763286

Margie Abernethy

VP of Marketing & New Bus Dev. Strong healthcare background; started in Pharma, I have worked in several practices, sold to C-level execs, physicians, patients

ID 535453

Michael McGlon

Successful Entrepreneur with years of start-up experience, Sales Guru, Imaginative Thinker, with tremendous work ethic.

ID 514472

Michael Himelstein

MBA candidate at University of Denver; Experience with big data/Excel, consulting, case competitions.

ID 870808

John Dianni

Full Stack Web Developer, @roameroo founder, travel addict, writer, photographer, magazine designer

ID 363447

Eric White

I help organizations thrive as they quickly scale and navigate business expansion.

ID 670250

Camille Miller

Copy Writer. Using compelling content to sell luxury products and services to the affluent is my specialty.

ID 710307

Alyssa Behrens

Founding member of a start up. Passion for sales and product development. Cal Poly Business/Entrepreneurship student looking for a position after graduation.

ID 227359

Matt Miller

Corporate Development and Strategy at Mercury (formerly Mercury Payment Systems). Proven acquisition, partnership, and strategy formation experience.

ID 854218

W. Bryan Facendini

Technology Sales Professional

ID 771349

Christopher Butterfield, CSCA

Merchandising and Retail professional, Managed product flow of $75m business, buyer for $13m business, build process improvements and drive development

ID 806468

Kyle Flick

B2B Sales for Signpost; Salesforce proficient with excellent communication skills

ID 448316

Katy Schuberth

Master's in Sports Sales Management, 40th employee at Groupon, top sales manager, sales trainer

ID 406390

AP Burnes

Creator of maps. Open data and visualization enthusiast.

ID 253053

Aaron Connell

Co-Founder Proof of Concept Media, business background , founder of website, sales background, finance background, entrepreneurial, financial modeling

ID 126365

Kenny Quinlan

Aspiring Entrepreneur. Recent graduate from Auburn University with a degree in Economics. Worked previously at Kinsale Capital and ESBL Sports Management.

ID 220478

Jasmine Soylu

Worked at @macys-com, @barnes-noble • Studied at @uludag-university

ID 347867

Lee Acker

Full Stack JavaScript Web Developer Apprentice @refactoru . Proficient in adventures and imagination. Renaissance woman and 110% nerd.

ID 684148

Bruce Adair

MBA, Sales, Sales Management, Product Management, Client Relations Management

ID 378029


ID 553035

Paul Jonart, MBA

Energetic, success-driven, adaptable social-software and SaaS professional with strong consulting, client success and business background.

ID 370839

Jeff Bowles


Founder and CEO of Extreme Renovation. Enjoy trailblazing the path less traveled. Logical, passionate, and innovative. Love the journey and enjoy the rewards.

ID 495630

Travis Gershon

Founder @cirrusidea-llc, @paradigm Motion, LLC, Worked at Skydex Technologies, @sierra-nevada-corp MEng & BS ME @university-of-colorado-denver

ID 372338

Tyler Reynolds

Establishes great relationships, exceeds quota, and excels at critical thinking and innovation. A coachable, leader with an aptitude for learning.

ID 758025

Ryan Walker

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Quality/Performance Improvement Consultant turned Bitcoin/crypto professional, contributor to CoinDesk and LetsTalkBitcoin!

ID 422263

Jay Hanz

Buyer at Fluor; Strong background in Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, and Technology; Worked in Private Equity Real Estate and Construction Industries

ID 763652

Sophia Wolf

Outgoing and passionate CU Boulder graduate

ID 76672

Joe Sawicki

Highly competitive business background in both small business operations and sales; Currently work at KIOSK Information Systems

ID 592131

Adam Ward

Technical recruiter moving into technical customer support

ID 469805

Greg Luebke

Major Account Executive, Grew new territories and verticals for large multinational company. Experience in relationship and account management.

ID 372589

Cole Simko

Diversified background in Global Sales and Marketing; Strong tech background; Strong fundraising and donor relation background

ID 643750

Sam Epperly

Passionate about environmental sustainability. Tremendous computer background in Apple technology. Strong customer service and sales skills.

ID 495033

Alan Hernandez

Up and coming entrepreneur and programmer. Currently a master at sales and public speaking. Latest project involves application development with a 3 man team.

ID 211647

Mike MacDonald

Business Development / Digital Media Expert

ID 631837

Alan Hernandez

Founder @blue-wave-code-denver, @new-age-rendition-studios • Worked at @air-fresh-marketing, @shareable-social • Studied at @university-of-northern-colorado

ID 687990

Mike Noto

Seasoned executive/founder of many startups capable of wearing many hats. I'm ready to build the next great thing with you.

ID 362945

Mike Addison

Worked at @myhub, and @opentable. Studied at @university-of-colorado-colorado-springs

ID 586806

Alex Young

Successful technology sales representative with a curious case of wanderlust and a knack for helping others reach their potential.

ID 396186

Tony Pett

I have spent the last 20 years in the design, advertising, marketing, and technology industries. I continue to stay deeply connected with C-Level Executives across a broad range of industries. As an agency veteran, I’ve led teams to successfully navigate

ID 632192

Andrew Wassmann

Looking to provide more informed decisions based on thoughtful and relevant research and analysis to help companies save cash and grow faster.

ID 580406

Alan H.

Graphic Design, 2 years of sales, 1 year sales Executive at local Denver start up, ready to work ASAP, easy to train,

ID 371525

Mike MacDonald

Digital expert. Proven leader. Trusted consultant. Experience working with many of the largest companies in the world.

ID 485571

Jaclyn Wishnia

Expert in Emotional Quotients and Master of the Logistics of Life

ID 861727

Roger Renecke

ID 410744

Kevin Shuler

Terry College of Business - Finance graduate, proven Project Management record looking for an opportunity to help create businesses

ID 346501

Matt Versteeg


ID 314184

Ivan Barney

ID 359401

Ted Stites

Seasoned Executive

ID 499065

Joe Schubert

Operations, marketing and sales minded

ID 181607

Charles Stepback

Working at @trada crushing it in sales

ID 782548

Fion Wan

Tech-startup enthusiast with proven experience in leadership, communications, and project management, looking to expand into sales and business development.

ID 396673

David Taggart

Highly passionate sales director who thrives on building sales programs in the start up world

ID 650302

Kevin Chansky

@CU-Boulder alum. Marketing and Business Development Pro by day/Coder by night. Former @pawngo and @humanmvmnt rockstar. Pug lover and displaced Bostonian.

ID 618312

John Kelly

Award-winning debater with years of non-profit leadership, a record of tremendous growth, and a commitment to finding unique solutions to long-standing problems

ID 393208

Corey Robbins

Experienced sales and marketing candidate, business background & education, highly motivated

ID 684715

Denny Armstrong

An experienced full cycle sales rep and account manager with strong lead generation skills.    

ID 552653

Melissa Bagley

Ambitious MBA Candidate

ID 419025

Bennett Whitley

ID 179289

Joshua Owen

I have 10 years business development, inside sales and sales management experience working for software start ups like Confio Software, UC4 Software, and established companies such as MIQS and Activant Solutions.

ID 759714

John C. Baumgarten Sr

I have had a successful career in selling and business development for over 20 years in a variety of technical and consumer oriented companies.

ID 464744

John Sutton

National Management and Sales Leader - Startup and Creative Consultant - National and Global Fortune 500 Experience

ID 687385

Jody Grossman

Sales Strategy & Marketing Specialist with start-up experience in hotels, restaurants and music venues.

ID 275067

Amy Marcantonio

ID 287461

Tim Karre

MBA University of Phoenix.

ID 838162

Jesse Clum

Experienced manager

ID 321906

Steven Pesavento

Business focused entrepreneur working to disrupt status quo Project Manager - Community Developer - Managment & Strategy Consultant - Business Developer

ID 632149

Adam Colbert

Hardcore sales hunter. Loves the thrill of closing a deal and driving revenue. Seeking opportunity to leverage vast skill set in a startup environment.

ID 551233

Tyler Flanagan

Experienced manager. Training experience. Multi Unit Management. Boosted sales by over 40% at multiple locations.

ID 432875

Brandon Hosch

Young and full of unbound creative energy, fresh perspective, and can be a motivator wherever I go

ID 806723

Steve Mahedy

ID 666411

Maggie H

Experienced sales professional and trusted advisor to startups to Fortune 100 providing solutions to technology, operational and financial problems.

ID 720420

Drew McGeein

Midwest roots, relationship manager, business development, growing small business

ID 506936

Amanda Gonzales

Strong success with sales and business development.

ID 815469

Brian Burke

Successful enterprise software sales engineer

ID 802022

Greg Holliday

10+ year record of sustained results and sales awards in highly competitive environments. Consistently recognized for over goal performance.

ID 608073

David Formisano

Internationally educated, corporately trained, looking to grow and make a difference in a small organization.

ID 575990

Matthew Paur

Sales Professional, University of San Diego grad, Worked at Quad Learning, Inc., and Follett Corporation

ID 469584

Joe Verderaime

Launched two new firms - health care IT and Physician Practice, Created innovative service line support model capturing attention nationwide

ID 479496

Maggie Farley Certified

ID 507680

Davey Bessette

Expert Photographer, Novice iOS app developer, Graduate in the study of Economics.

ID 879826

Shannon Apfel

ID 184833

Mike Worley

CEO of @Clymb Marketing • Content Marketing & Marketing Automation background Worked at @david-c-cook

ID 707650

Gaurang Sharma

Sales Head Codeware LLC

ID 487784

Ryan Hartinger

High achieving sales representative at Cincinnati Bell with strong marketing background (Ohio State University 2011).

ID 416085

Sean S

Founder of two early stage startups. Sales and Marketing expert with agency design experience.

ID 560170

Ashley Hammond

Founder of financial non-profit, driven entrepreneur, networking guru, trust generator and meticulous listener.

ID 279553

Liz St. Lawrence

Aspiring Entrepreneur and Business Development/Sales Professional. Strong and proven record of driving new business and building relationships within the IT sector (TEKsystems). Ability to manage existing relationships, plan events, and oversee marketing

ID 329313

Todd Brock

Dedicated management professional with several years of progressive leadership experience in surpassing financial and service objectives through first-rate service delivery. Equipped with 14 years of extensive experience in sales and marketing along with

ID 284511

Meghan Herlehy

More than 4 years of combined experience in Account Relationship Management, SaaS Sales and Marketing Campaign Development. Skilled in conceptual ideation and identifying client needs for multiple projects - meeting goals in a fast paced, deadline oriente

ID 100640

Lindsey Demrow

Staffing Manager at Supplemental Health Care

ID 304052

Sean Chapin

2 years experience in financial analysis

ID 385687

Colin Williams

Sales and Marketing guru, worked with SaaS companies in IT security and paid search/SEM company.

ID 457293

Jillian Clark

Successful producer at 130% of sales goals YTD. Strong background in customer service, professional sports and retail. Worked at Chase Bank, Sprint, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Pro Fastpitch.

ID 410530

Chris N. Tzortzis, Esq.

Licensed attorney, looking to add value and contribute to the growth of an energetic company with my unique skills and set of expiriences.

ID 380298

Jim Johnson

Experienced business development and product executive with deep startup experience including successful exits.

ID 290038

Laura Vallen

Media Relations Intern, Editorial, Marketing, Sales Intern, Event Planning Experience, Social Media Savy, Division 1 Soccer player

ID 408932

James Foy

Biz Dev guru who is technically adept as well as business savy

ID 344005

Alex Benko

ID 433321

Michael Kilcoyne

Experienced sales professional, that has been on the ground floor of start ups and brought product to market.

ID 322150

Mathew Brown

Sales Evangelist; Net New Account Focus; Quick Revenue Impact; Large Network; Hunter; Impact player;

ID 450355

Coty DiSalle

Recent grad looking for any opportunity with a tech startup, preferably in a marketing, product, or sales role.

ID 101612

Jonathan Schreiber

Investment Management Consultant at FactSet Research Systems

ID 56423

Todd Tyrrell

Top performing sales exec who has grown multimillion dollar sales channels for Dow Jones & Co., NY Times and start-ups. Passion for selling disruptive tech.

ID 359237

Gary Wilder

Seasoned business veteran, specialist in the financial and credit business,

ID 401357

Nick Bollinger

ID 323925

Garrett Hass

Head of Sales and Marketing at Maui Helicopter Tours. CFO for Phmantis Design in Lakewood Colorado. B.S. in Business Administration from UC-Denver.

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